Whiskey Review: WL Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Today we taste and review WL Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey.

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Reece LeMay says:

Follow up on the taste profiles from barreling at different proofs: is it possible to do multiple fills to pull both those flavors out, i.e., fill at a higher proof to pull the barrel notes, and then pulling it out, proofing down, and re-barreling to pull those sweeter flavors?

Pat McDermott says:

I know you can add water to open up some whiskeys, but in the reverse, could you add a small amount of pure grain ethanol (Everclear) to release more oils and other components? I know it’s not the same as bottling at a higher proof, but it seems worth a try, in the name of science, of course.

Danny Lee says:

We need a “trash cam”

alexx0108max98 says:

Why were you out of the vault?

John Belushi says:

So many vids, so little time.

WSR used to be 7 Year Age stated. 1.75L of the NAS can be found @ $32-35 on rare occasions.

evan jonasson says:

I use two Glencairn glass when i drink… one with water – one with whiskey….
The next night i switch them… one with whisky – the other with water…
Keeps my glass clean… but keeps me grounded by drinking outta a dirty glass …

JoylessDancer says:

I hate when people say “water is just water”.

TheMasterfulcreator says:

You can’t find those Wellers at market price ANYWHERE anymore and I live in Louisville Kentucky. I found a weller 12 in a corner liquor store and they wanted 120 dollars for it. It’s so frustrating.

Max Phillips says:

We’re back!

invinciblejets says:

Here in SC a Local store has weller 12 year behind the shelf for around 100$ or something… worth it?

Von says:

Great video, I’ve seen this on the shelf for years and will pick it up next time I see it.

Terry Dolan says:

Be careful using a dishwasher to wash Glencairns, they can move around a lot and get really scratched up.

Kyle Wells says:

$40-50 in Southern Cali. Love this B. It becomes a vanilla bomb after sitting a few minutes

Anxiety Help says:

Rex looking like a cross between Gandolf the Grey and Punk’d era Ashton Kutcher

Code-E says:

Damn guys! I get busy with life stuff and you go from 800 subs to nearly 100k!
Keep being awesome

Kyle Brucker says:

Love the trash can tangent, SQUIRREL!!!

Callum Clyde says:

Rex made the shot!! Rex week V2?

DeeVeeTee583 says:

On the next episode of Whiskey Vault Z…

Andrew Lamgo says:

What 5 whiskeys should I have in my house what’s your opinion Rex

William Berdine says:

This used to be a 7 year old whiskey and maybe five years I used to be able to get it for 15.49 regular price at my local

Kehrstyle1of1 says:

Another great video! Glenfinnich 21 rum cask

Paul H says:

My gf’s dad has a liquor store and I got them to start selling it. He put it out at $27.99 and it kept flying off the shelves. Stocked up on a few myself.

PhatTrumpet2 says:

Hey guys. It’s Buffalo Trace now, not Stitzel-Weller.

Just kidding. I actually watched the entire video before commenting.

ANYWAY… I know this isn’t a scotch episode, but I’m dying to know what all those distilleries did before there was such an apparent over-abundance of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels. So many scotches are either sherry-aged or sherry-finished or bourbon aged or what not… What did they do before those things were available? And what about ex-scotch barrels? Do they get re-purposed in the production of other spirits?

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I was given this for Secret Santa. Epic gift!

Jimmy Leg says:

I’ve had an old metal Dewar’s flask that I’ve used for years. Never tainted my whisky even after leaving it in there for weeks, maybe I’m just lucky?

Raster says:

Man that was a heck of a lot of work to do all that Eagle guts… Good job!

Why don’t you grow a new Spirit Eagle by planting a little piece of the Eagle remains… (like baby Groot).


jack canox says:

Whisky tale of the day: I live in Italy and yesterday i noticed a bruichladdich bottle in a bar, that night i go in that place with my girlfriend (whisky fan like me) and order it…It was a Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 6 (2001-2007) that costs almost 400 euros…my glass costed 15 euros and was literally half full might have been more than 2 ounces…Also Pc6 is full proof and 61° so that glass broke me in half…but ,maaan i love my country and how whisky ignorant they are!! Love the channel i have been a subs since you had less than 10k subs see you in the next comment reading !

steve miller says:

I am sorry guys I hate what bourbon has become. it was working the man’s drink. the best of the W.L.weller line is the 12yr, I like it better than pappy, but good luck trying to find any.

Jennifer Dedrick says:

So any recommendation for a great flask?

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