Whiskey Review: Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Today we taste and review Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

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Steven Kitchen says:

Love the videos guys. Good punching your spirit animal in the @#$& there Rex, anyway this video was for budget bourbon, and I’m just wondering if you guys consider Jim beam budget bourbon as well? Here in, (sorry I live in central Pennsylvania) in pa, Jim beam is also less than $20. For 750ml. Upwards of $17, but still less than $20.

Jon Gardner says:

Daniel: “I don’t do pranks…” says the guy who tricked Rex into reading countless dad jokes until he converted from a hater to a lover of dad jokes.

John10781 says:

Old Grandad ❤️

Cardinal_Sins says:

I also have 4 degrees from Packard University. Hewlett Packard.

Stout_30 says:

What ever happened to the whiskey that Rex store in the early biscuits episodes? When he dumped it into the 5 gallon water cooler?

charles ashworth says:

I know what you mean about finding liquor in arkansas. For some reason none of my local large liquor stores carry balcones

kghostone says:

WAIT! HOLD UP! QUITE REX! Daniel, how did you get chased around with a shotgun? You can’t just casually bring that up and leave it there!

Terry Dolan says:

11 whisky PHD’s? You mean pretty huge…drams..

Charles Burgoon says:

I recently found this channel I would like to know more about the had become part of the whiskey tribe. And your Other channels

Dick O'Polka says:

But since you guys both won the lottery, money is no object…right???

Brandon Hatfield says:

One of the few cheapies I don’t like. Tastes like dirt to me!

George Arvanitidis says:

The Tribe loves you back!!!

Tom Grimes says:

Legend has it that when critics of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant complained to President Abraham Lincoln about Grant’s drinking, Lincoln replied, “I wish some of you would tell me the brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.”
Grant’s favorite brand is said to be Old Crow, a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey …

Rex, just cause Daniel says he don’t Prank, don’t me he don’t Prank, it just means you don’t know when he Pranks … ever got an unexplained bellyache, had unexpected car trouble, can’t find your keys, your WALLET ??? Why do you think the Somm almost always wears a mischievous grin?

Jack Mehov says:

This is a Budget Jim Beam….. Daniel, isn’t Beam a straight up Budget Whiskey?

As I am older than that 20 something punk kid I was, I find Beam decent, of course I am not turning a bottle upside down and chugging from it. Good times good times.

joe ulven says:

I can get this for $8 here in Iowa

Dakota Hampton says:

Living in a dry county is the worst lol, Oklahoma is the worst.

viviendoenquimeras says:

Daniel, not diminish your 3 level sommelier status, but when do you get to level 25????….Rex stay suave!

Duane Brimhall says:

PhD = Piled higher and Deeper…

Alice Gardner-Bates says:

Budget/Bottom Shelf Monday would be cool!

Stacey Kelly says:

I can get Old Crow at my local Market for $8-$10. It’s meh. I like Evan Williams better for Bourbon. But for that price, $10 for 1 liter of Trader Joe’s Blended Scotch is my choice. I love that stuff.

DancingSpacePotato says:

Old Crow is $9 here. $9. NINE! Where I am in Oregon, by the way. Notes are always kettle corn and sweet molassesy goodness then it’s gone with no lasting finish at all. It’s a background whiskey even when trying to sit and think about it.

-Elliott Mc

Caleb Blagg says:

Since so many people from colder states are coming down here. Are yall planning on making a video on heat stroke and hot weather protection. For the safety of the bastard that aren’t from here.

Jay Dempsey says:

Is anyone else unable to view the Whiskey Tribe group in Facebook recently? It seems to has disappeared and the comments and group no longer exist in my account view. What gives? This was the only whiskey group I enjoyed and now it’s gone?

Shawn W says:

Rex does have a Whiskey PHD – (Piled Higher and Deeper)

Mitchell Gillett says:

Well now i have to know what prank got you chased down the street by a guy with a shotgun

Matthew Morin says:

It’s $20…. a handle.  For our non American friends that 1.75 liters.

Still It says:

Thanks for doing a few of the bottom shelf drinks too!

Whiskey Quests says:

I’m a Huge fan of budget whiskey. You never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t give it a chance. Evan Williams BiB anyone?

VINCEVAZ27 says:

One I’m interested in you guys trying is Not Your Father’s Bourbon.

Fish Tank Hans says:

In Pennsylvania this is like $11 and worth every penny

Daniel Persson says:

Hey, another awesome video. I stumbled across you guys a few weeks ago while searching for videos on whisky basics when I found they stuff you did with Modern Rogue. I’ve been watching you guys ever since and really enjoy the way you guys approach whisky (and also you’re hilarious).

A quick question, do you guys have any videos discussing which whiskies feature particular scents/tastes so prominently that they could be used by a novice to understand how to identify that scent/taste in the future? For example, you hear about this or that whisky having notes of nutmeg, or citrus, or apple, but that can be a little difficult to glean if there are many other tastes competing in the same glass. I know I’ve seen the nosing kits with the dipping and the wafting, but that seems like a lot of money to spend on something I can’t drink!

Cheers and thanks for the awesome videos!

kenny21r says:

That bottle is $10.99 in Lexington, Ky.

The Bottom Shelve says:

As a harmonica player myself. I would say the cheapest bourbon available to soak your harp in if your playing the blues. My reasoning, depending on the blues song. You want to be as down and dirty as possible. Or find yourself some Thunderbird wine…lol

Raster says:

About the heat in Texas in August… (distillery launch party)… I’ve been to SIGGRAPH in Dallas in August numerous times, and the experience for me was always just spectacularly amazing heat. Even flying there from Daytona Beach I was routinely blown away by the heat. I remember that biz about “it’s a dry heat”, but it was just so hot! I remember needing to go indoors ASAP to get in to the air conditioning.

How can you have an outdoor event in the Austin area in August? What’s the plan in case your 1000+ guest are suffering in the heat?

Major sized tents to offer shade? Maybe those outdoor ‘misting’ gizmos that make a cooling spray?

I assume everyone will be drinking whisky. That should make it worse. Water. What about cold bottled water? Iced. What about lots of ice.

Even if you don’t reply here… I just think maybe my question and my skepticism and possible suggestions might help…


Belfry says:

Rex, level 3 Prankster – needs to sommelier Daniel on how to do some wicked Japes.
*To the Comment Section: What were some of the best pranks you ever done?*

Mine involved 80 dollars of umaibo (basically cheetos the size of pickles), lots of pictures of anime girls in swimsuits, lots of tape, and 1 unlocked car of a friend. Long story short, he woke up late so he had no choice but to drive to work in the “pedo-mobile” (and he was a high-school teacher)

Ellis Field says:

The crow sells anywhere from 8.50 to 12.00 USD in most grocery or liqour stores by the 5th in southern central louisiana

Mitchell Gillett says:

I have a question about grains. So bourbon seems to always have barley and either rye or wheat along with the corn in the mash bill, and all of these grains are used to make whiskies on their own except for wheat it seems? Is wheat too simple on It’s own? Also what about grains like oat, quinoa, triticale, millet etc?

Michael Plaster says:

Daniel… Where abouts in Arkansas you talkin? Born, raised and live there.

Dal Brazzell says:

Many call theirs “distilleries” without a still… should they? Until you operate a still, aren’t you just a blender or finisher?

Jimmy Leg says:

I can’t get that here in Canada. Also the cheapest bourbon in Nova Scotia is… Evan Williams Kentucky Straight – $27.79.

Adam O'Gara says:

I tried to find your scar Daniel but I having a hard time seeing it between the labia and clitoris.

aclefler says:

I forget how much old crow is here but it’s $15 or under in southern Indiana.

Since we are going back to more request based reviews, let’s see Glenlivet 12, 15, 18. You already did the founders reserve.


Hell yeah… I wish you would do more budget whiskey. I have to assume you will get something decent at $50 and above, but I would rather you buy and review a $20 whiskey and save me the disappointment.

Ong Gia says:

I am personally thankful that y’all reviewed my favorite summertime bourbon. I think Suntory changed the quality (for the better) not too long ago. You MBs who haven’t tried it recently should give “The Dirty Bird” another go.

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