Whiskey Review: Not Your Father’s Bourbon

Today we….. test the tensile strength of glass. and also review Not Your Father’s Bourbon, kind of.


Sean Orr says:

I’m with y’all. No sugar in my whiskey much less added flavors. I’ve experienced that unpleasant surprise a few times in the past few years. Also, deceptive labeling irks me as well. Lots of fake “Texas” whiskey out there.
I played the Water Works in Waco way back when. Interesting to hear that place mentioned. I’ve played The Speakeasy a few times as well.

bingoknows says:

This episode has so much rewatchable bits

Matheus Gloria says:

How bout Southern Comfort? What category should we put that in?

Redhair Films says:

Not -Your Father’s- Bourbon

Bryan Lushbough says:

“No. NO! THAT”S THE F*CKING POINT.” I have died of laughter. thank you Daniel

edit: Not really a bourbon guy, but this episode made me come back to my Henry McKenna BIB after long a while. Damn, good bourbon is gooood.

GenCavox says:

I’ve been gone too damn long. I miss you guys.

Phil H says:

You want a real shit whiskey. Heritage. They do one with brown sugar. Not only does it give you diabetes, it makes you wish you weren’t alive.

darthtripedacus1 says:

I was just given a sample shot of this at a liquor store by some models. I had the same rage. I was expecting bourbon. Like 51% corn new chared oak barrels no additive. But wow vanilla roma. And I was angry. And hurt.

curtis2439 says:

I just started watching your channel a couple weeks ago. Since then I started buying whisky instead of Ciroc. So far I have Dalmore 12, red breast, green spot, glen moray, monkey shoulder, glenfarclas 12, glenfiddich 15 & 12, laphroaig 10 and glenlivet 12. I actually found your channel looking for Conor McGregors new Proper no. 12 irish whisky. Hopefully you guys review it in your future videos.

Dylan Northrup says:

There is a new release whisky from a local craft distillery that I am still trying to figure out how they are legally allowed to call it whisky on the label… similar to this one… KAVI Reserve Cold Brewed Coffee Whisky, labelled as Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky, bottled at 36.2% ABV.
I bought this from the rep, they add cold brew coffee into the barrel with the whisky, which sounds interesting… I remark how sweet the nose is, saying the whisky must have a strong caramel-vanilla note from bourbon barrels (she argues that the unblended whisky has no caramel notes, just strong vanilla, which fools your nose into thinking sweet… okay, sure). The samples were on ice.
So I get home, taste the whisky, and find it is far sweeter than I was expecting… I start reading the back of the bottle, trying to learn more… they’ve added cane sugar and vanilla extract as well as the coffee! WTF… this should be labelled as a Liqueur then! Especially being bottle below 40% ABV, you can’t call it whisky… you’ve added flavour to it… this is basically a bottled cocktail (I recommend adding bitters and calling it an old fashioned), I’ve also since met one of the owners and he confirmed to me the whisky is sourced, theirs is still aging… the whole thing makes me a little angry.

Gene3067 says:

Did Chad need a drink after filming this? I think he did. You should give him the bottle as a gift.

Jimmy Jazz says:

My first time, I was 11 too, when I asked for a Rob Roy and meant to ask for a Roy Rogers at a fancy hotel lobby bar in London. Yuck, but oh how times have changed.

N B says:

Somm level 3 you learn how to football spike a glencairn apparently.


I just started my path down The Whiskey Road this past year and have and trying to branch out of Speyside and into lightly peated whiskeys. I’m finding it difficult to pull out any other flavors after I hit the wall of peat, wondering if you have any suggestions. Thanks and keep up the good work!

nova1974dude says:

Has anyone sent you any Clan Gregor? If not I would gladly send you some just to watch your reactions.

Matt B says:

whiskey that has been flavored

John Morgan says:

But it was $10 here in CT. Still don’t like it.

Pat McDermott says:

NYFB sells for about 26 bucks around Dallas – thanks for the warning! Good to know what to avoid, too!

Copper Honu says:

After having NOT YOUR FATHERS ROOT BEER… I could have told you that bourbon would be sugar, with a touch of bourbon.

Michael Phillips says:

“He called it!” Bahahaha.

Mike McKinlay says:

I love the interaction between two friends! Keep up the great videos!

Mechanic Mike says:

My first Whiskey was a 1969 bottle of 100 proof 1843. I was 18 and it was my High School graduation/college going away/ my friends birthday party in 2008. 3 parties in one. I still have the bottle.
My dad got this bottle from a friend of his. The story behind it was, my dad’s friend got for cleaning out the basement of an elderly woman’s house. Her husband bought it and was going to drink it on their anniversary, but sadly he died before he was able to open it. It was in the basement on the concrete floor from 1970 to 2005. My dad acquired it in 2006. We cracked the seal and drank it on August 1st of 2008. It was a 39 year-old bottle at that time, plus it was aged for 7 years before it was bottled, so in total it was 46 years olds. After that, I was in love with whiskey! This was my gateway into whiskey.

itwasmoi says:

Might be better used in a hot toddy or a Irish coffee.

Anticonny says:

I don’t know if it counts but my first whiskey (that I know of) was Jack Daniel’s instead of water in the bowl of a hookah.
It wasn’t as awful as it sounds. It was worse.

Connery Carson says:

Is that Old Pulteney Navigator on the shelf? Please review.

Entenkommando says:

This whisky screamed for a TX blended comparison.

Christopher Mueller says:

This stuff is gross btw

Arthur G says:

The very 1st whiskey I ever drank was back in 2001-2002 Jr. High 7th grade (middle school).
Being able to leave the campus for lunch, a few friends and I came to my house.
On that particular day, I don’t know what it was that gave me the idea to pull out the Wild Turkey, but we all took a shot of it.
We all had that “stink face” look after we took the shot. In retrospect, we were all giggly on the walk back to school lmao.
Good times….good times

~Your friendly native South Texan~

Eric West says:

Angels Envy is my definite go to *whiskey

Reasonable price, great taste, great bottle design, and a pretty cool history with Lincoln Henderson being the one starting the thing. Definitely would recommend.

Duane Brimhall says:

“A touch of vanilla” my ass… That’s like calling King Kong a little monkey….

Nikhil Vanmali says:

Can you guys do more independent bottlings or are they harder to come by? They seem like a really good deal to me

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