Whiskey Review: Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon

Today we taste and review Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon.


John Ohlhausen says:

So the Som is the Ding Dong master? 😛 😛 Such a good episode. A great stress reliever.

John Cheek says:

Marines drink glue and eat crayons. What are they doing drinking whiskey and eating ding-dongs?

Karl Porter says:

This derailed so quickly….I loved this one. Still lots of notes, but lots of duckery too

The Spirit Monk[e]y says:

The Spirit Monk[e]y is compelled to relay a joke…

Q: What do you call it when Rex kisses Daniel?

A: A sMooch

…The Spirit Monk[e]y is capable of dad jokes.

fireborn says:

Does Daniel have a professional choreographer?

Charlie Smith says:

Ding dongs in yer mouth, and waxy nuts on the nose………..

Tony Cronin says:

You guys gave gone off the rails like this since the episode about Knob Creek.

P.s. I love me a good ding dong

Buddy Winters says:

ding dong and knob

Michael Oppold says:

F— ALS. Glasses up for anyone going through this battle.

Daniel Alberto Silva says:

Hey WhatsUp Rex and Daniel. It is a very coincidence that I was reading about Parker today. Actually Parker was master distiller of Heaven Hill. His father, Elmer Beam was the first to left Jim Beam distillery and go to another, and Parker follow his dad shoes. Thanks and cheers from Brazil

Kevin Fortson says:

I haven’t figured out if that was grey hair or a booger in Rex’s mustache. I need to revisit other episodes to verify.

Brandon Knight says:

Sometimes the ding dongs are just too hot and you have to cool them down before gobbling them !

Marc Solomon says:

So serious

Declan Konesky says:

Maybe this has been asked before…and maybe this is not the exact spot to ask it…but I’m looking for more whiskey like Michter’s American…is there anything above and/or below that price point? 35 for me at Total Wine? I’m mainly concerned with the used oak aspect, as that’s hard to research apparently. But otherwise, whatever gets me in the ballpark.

Stephen Lyon says:

So jealous; I was able to snag this year’s PH release close to MSRP, but I haven’t been able to find the standard at anywhere near a reasonable price.

Peter Spadotto says:

Man, you tell the guys to take a week off and the QC goes down the shitter. 😉

Greg O says:

Good video!

laplantski says:

You’re not supposed to watch another man when he has ding dongs in his mouth.

Duane Brimhall says:

I enjoy my pizza (Pepperoni, Linguisa [sp?] and Italian Sausage) with a dark beer.

Paul Lind says:

Off the rails… so Forken funny, keep it up

Luke Kidd says:

sipping on this one with you guys

funyun maker says:

Laughed my ass off with this one guys think i will watch it again after I have had a few. Strangest pairing with bourbon peanut butter cups just works.

lee teague says:

Daniel, what was in the small bottle you poured?

Marco Baraco says:

How many open scotch/bourbon whisky bottle should/or you recommend to The common working man who have a dram or two at the end of a work day? :))

MrTw2009 says:

Scott got ding dong’d in this video. jk

Matthew Morin says:

I except full ball busting from Rex for Daniel messing up on the fact that this is Heaven Hill and not Beam.

wildernessman says:

Holy shit Daniel has a trunk full of ding dongs. Snd rex waxes his nuts. And this whole time I thought this was a whiskey review channel.

Neon Lemmy Koopa says:

6:45 Daniel you walked head first into that one

RandomloserDK says:

Whiskey Vault, the best place for 12 year old humor. X-)

Chris Lunn says:

Rex said he gets roasted nuts on the nose… must smell like a tea bag!

The Anemois says:

Greetings brethren I have a whiskey that you should test. Conor McGregor’s [Proper 12]

Jeff Goodsell says:

too funny guys, better to find ding dongs in the trunk than a bunch of ho-hoes

TheHighlandSounds says:

Just been to my first Whisky Tasting this Weekend. Been able to mooch 8 Whiskies.

Meat Dragon says:

Hey guys, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I was going to tell her a bottle of 4 Roses Single Barrel. I’m relatively inexperienced when it comes to whiskey but 4 Roses SB is my favorite so far. I love a challenge and don’t like anything weak. But I was thinking of asking for a bourbon I’ve never had before. Any suggestions?

shuboy05 says:

Just want to mention that Parker Beam (RIP) created this series before his ALS diagnosis. Like how Jim Beam, Four Roses, and Buffalo Trace have premium lines, Parker’s Heritage Collection is the Heaven Hill premium bottling.

Joseph Van Name says:

Fig Newtons rock with Scotch!

Mose Chun says:

I propose that along with the quarterly challenge there should be a Rex and Daniel sabbatical week to recharge the batteries, because being punch drunk is not as fun as a whisk(e)y buzz. Now the Ho Ho’s would be an interesting pairing with whisk(e)y. Cheers!

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