Whiskey Vault Ep: 108 – Larceny Bourbon Review/Tasting with Knockmore Cameo

An episode of The Whisk(e)y Vault hosted at Whisky Marketing School in Austin, TX.

Today we talk about Larceny Bourbon from the Heaven Hill Distillery.


Mateusz Blocher says:

Apart of being islay and island whisky lover, I also really enjoy whiskies that are fully matured in ex-sherry casks or butts like Benriach 12 sherry cask or Glendronach 12.

Daniel, could you please briefly let us know on Scotch distilleries that spiecialize in maturing their whiskies in ex-sherry casks? Do you prefer sherry matured whiskies over the ex-bourbon matured whiskies? In your opinion, what is the main difference between them except considerably reduced vanilla and cinnamon remembrance in ex-sherry whiskies?

Why ex-bourbon casks are usually called as “traditional” casks, when in a matter of fact, a traditional way of maturing whisky is to use ex-sherry casks?

Could you recommend some whiskies that combine smoky impact with sherry sweetness (like Talisker distillers edition or Ardbeg Uigeadail?

Rex, please try to mooch some ex-sherry cask whiskies from Daniel and share it with us in video.


Isak kerman says:

highland park 12 and 18 year old is my personal favorites.
but i haven’t tasted too many since i am quite new into whisky

Drew Mason says:


David Rahn says:

Great episode boys. Also Where’s Waldo we haven’t seen him in almost 5 weeks and I need something to pick on Rex for wearing that doesn’t show chest hair.

sofakingdrunk66 says:

Would you guys review the Anthrax bourbon The Devil You Know please…

charlie.g.hague says:

I bought a bottle of Oban 14 yesterday and realized it’s a really good gateway whiskey to Highland Single Malts as well as Islay. I’ve always thought it was a great example of Highland scotches, but since it’s on the coast I get a lot of the salty brine taste as well as some smoke. Not so overpowering that a newbie would be turned off though. Could be a good one for anyone wanting to get into Islay or Highland whisky more.

noah wages says:

I have a friend who works for Two James Distillery in Detroit MI. They make a few different kinds of whiskey and bourbon. I would love to see what you guys think of them!

Kate Van Name says:

I learn so much about you both in each episode.  Not saying that is a good thing…. 😉  ROFL!

speed rakk says:

excellent cheap wheated bourbon..23 bucks here.mass

MehrdadDwarves says:

the John E. Fitzgerald Straight Kentucky Bourbon. Larceny 92 proof. Comes in at just under 100$ at the only retailer where i could find it. Bit of a high end 🙂

Jerome Sweet says:

Even in my manhatten I think it sucks.

Mark Arbo says:

Wait!? Did you ever give the name of the Irish?? Sounded like something it wouldn’t hurt to have around…

isaac parr says:

Another great video. Would you guys recommend transferring a partially drunk bottle of whisky into a smaller bottle to reduce oxidation? Also what bottles would you recommend?

Bill Moss says:

Sipping Larceny on my back lanai as I watch this… just about a perfect way to wind down an evening.

speed rakk says:

Hey Daniel, at balcones did they say….. ” you look much taller in real life.”

Smoky Bear says:

Larceny, it’s pepper and honey. I like it.

Wes says:

Found this channel through Modern Rogue, and honestly I wasn’t a huge scotch drinker prior. But you both have intoxicating personalities and I’ve begun to dive into the world of Whisk(e)y slowly. I’ve found that I’m decently tolerant of alcohol, and would like to thank the both of you for turning me onto a new culture of sorts. So, here’s my thanks.

Raleigh Roberts 3 says:

I just like seeing people drink.. lol

intyala says:

Rex we all are here watching you drink whisky isn’t that proof enough that we got great taste? 😉

Will B says:

Question for Daniel – On one of the episodes you did for Modern Rogue you mentioned Longmorn 16 and how long it took to find a bottle. It seems like the 2016 edition is comparatively easier to find. Are there any differences between the releases?

Liam Rockford says:

Hey, I just wanted to say that you guys are awsome, I just started watching your series after seeing it on modern rouge and this has inspired me to get all nerdy and share exciting stories about whiskey that I’ve learn watching this show with my customers, I’m a bartender. The Nikka stories and Weller being like mini Pappy come to mind right now. Keep up the great work! I’m really excited to work my way threw the rest of the episodes. I do have a question. How do you feel about the Kentucky chew? and could you possibly demonstrate how to properly do it on a future episode? Thanks again for starting such an amazing, informative and entertaining series.

Tim Dietrich says:

The master blender for JP Wiser/Lot 40/Pike Creek (All Corby Brands), Don Livermore mentioned in a talk that at any one time they have 1.6 million barrels in their barrel house in Pike Creek Ontario (https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Pike+Creek,+Lakeshore,+ON/@42.3075918,-82.8375851,1472m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x883ad4c08443c5b9:0xa5931835486ad44a!8m2!3d42.311023!4d-82.842956). He said each barrel represents roughly $1000 CAD in various taxes (so $1.6 billion CAD). He is also one of the few master distiller/blenders in the world with a PhD in distilling from Heriot-Watt University. Last week JP Wiser released a whiskey called Dissertation which was blended using 62 of the 112 barrels he used for his PhD thesis and it has won a World Whiskey Award for Canadian Blended Limited Release. http://www.worldwhiskiesawards.com/winner/best-canadian-blended-limited-release-world-whiskies-awards-2017.

IgniteTheShadow says:

so now we send rex 1000 bottles of bird dog whiskey right?

Justanotherparatrooper says:

Why did the girl smear peanut butter on the road? To go with the traffic jam.

bmxriderforlife1234 says:

i really need to try this whiskey, they just added it to the liquor stores here recently at least on the website, anyways this knob creek the basic version, elijah craig makers mark and a few other things are all around the same price, trying to figure out whats the best for the price given certain things get marked up in price a hell of alot here while other things dont.

or for like 10$ less theres basic jack daniels or wild turkey 101(another recent addition), the wild turkey wins there as it tastes the same as the 81 and the 81 is easily as good or better then basic jd so basically water it down to 81 proof and bam its a decent bit more whiskey for the same price.

Beeblebrox42 says:

I started a quarterly whisk(e)y night in my neighborhood and Larceny, won best tasting in the blind flight night.

Jeremy says:

Hi! Just picked up a Glenturret 10 year old, wondering how you guys like it.

xDfreex says:

Is larceny a good whiskey for someone still trying to get into whiskey?

Harley T says:

More off the rails! Funny stuff guys.

Jason Kleschult says:

I definitely got peanut butter in the nose from this one. And while I am fairly new to sipping whiskeys, so far I prefer whiskeys with some rye in them.

Matt C says:

Nice thumbnail Rexy! Click bait.

Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

And the Irish one has been something I have been eying, would need to hear more about it and even try it first I think. Irish can be hit or miss for me.

JB B-livin says:

fantastic series! I really hope Rex will do a series on how to become a Master Mooch Extraordinaire for all us broke bastards that only dream of trying a high dollar whisky. Oh, and may Daniel’s beard stay this side of EPIC!

Buddy Winters says:

Larceny tasted like peanuts

Tyler Bourbon says:

As I sit here, spending my entire day with both of your voices tingling my ears in a background tab, I went to search your channel and found, to my shock and horror, that you’ve never “reviewed” Eagle Rare. What!? For a sub-$30 bottle, there aren’t more than one or two other bottles that I enjoy more. Please do an episode on Eagle Rare!

Benny Higgins says:

are there any whiskeys that stray from the typical color pattern on red and Brown’s or golds? I’ve had clears but I’m curious to see something with a way more original color. also I think we need to take a tour of that fancy cabinet with the pirate chest pad lock!

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