Whiskey Review: Military Special Bourbon

Today we taste and review Military Special Bourbon.


Dakota Hampton says:

@Valasia LaBelle (Sorry if I butchered the spelling) I’d recommend moving other bourbons such as buffalo trace with coke, the difference will introduce you to some different flavors from the liquor with the buffer of the coke. If you’re really wanted to explore though I’d totally recommend getting Glenlivet 12 and mixing that with ginger ale. Its super tasty and will introduce you to malt flavors while being nice and light and sweet.

intuitknit says:

Hey guys, what nibblies do you ever eat with your whisk(e)y or is that not done? I was making Seville marmalade tonight and found it paired well on a cracker with a shot. What say you?

Star87 says:

Rex needs to go back to the street tough
style ! That hair is insane. Lol

Ryan Erland says:

Daniel was a bartender at the Green Dragon Inn haha

Rebecca Paige says:

So i recently tried a store batch Four Roses SB and it was wonderful. However the bottle of it that i bought tasted nothing like it. Why is that?

RayD70 says:

“Easy drinkers” or “friendly” doesn’t have to equate to simple or boring. Some whiskies many will call “beginner” are still good once your palate develops. Other whiskies for the JD person to eventually try: Buffalo Trace, Michter’s American, and my usual plug for Eagle Rare. For Irish, I agree with Jameson Caskmates Stout. I will also recommend Teeling Small Batch. Scotch can be hit or miss for many, especially peaty/smokey. Use caution and just dip your toe in with sample sized bottles or try one at a bar. Don’t be afraid of it though. You may be like some of us and find you love the peat right out of the gate. Or go light and friendly with something like Glenmorangie 10.

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Industry ins…Smaller distilleries often need boots on the ground in their tasting rooms or doing in-store tastings & festivals. There are tasting companies who manage portfolios of products and the big distributors have their full-service reps, but your local distilleries, they are often managing that themselves, in-house. Go in, make friends with the owners & staff. Let them know you’re passionate about their products.

Check your local legislation and see if there are any special certifications required for serving alcohol or working in bars/liquor stores, etc. (ie. in Alberta, Canada, you have to be “ProServe” certified; it’s an online course and costs about $25 & 5-6 hours of your time). Having that kind of thing in place helps show you are serious about industry work and ready to hit the ground running.

You might also investigate courses in your area. Not everything is as in-depth or expensive as the Whisky Sommelier program. The Whisky Ambassador program is a good introduction to the Scotch & malt industry and was designed to educate front-line service staff in Scotland. They have classes that run around the world!

I’ve also heard good things about the Bourbon Steward program, though I haven’t completed it myself.

Check-out your local stores and attend tastings as a way to help build your experience & palate. Store staff get to know all the reps and such, and can help point you in a direction or help direct people to you.

Jason Ott says:

i like Elijah Craig and coke, i think its as good of not better than jack and coke, it is also great with ice or neat

Bryan Kindt says:

No great tasting notes come after acetone. When I was in the Navy, I’d probably drink the crap out of this. Touché!

Neon Lemmy Koopa says:

4:20 “You look weird”
this from the dude lookin’ like Junkrat out of Overwatch

B-Unit1701 says:

Rex sports natural Mooch camouflage, and as such is hard to pick out of a crowd.

Simon Berberich says:

You guys smoke weed?

Mike A says:

A bar called the Shire, Rex is rough.

Justin Haw says:

Hey Fellas ive been fallowing you both for the past year and have started down my own Whiskey journey. Just wondering if you guys would feature some more Canadian Whiskeys on the show ??

Speedogomer says:

What got me from mixed drinks, to straight up liquor, was flavored whiskey liqueurs. It takes a while to get used to the alcohol burn, and Jim Beam Vanilla on the rocks is what gave me that acquired taste. From there I moved to an old fashioned, until I then just stopped adding bitters, sugar, and ice.

Graeme Horner Drummer says:

This is what’s in my collection/infinity bottle at the minute.
Roe & Co Irish
Jack Daniel’s 150th anniversary
Jameson Caskmate’s stout Ed
Bulliet bourbon
Jameson original
Glenfiddich 12
Jameson Crested
Tamnavulin Double Cask
Jameson Caskmate’s IPA
Connemara peated Irish
Redbreast 12
Jameson Black Barrel
Highland Park Viking Honour
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold
Redbreast Lustau edition
Pike Creek 10yr rum cask finish
Bushmills Red Bush.

Any suggestions for further additions?

Channel’s awesome, keep up the good work guys.

Bradford Mailloux says:

I think the bear in the bastard animation needs a Borat sling bathing suit.

ryan tinker says:

You guys are fucking hillarious! I love these videos!!

Ryan Pieniacha says:

I’m also interested in starting an infinity bottle but I have a couple things that I think would clash, I have: Henry McKenna 10, four roses single barrel, angles envy, blade and bow, larceny, makers mark, makers 46, makers cask strength, bookers maw maws batch, Jim beam Double oak, Blantons, E.H. Taylor small batch, buffalo trace, Stagg Jr(131.9), Stagg Jr(126.4), weller antique, weller special reserve, glengoyne 10, macallen 12, macallen 18, dalmore 12, glenmorangie lasanta, glenlivet 12, springbank 10, auchentoshan three wood, highland park magnus, talisker 10, bruichladdic classic laddie, bruichladdic port Charlotte, octomore 6.1, bunnahabhain 12, laphroaig 10, lagavulin 16, compass box peat monster, monkey shoulder, Johnny walker: black, double black, green, gold, platinum and blue, Nikki Coffey grain, Yamasaki 12, hibiki harmony, suntory toki, red breast 12, rittenhouse rye bottled in bond, sazerack rye and heaven hill budget

Would I be better off starting infinity bottles for each category or would octomore, springbank and Peat monster play nice with the others if I went easy on them?

elliott113 says:

to go with Coke, i would highly reccomend Bulleit Rye, makes a fantastic beverage!

Josh Headley says:

Recommended whiskies Maker’s Mark, Jameson (regular, Caskmates Stout or Black Bottle), The Glenlivet 12, Glenmorangie 10, Glenfiddich 12, Ancient Age 10 star (dark tan label not yellow), Four Roses (original, Small Batch, Single Barrel), Larceny, and Bushmill’s (regular, Red Bush, Black Bush, or the 10).

Charles Martel says:

For the Jack & Coke enthusiast – my first step away from JD was another Tennessee Whiskey, bought at a liquor store clerk’s suggestion: George Dickel No. 12. It’s similar enough to Jack, yet noticeably different. Try both mixed with Coke in the same proportions, then compare the whiskies by taking a sip of each straight.

Travis Wollard says:

Lesson of the day: you dont need friends when you have whiskey!!!

littleflower1826 says:

What is a “master distiller?” What role do they play in the crafting process? Is there one at every distillery, or just select distillers? How does one become a master distiller and who are the most famous ones (I’m guessing “fame” within the industry) and is it legit when the master distiller’s name is on the label, or is the distillery just throwing around an expensive sounding term to improve the marketability of the label? LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!

Pat McDermott says:

Of course they recognize Daniel – how many bearded bald guys wearing a gold manhole cover on an anchor chain do you see?

bringonthemonsters says:

I’ve been exploring bourbon for a little while now. Long enough to know I really like bourbon. Id like to start exploring scotch though. I’ve had a few before, Glenfiddich 12, Glenlevit 12 and McAllen 12 and I really like all those as well but id like to dip my toe into smokey scotches. Is there a way I can do this in two bottles considering what ive already tried? Love the videos and I’m so glad Daniel is maintaining his beard now. Cheers you bastards!

KillerMarcus42 says:

I would put an old fashioned on the list if he wants to maintain a sweet beverage but still taste more of the jack

Richard Hill says:

@8:30 Daniel…..Bouncer at the Prancing Pony?????…….

Bill Conant says:

So Daniel gets all his whiskey from friends… doesn’t that make him a mooch? Isn’t that some sort of abomination? HAS THE VAULT GONE TOO FAR?

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