Whiskey Review: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Whiskey Review: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon

“Nose” (undiluted)
Vanilla and charcoal

“Palate” (undiluted)
Lots of vanilla! More charcoal, spice and ginger accompanies, sweetness (but not too sweet) that flows towards a floral finish. There is a “burn”, slight, not bad, but rather characteristic of bourbon. If this is an aspect that bothers you, the solution is ice, couple of cubes takes the burn away. A complex arrangement of flavors that can appropriately be described as sophisticated and rich. I initially tried this bourbon at a whisky tasting and days later, I was still thinking about. So, I bought a bottle and enjoyed a very refined drink of complexity I never imagined was possible from bourbon.

“Finish” (undiluted)
Oak and rye linger on the palate in a highly refined manner for a very long time.

General Impressions
Highly recommended! But not for the novice, new person to whiskeys and particularly bourbons. This whisky has a very robust flavor profile featuring big oak and charcoal that may not be to everyone’s taste. The finish is very long leaving flavors of spiced oak, charcoal, clean stream water. Also I find that this bourbon does not benefit from the addition of water in spite of the high ABV. More I think about it, this bourbon is for the serious whisky fan looking for something a little different.


Jason Debly





foodquig says:

This is one of my favorite bourbons… It’s the pot stills that make the difference. I especially love the double oaked expression.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

I am not a huge Bourbon fan, but really like this.  It’s odd I am from the States but I like Scotch, then good Canadian(like Forty Creek) and lastly Bourbon.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

You ever read “Finnegans Wake?”  Much better than Ulysses…I think.

Luis Wells says:

I’m drinking OGD 114 (neat) as I watch this….but I plan to try Woodford Reserve. Btw, I find most bourbons suffer from adding water, as opposed to Scotch.

Ryan Gould says:

I’ve Just Shared This Review On My Twitter And Facebook (@26Gould – Twitter ) Because These Are Brilliant Reviews , It Was That Good , I’ve Just Ordered Myself A Bottle On Amazon . I Have Given Jason Credit As It’s His Video Of Course Haha , Love Your Reviews Jason Keep Them Coming 🙂

BRW 73 says:

Very nice review. A welcome change from other reviews that tend to be very long-winded…

erwingarcia72 says:

Not a big fan of WR that charcoal note reminds me of a Tennessee Whiskey (Jack Daniels). I just had Elmer T Lee and man that’s some good stuff would love to see you review some of Buffalo Trace bourbons they are by far the best tasting bourbons in my opinion. Cheers!

Christian Ivanov says:

Another great review. Try Angel’s Envy bourbon. AE was started by the former Woodford Reserve  master distiller Lincoln Henderson as his retirement project. Woodford Reserve is nice, but Angel’s Envy is head and shoulders above.

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