Whiskey Review – Wild Turkey Longbranch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Review of Wild Turkey Longbranch Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Oak and Texas Mesquite Charcoal Refined


STEVE Lynch says:

Thank you

Jamie Walker says:

JD choose not to call their product a bourbon because they choose to be different. There is no lawful reason why they can’t, hence why longbranch is called a straight bourbon.

Rick Dietrich says:

Great video man. Wouldn’t mind trying that one out.

Gary's Whisky Reviews says:

Awesome review. Recently picked up the 101. I look forward to trying it. This sounds great but I doubt I’ll be able to find any in the uk.

pbkayakyer says:

So jealous you got it almost a month early! I went out when I saw the wild Turkey interview, but my store still hadn’t received their shipment.

mike b says:

I get a lot of sweetness and honey too. And it’s definitely smoother than Wild Turkey’s typical 8 year – less kick and barrel spice. The charcoal definitely mellows it out. It’s a very easy Bourbon to enjoy neat. Thanks for the great video!


Subscribed to your channel too

Josh Montes says:

What state are you from so I can get this?

Caleb Steingruber says:

Hello there, you Magnificent Bastard!! I just typed in Longbranch review because I’m interested in trying this when it becomes available. You were one of the only ones up, and I thought, “Hey, he looks familiar.” Nice!

The Party Source, Bellevue, KY says:

I honestly thought I knew all the Wild Turkey products, but this is one I missed. Wild Turkey is always a favorite of mine.

Matt Haddock says:

I would like to see your review of Eagle Rare 10 year.

oldiesgeek1 says:

I just recently began enjoying Russell’s Reserve 10, the one that goes for around $30. If anyone drinks that on a regular basis, I’d like to know how it stands up against the new Longbranch….Thanks for your opinion in advance.

The Bottom Shelve says:

Great job on the review. I’ll be looking for this one. Why haven’t you let the tribe know your doin the reviews. I know they would love it.

TopWhiskies says:

Not come across this yet, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Ed

Raymond Reimer says:


Don Wilson says:

Thanks so much for the review…I was very curious. Great review. Can’t wait to try it!! I really never knew about the water thing…guess that’s why some taste better when “on the rocks” (yes I know it chills as well).


Really nice review, one I was looking to try and hope to review on my channel at some point. Cheers man!

willymeatpie says:

nice job man! I’m Jealous….

Gustavo Rodriguez says:

Wow! Great video good descriptives I can taste it

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