Whiskey Review – Kentucky Owl Bourbon – Ep: 264

Today we taste and review Kentucky Owl Bourbon Whiskey.

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jdnlv says:

Daniel is dead inside and Rex is grumpy. When did this become my childhood home?

Geoff Gaebe says:

Really want to say how much I’ve enjoyed watching your reviews. I’m pretty sure I tried Monkey Shoulder based on your review. Have you guys ever tried Golani Whisky? It’s a relatively new distillery in the Golan Heights. I know… Israeli whisky… I thought the same thing. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on their offering. Fair warning… it isn’t (in my opinion) a GOOD whisky. To me it tastes like the bastard love-child of an unaged corn whiskey and a decent sipping tequila.

On a related note, you said (at some point… I’ve watched a lot of your videos recently, and have lost track of their number order) that you were looking for recommendations for CA distilleries. Have you heard of or tried St. George’s single malt? They’re based in Alameda, and do a pretty decent single malt.

cmdrmeldoc59 says:

Can we get an uncencored version of that last part on like Pornhub or something?

geoffreyr7 says:

Sons of Liberty Spirits from Rhode Island is also doing a peat smoked bourbon set to be released in the next few weeks or so. I have a bottle of batch 1 of the regular New England bourbon and it is pretty damn good. Maybe a gift whisk(e)y next time I visit family if you haven’t gotten it yet?

Whiskey-Wise says:

Hey guys, quick question. The girlfriend and I just had a tasting of six whiskeys. Five scotches and one bourbon. She said the bourbon was her least favorite. Is she a communist?

Tim Dietrich says:

Wiser’s (Canadian) released one of their whiskies that was finished in a spayside cask. I’m haven’t had it but heard it is really good.

Michael adams says:

Glenlivet does a whiskey aged in a barrel that once had a peated whiskey in it I met to find one An buy it

Anders Skovmark says:

Yeah, bloopers and foul language on Whiskey Biscuits channel… Pleeeeeeeeeease…..

Gene3067 says:

I’m a novice in the world of Whiskey, so what would both of you recommend buying:
A standard bottle of either Bullet or Glenlivet 12 yr, which would allow to study the subtleties as you go along.
Or various little sample bottles that will give you better coverage of the range but only one or two tastings.
What are your thoughts as the Somme and the Mooch?

chuck430 says:

Dick-son Dead-man, that’s some name

Scott Stanley says:

I think I saw Rex lose consciousness in this one.

Allen Randall says:


Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Chat shenanigans!

Damn! Can’t think of anything. Here’s a random story instead.

Oh well. It’s the day after Boxing Day and I just got home from a quick trip to the mountains. While in Canmore I stopped in at the Wild Life Distillery. They’ve only been open for a year, but have really started to build a name for themselves in the local craft spirits market. Currently they only have vodka and gin, but this is some top shelf product!

The owners recently reurned from Kentucky, where they were sourcing barrels for their whisky program (which they hope to kick off in the spring…around March or April).

If their whisky turns out anything like their other products, in 3 years we are in for a treat!

It isn’t a whisky theme-park, but there is a craft spirits boom on the rise in Alberta. We’ve got at least 3 or 4 new distilleries, all within about 90 minute drive of Calgary. Eau Claire Distillery just bottled their first whisky run, and Park Distillery and Wild Life Distillery won’t be far behind.


still gonna send it says:

We say owl normally nothing like THAT

Chef_PC says:

The Christmas Taint. That little strip of time between Xmas and NY.

f50marco says:

Love the vids guys. Me want more “best of” videos. Best release of 2017, Best up and coming whiskey distiller, best bottle of certain brands (that have a lot of releases for example) etc.

And for the love of god, get more shelving! I shutter at the thought of Rex kicking over one of those sweet sweet floor whiskeys!

Alextube says:

Can someone please drink that little sip of talisker behind Daniels shoulder before it loses every aroma? It hurts to see. I would do it but too far away.

Matt Sexton says:

You guys set the Bar on the whiskey river!!! Much appreciate your opinion

dtka12 says:

Berkshire Mountain Distillers has a bourbon age 5 years in new oak then finished in a laphroaig cask. Well worth a try. I get it directly from the distillery for $60.

SuperPheemy says:

Chad, the Yosimite Sam Rant censor bleep was inspired… INSPIRED I say. Never stop Sparkling!

Midwest Whiskey Reviews says:

They should go the route of making people sign price guarantees, much like Apple with iPhones and other set price products

Clint Lentile says:


Liam Rockford says:

I love the somm shit we need more of this, I’m going for my lvl 2 with the guild of master somms later this year and I’m thinking, follow me here, that if I get educational notes and sensory key points on a subject estranged but not too far from wine then the change in perspective would ultimately help in my somm program. boom nailed it

Andrew Bradley says:

Gotta find a bottle of that of that stuff. I really enjoy the rye

Adam Pfeffer says:

Have you guys done a review on Elmer T. Lee? I love the stuff, just wondering what your thoughts were on it. Thanks

jhawkk2004 says:

Rex, I felt for you when it came to the earnest questions, so here’s one for ya: Has anyone finished a bourbon in a dirty sock yet? I’ll bet you’d get some interestingly musty character out of it depending on sock selection and length of time the sock had a foot aging in it. There ya go you magnificent bastard! Love the channel guys! Keep up the good work.

Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

A wise man’s bourbon you say? Then why am I not included in this video? 🙂

Mose Chun says:

If you curse, may you curse with us and be bleeped in unison by Chad editor extraordinaire.

Michael Draut says:

I understand the needs for professionalism on this channel but is there anyway for you two Magnificent Bastards to post the bleeped out portions or outtakes on Whiskey Biscuits? Thanks for all the sacrifices your livers have made for the cause.

Gene3067 says:

Whatever happened to your Glencairn glasses? I went looking for them online and couldn’t fine them. Now I have to suffer and settle for some no-name version from Bead, Bath and Beyond. 🙁

Kasey Gribble says:

Bring back Rex week. (By the way this is my first comment ever on YouTube.) #Rexweek

TheSonny says:

Hi guys! Ive been watching you guys since this past summer and have finally caught up! **SIGH** A question for Daniel; Do you have any whiskies thats been aged in birch barrels or barrels with added birch planks? (Think Mackmyra tried it with Midnattsol but havent tried it myself) Why isent this a thing within the whiskey industry?

Vítor Lima says:

guys do james martin’s 20 pls

Landon says:

Blind Whisk(e)y taste test?! I think yes.

Jamie Gatt says:

Is it just me or is there a huge ‘S’ and ‘R’ on Daniel’s forehead? lol

Albert C. says:

i realize that the more episodes i watch, the less i actually care about bourbon. scotch is more fun

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