Whiskey Review/Tasting: Blanton’s Gold Edition

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Whisky .com tastes the Blanton’s Gold Edition. Blanton´s Gold is the top brand from the Buffalo Trace distillery. Blanton´s Gold is one of the lighter Bourbons.

The nose:
Vanilla, fruits, subtle wood note, spring flower, chocolate
The taste:
Full, alcohol,oakienes, spices, cloves, orange peel
The finish:
Long and sweet

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mikethered123 says:

It’s a good thing Blanton’s doesn’t have a glue note because with the horse icon on top, it might give people a very disturbing impression.

HybridEnergy says:

You don’t need the Gold even, the regular Blanton’s is just one of the best Bourbons period.

Dallas Bagley says:

Please review Eagle Rare 10, and the Weller 12 if you can find it! Was not entirely impressed by The Blantons, personally. It’s fine, but it’s not worth the trouble to find, just cause John Wick likes it.

Matt Bou says:

Blantons is my favorite Bourbon and I stumbled across the Gold while in Nice, France this summer. I bought the last 4 bottles for only 48 euro each and brought them back to the US. It’s as advertised….unreal.

Bruce Kay says:

this is a great review, I agree with everyone that buffalo trace should sell the gold and the straight from the barrel blanton’s in the usa, It is obviously a marketing issue and contract issue. You can however get the bottles here by ordering them from the uk and paying the shipping or buy them on the secondary market where they have already done that for you. You will pay a hefty markup but if the bourbon is great it will be worth it. I love blanton’s but do not plan on buying 8 bottles to get all the different horses on the corks. I know people who are into that.

Jeremy Dore says:

I’m almost positive your bottle came from warehouse H since the selling point of the brand is that all of the barrel’s come from Col. Blanton’s favorite warehouse which was warehouse H.  Someone had just written a very bad H. 😉  https://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/brands/blantons-single-barrel 

jokermann77 says:

Could you do a review on the Original Single Barrel? I want to see how thy compare. I’m thinking about getting a bottle of the Original Single Barrel.

dhsilv2 says:

Would LOVE a review of the single barrel.

Josh Stamper says:

I literally live five miles from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Got married at the clubhouse there, even. Beautiful place.

As a previous commenter mentioned: it’s sad that you can only get one type of Blanton’s here in the US. Taking a tour of the distillery I’ve *seen* the other bottles, but have never had the opportunity to try them.

Blanton’s single barrel is definitely my favorite bourbon overall, but the majority of my favorites come from Buffalo Trace – Eagle Rare and W.L. Weller (nope – not Pappy, I find them to be way too harsh) would be the other two.

amaroudis says:

It REALLY irritates me that the ONLY Blanton’s available in the US is the Original Single Barrel.  Really want to try the Gold and Straight from the Barrel

Ant Farmer says:

After watching this I feel as though I should save my bottle until my last days, cause Horst makes is seem breath taking.

AdderSpike says:

this guy needs to do audiobooks.

BlueMast3r says:

Hey Horst,

ist der Bakers immer noch dein Lieblingsbourbon oder mittlerweile der Blanton, bzw. ein anderer?

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