Whiskey Review: Old Weller Antique 107 *Bourbon Whiskey

Rex and Daniel taste and review the Weller Antique 107 bourbon. After a short detour into the economics of pappy, they dive into your comments.


joaquin rendon says:

Which of the Wellers do you prefer?

Ketsuta says:

Question for Rex. I recently launched a channel and was wondering if you had any tips for getting started.
– Michael L.

John Bullock says:

That Daniel side take really needs to be a gif.

Rex has one. Daniel needs one.

Keith Albers says:

What would happen to Daniel if he did an entire episode without hand gestures…… I do enjoy them but I think he may go crazy.

ItsZachDude says:

I really enjoy seeing the blind tastings! I just recently started getting more into whiskey and my girlfriend now finds it fun to pour me a drink in the other room and have me guess what it is. She is always upset when I get it right, but hey! At least you guys made it so I get whiskey brought to me from the other room!

Jered Lowe says:

Only $27.95 here in Oregon. OLCC controlled prices can be very nice.

Ted Jones says:

Its bourban night did that poor mans pappys video

elitebirds says:

Idiots are still coming in my store to find the proper 12 even though we got 1 case and it sold out in a day.

slg8j says:

Picked up a bottle of the antique 107 for $37 at local liquor store last weekend.

North Towerr says:

I work at a liquor store and for the past few days, minus Sunday, the same guy has called multiple times a day asking about Pappy and if we have a lottery or list.
Dude is mental.

AlfMtG says:

This was my entry into Bourbon! i love it! luckily the major store near me does occasionally stock it and its $23 per bottle, but limited to one per person… it goes pretty fast

Anders Larson says:

When are you guys going to review that Smokin’ Gentleman’s Dram blended scotch from Duncan Taylor that I always see over Daniel’s left shoulder!? I couldn’t wait for y’all so I went and got a bottle myself! Curious to see what you guys think of it. Skål!

Nam Cho says:

Daniel, in this episode; you are a friend pretend napping in a quiz with part of the sheet hanging off the table and Rex is just ‘mooching’ off your answers…
Tsk tsk tsk, I’m a little bit disappointed. What’s the point for this ‘new’ idea of blinded sock whisk(e)y review?!
Nice touch on the new MB shot though.

kyle schroder says:

Deps, best store in greater Cincinnati.

lvcsslacker says:

so rex is a mooch, fine.. but he’s got some somm-y goodness to him too…

Kelly Murphy says:

Scream-laughing at the new MB graphic. This channel is the best!

Paul Baker says:

Holy crap.. I enjoyed the Magnificent Bastard cut scene before, but whatever you guys did for this video, please don’t change it XD

Dave Estey says:

Just picked up a bottle of this in Massachusetts for $29 two days ago. Sipping really nice!

Erik Wait says:

On the Eve of Thanksgiving 2018, the air here in Northern California is unbreathable. It’s rated between “Unhealthy” and “Hazardous” on on the AQI. So, I’m stuck indoors all day. A prisoner of my own home… and my whisky collection. Can’t complain but if these fires don’t end soon I may need to make an emergency run to the liquor store while wearing a gas mask… I hope the owners don’t think I’m robbing the store and call the police.

William Schahn says:

Yessssssss. The whiskey gods have spoken! For I have been searching for OWA over the last year and found nothing, but today I nabbed two bottles at a local liquor store. $40 each..no complaints from me. Cheers!

Sean McCormac says:

LOVE the new Magnificent Bastard bit!

tru-K says:

i would love to see the blind tasting reversed for future videos, put Daniel to the test.

Wanmohan says:

If you can find a way to make a sock make a difference in the taste without breaking laws, you should do it

Bourbon Blind says:

Blind tasting is always the answer!

armadillotoe says:

I loved Weller back in the late 70s and 80s. I didn’t know anything about it other than I liked it better the Wild Turkey or anything else at its price point. Thanks for the review.

calveryc1 says:

My first bottle of whisky was monkey shoulder from ya’ll’s suggestion. I have finished the bottle having a drink or two every few days to try to learn to like and appreciate whisky. I don’t love it am I not a whisky guy or what should I try next?

Isaac Mittendorf says:

New subscriber here (though I’m hooked and have watched like 50+ of your videos). I was talking about what you all say about all bourbons tasting like cherry and my wife brought up a good point. That flavor you associate with cherry is actually closer to almond extract because most cherry desserts have a heavy dose of almond extract. I pondered this for a while but I think she is right. Taste some almond extract and compare. You might be surprised. Just a little background I’m a KY native and a bourbon fan from my beginnings in alcohol but now wild about scotch. You all are awesome. Keep up the good work. Sláinte!

Y2H says:

Hello guys. So you don’t look much better after the break. Maybe you’re just old and that’s what you look like now.

Anyway I just got a Highland Park Einar bottle and I was wondering if you could do a review of it? I was surprised to find very little (and unhelpful) reviews of it anywhere!

By the way I’m a fan of you from Egypt! Bet you didn’t expect to have fans here. Anyway you guys rock!


contentioushackery says:

Yup, I am digging the blind tasting. It is fun.

gegernaut says:

I bought this Wellers and I thought it was really hot and unpleasant. I admit im not a big bourbon fan but I think the Bakers is day and night better.

djr 001 says:

Rex is definitely much more of a Chip, but Daniel can’t be Joanna… You should do a fixer upper whiskey vault episode and bring in the Zirpoli as Joanna.

acelee632 says:

i can’t believe you guys didn’t blend and try poor man’s pappy on camera!

chuck430 says:

if the level 2 class is focused on American whiskey, and now you’re finally able to get to that point with bourbons and ryes….are you really a level 3 Som?

Jabba the Catt says:

I liked the Special Reserve better than the 107. Also, has anyone heard about a warehouse fire creating a shortage of Weller?

Joe Prestera says:

I do like the blind tastings as it removes the pre-judgement of what something should/might be from the history or reputation a brand. Could the shape of the bottle also provide a hint? Ya okay, maybe too far. 🙂

Joseph Aleman says:

Still hard to find, but at retail the 107 is about $30 around me (Chicagoland area) . Who is charging triple digits for Weller at retail? (secondary market is a Wild West though) .

Bourbinsane says:

Love me some Weller! Great review! I hope to review it soon too!

Joe Striker says:

Tired of playing the “allotted” game that Buffalo Trace plays. They allot a $20 bourbon like Weller Special Reserve or a $25 bottle or Old Weller Antique, so now everyone thinks it’s sometime special, or as stated a “Poor man’s Pappy”. IT’S NOT PAPPY. Not even close. Pappy itself I feel is over rated. Tried some, and sure it’s a very, very good bourbon….but not a $1000 a bottle good. And Weller isn’t even close. If you want a solid and good Wheat bourbon, that you can find and is worth the money, get Larceny from Heaven Hill. Or even Bernheim Wheat Whisky. Both are readily available and priced accordingly, and in my opinion, are better then Weller, with perhaps the 12 year Weller being an exception. (but again…try and find it) Buffalo Trace sells the majority of their products over seas because they can get more for it. Leaving us high and dry. Tired of their game. I’ll stick with Heaven Hill products, 4 Roses, and Michters to name a few.

Marcus Wallace says:

Proper 12 is not that great. It needs some age and I would suggest Powers instead.

The4Wills says:

Mooch status climbed near the 8 min mark and Daniel did not even care that Rex poured his own. Gone are the days of old.
Likely the reason Level 4 is alluded

JA M says:

Bought a few at $27.99 in 2016 when the 12 started getting ridiculously popular. Totally worth it for that and I will enjoy the bottles I have left. $60+? Nah. It’s a fine whisky but not something that particularly excites me — lots of cherry, oak, and vanilla. Scotch all day at that price point.

Timothy Church says:

Why aren’t there Whiskey Tribe tasting socks in the merch store? How ever will I share in the experience without a bear & eagle tube sock?!?!

I Fucking Shaved My Balls for This? says:

Proper 12 okay. That’ll be nice to see in the vault but, I was a kid who hung out with my uncle so in the 80s we had Metallica as a go-to music. I would love to see the Blackened American Whiskey in the Vault.

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