Whiskey Review: Heaven Hill Bourbon Whiskey

Today we taste and review Heaven Hill Bourbon Whiskey.

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Lorensoth3 says:

What are the signs of a budget whisk(e)y other than price? Screw cap? Plastic bottle?

HossKirkland says:

Yay! I’ve have this whiskey, I’m drinking whiskey, and I’m full of grilling goodness!

Ellis Field says:

Heaven hill twas my first not yet wise enough to know the difference now a taste of heaven hill brings me back to a time my heart longs for then i wake up the next day head pounding wondering why im here and where are my shoes… i guess welcome to new orleans. #BottemShelfMatters

John Verstraete says:

The budget stuff from heaven hill is indeed very blah, but spend a few extra bucks for stuff like larceny and Elijah Craig and it’s worth every penny.

Phillip Pratt says:

I taste that dusty note in many bourbons. It’s why I don’t like McKenna 10yo, even though it’s a crowd favorite. Itturns out Mckenna is a Heaven Hill whiskey! The more you know …

Whiskey Vault says:

Yooouuuu Manificent Bastarrrrrds! (this is Rex) Thank you for helping us reach 100k subs in record time! The YouTube channels, The Tribe, The Distillery, it’s all coming together – and we’re super excited to bring you along for the ride. We’ll be talking more about the 100k celebration plans next week. (Chad is on vacation right now.) Until then, let-there-be-whisk(e)y.

david jeffries says:

I love how Daniel about to say something then rex start the ending toast and Daniel just goes with it.

Dennis Orthmann says:

55 % to 40 % equal ?? not even close

Geoff Gaebe says:

I volunteer as tribute to review your product, on-camera, for you!

Alex Hatfield says:

Thank you guys for making a group of magnificent bastards come together. As dumb as it might sound, I love opening my Facebook with a pouring of whiskey tribe posts that never end. 10/10 best community.

Charles Burgoon says:

New to Whiskey. what is a good Rye to try?

Caleb Blagg says:

Beware the 13th

Increased Elevation says:

Awwww I miss the old quark sound 🙁 much better than the new one.

Ieatblackbabies says:

What’s the most expensive bottle you’ll get shit faced with? Like drink most the bottle in one go shit faced?

L ogic says:

Major ball busting this episode. Lots of laughs through the video. Thanks.

Darwin Was Right says:

Congrats on the 100k

TheMasterfulcreator says:

I notice with cheap bourbon I tend to get the same sort of wet cardboard flavor on the nose. Is that a thing or nah?

Tom McCafferty says:

Have you guys compared Connemara to any of the Islay peated whiskys? I’d be interested in a comparison. I did a whiskey tasting on a Viking Cruise recently and my two favorites were Connemara and Lagavulin, (don’t know if it was 16 or something else.)

Ryan Wolfe says:

Can’t wait to try some of these cigars

Shawn W says:

“I am an introvert.” “I had an asparagus garden in high school.” – Explains a lot!

Cj Jones says:

I work at the factory that makes their bottles. Thanks for keeping my psycheck flowing

jrod0901 says:

Daniel is such a good bud. Always giving Rex the heavier pour lol

James Dellinger says:

Heaven Hill bottled in bond is the best damn whisky for the money period. for $12

Richard Heusted says:

Best channel I’m subscribed to!

stephend50 says:

Michigan state minimum price $7.68 for 750 mL

sman7290 says:

Daniel, you’re an introvert and yet you were a touring, stage performing musician for years. You now teach whiskey and marketing, you talk to the camera continuously, and you are opening and marketing a distillery.
That’s what you call stepping outside your comfort zone.

Jason Newman says:

KUDOS on the upgrade to 4K! Damn it finally happened! It only took 100k subscribers to make the upgrade and take this seriously! Awesome! LOL

1911nuts says:

Whoa whoa whoa…crowded barrel cigars have been confirmed and you just glass over it? You sons of bi@#hes give me details! And send me a box.

Max Phillips says:

The fireworks I view tonight ….are viewed as a celebration of 100k+…..way to go guys, couldn’t find a better reason to celebrate today! And as a tip of the hat….to the State of origin….today’s pours are exclusively Balcones Single Malt, consumed with true love. A Red, White, and Blue Unicorn!!! (Obligatory nod to the Fine Scottish Barely!!)

Thomas Buck says:

“Come on asparagus!”
“We gotta go.”


About to catch Ralfy, congrats! I still love Ralfy too tho!

Joe Green says:

The 90 proof green label and BIB are both 6 years

Ross Fudd says:

7:31 Daniel do you need a sippy cup?

Harold Fitzpatrick says:

Keep the Faith, Daniel. I’m an introvert too.

djiezeskraajst says:

#vault100k just an idea to celebrate: what would the bastards supreme have in their home bar? Rex and Daniel each get a virtual 500 dollar budget to ‘buy’ 10 whiskies that are in the vault. it would have to be 2 of each type of whisky (bourbon, whiskey, rye, Irish, scotch). Every episode they do a one on one in a blind tasting and give scores and at the end of the week, we know wjo has the better taste. To make it somewhat of a fair competition, it would have to be bourbon vs bourbon, rye vs rye, etc… If there’s a tie, we might need an extra opinion, from a “neutral third party” (aka the modern rogue or Brad the demigod).

BUDS: The Animated Series says:

I really like Heaven Hill. Bernheim, Elijah Craig and maybe my favorite mid level bourbon, Henry McKenna 10.

Erik Waiss says:

Since this is budget week, and I can’t seem to find any other videos that you have done about it (though I didn’t look long), will you be making a video about Mellow Corn?

ChalywongDan says:

Here in Kentucky we can get a version of this that is 6 year age stated Bonded Bourbon for about $10. Amazing.

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