Whiskey Review – Little Book “The Easy” Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Ep: 250

Today we taste and review Little Book “The Easy” Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

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Nate Caskey says:

Nice intro guys, well done

xLaWzZ says:

Hey Rex & Dan! It is no coincidence I say Rex’s name first. I recently bought some Glencairn glasses and I love them. I feel like you can taste a clear distinct difference between a normal square shaped glass and the Glencairn glass. I know you guys always say its whatever you prefer but I think most whisk(e)y lovers will prefer a Glencairn glass. Also I need some advice from you guys what is your preferred top shelf bourbon under 150 dollars? I like cinnamon, vanilla, cherry, apple, and smoky flavors. Thanks again!

Boosh Guy says:

Balcones Blue Corn bourbon is a smooth as hell high proof bourbon. Rivals Booker’s, in my view.

shuboy05 says:

Balvenie actually used a Highland peat for Peat Week so the smoke notes are very different from say Islay peat (which might mask the more delicate Balvenie profile). Hope you guys get a bottle because the Peat Week is quite interesting.

Catfish Cook says:

Hey guys, can y’all do a list of awesome Christmas whiskeys that are under 70 bucks thanks
Randall from Waco lol for real tho

nick zielinski says:

love bourbon. Huge bourbon fan. Irish whiskey is so so in my book. Have had a couple of the Johnnie walkers and a laphroig. What would be a good scotch for me to get so can dive a little deeper into scotch.

sniper161718 says:

Just bought this and I like it a lot. I tried several times to loke bookers but always found it a but harsh, not bad just harsh which surprises me as I drink knob creek 120 and noahs mill neat and both are heavy proofed. Little Boom seamed less harsh than bookers and a bit sweeter with a medium finish. This is a winner. I’ll give it a 92.

Jerome Han says:

Have you ever had a whisky that had such a good long finish that you didn’t want to brush your teeth before going to sleep in order to fall asleep tasting it? Just happened to me with the 2017 Lagavulin 12. Wife wasn’t so happy, but I went to sleep smiling.

Scott LaBruyere says:

Just a mooch?!!… Ding ding ding!

hattrick1972 says:

Mesquite smoked whiskey? The only one I’ve had is Colkegan, made by Santa Fe Spirits in my home state of New Mexico. Interesting smoky flavor.

13lanman says:

Whoever edited this video and left in Daniel putting his hands in his pants at 9:05 deserves a promotion.

chuck430 says:

is that a wine bottle? i don’t think i’ve seen a whiskey in such a bottle, and looking behind you it doesn’t seem to be many like that in the vault

laplantski says:

Looking forward to the Bottle of Little book I ordered.

I was passing a Liquor store today, well not exactly passing, that’s not really a thing for me. So I find myself inside the store. Looking around aimlessly while also looking like a thief I found a Bottle of Jamesons IPA, first I’ve seen this…

Patrick Hodson says:

Hey I have a question! What is it about Islay that makes the whisky from there so Smokey? Is it because Islay distilleries tend to do something specific in the drying process that leads to the stronger flavor? Or do they have a different kind of peat that comes from Islay that results in a stronger flavor? Or something else? Love your videos, btw! Keep it up!

Aengeon says:

I just re-watched the Wild Turkey video you guys did, as I am currently drinking Wild Turkey 101. And I realized that in that video Rex said that Daniel bought an entire wall of whiskey with “not his own money”. Would that not, in fact, make DANIEL the ultimate master mooch?

Sean Tivald says:

Enjoying a glass on four roses small batch. Heres a toast you guys, thanks for all that you guys do (Daniel, Rex, Chad)

UnboundOdysseus says:

Most Canadian whiskies distill the grains separately (rather than making a US-style mash-bill) and blend them after aging them separately.

Stephen Jamunar says:

I just read the entire Mooch Chart. That was Glorious! Well done “Michael” or which ever magnificent bastard that made such an extravagant compilation of moochiness. Today I start my journey on becoming a Master Mooch.

Sean C. Brophy says:

Ep. 250! Congrats you magnificent bastardos!

ChrisC says:

But I don’t do Facebook… 🙁

D Oliver says:

Do i just mail a bottle to the address on the website?

Allen Warren says:

I understand the purpose of smoking your grain before making your mash, but what if you infused a spirit made with un-smoked grain with the smoke in question?

They use this technique to make “liquid smoke”. Burn your smoking wood/peat in one vessel, run the smoke through a coiled tube, and let it bubble through your distilled spirit.

I think as long as you didnt take it all the way to “liquid smoke” you would be able to come up with many interesting flavors, some similar to scotch or possibly completely new, without having to invest in a costly smoking room.

This could also prevent funking out your still with strong smoke.. that is if you can even funk out copper stills.

All because you brought up the EXPERIENTIAL aspect, got me thinking about it.

What do you think about this?

Roy Tyndall says:

Smoking series. Nice!

Chance Moser says:

I have an odd mooch valuation request for the Supreme Mooch, the other day I was getting sized for a suit and while I was there I succesfully mooched about a quarter bottle of Port Charloette Islay barley heavily peated from Bruchladdich. While doing so I was able to get the tailor ‘sauced’ enough that he agreed to throw in an extra tailored shirt (approx. $200) for free. What level mooch am I since I was able to mooch both damn good whisky and a damn fine dress shirt all in the span of a few hours?

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Wasn’t there a “additional resources” section on one of the websites somewhere? Couldn’t the Mooch Chart go there, too, perhaps?

Brandon Lee says:

So, it’s like a Canadian whiskey.

Dr Gold says:

When you say the proof is 64 you mean ABV right? Because if you mean the American “proof”, so 32 ABV, i don’t think that is even considered a whiskey. Love ya

J C says:

Could you guys try Fighting Cock bourbon? Its a pretty good budget whiskey (around $25ish near me), made by Buffalo Trace (I think), and 50% ABV at that. Rex would probably enjoy it, in name & taste.

kaboose111 says:

Just bought some of that last week!

Brodie Usher says:

Hey lads,
So I’m an Aussie guy who turned 18 a few months ago and around the same time I found your channel. After I started watching I couldn’t stop and now my little collection is growing slowly and with your help I’m finding some really nice stuff to drink. BUT I am curious to get your take on an Australian wiskey. I’ve been eyeing off a bottle of Limeburners in my liquor store and I just wondered if you guys had access to any stuff from down under in the states.

If you don’t let me know, I might try to ship some over to you.

Take it easy boys, and keep up the good work

Corey Margason says:

I believe that Westland Distillery in Seattle, WA is currently aging a peated whiskey that was peated with peat from Washington, from the Olympic Peninsula.  I read an article that it could be bottled as soon as 2020. So there is always that.

Jordan Pike says:

GUYS. Still no nikka single malt on pancakes and I’m disappointed. Maybe something for the other channel so I’ll comment this on there as well.

Kt J says:

This also works for my request for some cheaper whiskeys . Nice

Corey Margason says:

created 3 separate individual spirits from the grains that would make up a bourbon mash bill and then blended the end product together…..so they made a Canadian Whiskey? 🙂

Yurr Next says:

On the nose, a term that describes me when i drink way too much.

Cross Eyed Jedi says:

Guys, the toast at the beginning of it to my granddad was really special, this tribe is really special!

Eder Novacki says:

So if I were to use, say, burn oak as a source of smoke.. the whisky would taste different from a peated one? Has anyone ever done a smoky whisky without peat?

Martin Svensson says:

When you first said mesquite smoked I first thought you were referring to mosquitos – referencing back to the episode hen you talked about all the Texas bugs 🙂

Lord Yekok says:

Top sweetest whisky please

jdnlv says:

Cross eyed Jedi a toast to your beloved Grandfather.

Iain Cope says:

Thanks for the reviews guys. Can you review Jack Daniels 27 Gold? Would love to get your take on it

Terry Bradford says:

thanks for the reminder, I need to get my pair of glasses.

ElGallo23 says:

Pense que era un libro pequeño que iva a hacer por algo dice little book lo unico que vi fue hombres con una galeria de vinos

Derek DeKoning says:

I noticed a bottle of Tin Cup in the background, and I would love to get your thoughts on it. I picked up a bottle when it was on sale at my local liquor store and found it a pretty interesting blend. Love the show, keep up the good work.

shuboy05 says:

Incidentally you can purchase peat bricks for burning on Amazon. However that particular type comes from Ireland so no one is really exporting Islay peat yet…

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