Whiskey Vault Ep: 112 John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve Bourbon Review/Tasting

Today we do a review/tasting of John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve from Heaven Hill Distillery.


Simple Diversion says:

It’s a box! Haha this looks very good thanks for the great guys I’d love to get my hands on this

eric najera says:

Best whiskey limerick!!!!

Mitchell Garcia says:

I’m road tripping to Alvin, Texas in November from Oregon for my mom’s wedding. Whats the best way to swing by and check you guys out? I’m currently binge watching. Daniel not “dan” keep the learning up! Rex mooch on!

How did I get here? says:

Glad to see your channel is gaining traction. when I subscribed you were around 500 subscribers. Also it is very satisfying to read the stories in the comments for this video, Mooch stories are the best…therefore I would like to share one of mine, two in fact, about my (late) brother. He was a great person who touched the hearts of everyone he befriended, but a real clueless mooch when it came to whiskey. I’ve mentioned my Dad’s kindness in the comments of the bledagedon episode…

(shared from facebook) A few years back, after a long night out in Fort Collins, my brother and his friend came home to my dads house and opened some of his very fancy whiskey by mistake. At the time they reasoned that it must be the cheap stuff because there were like 8 bottles that sorta looked the same (how did they miss the fact that it said ’22 year’ on the label?!? Oh, right, sometimes they were drunken idiots)… the next morning we learned that it was actually part of a complete set of really rare high-end whiskey. (the bottle was a Lost Prophet orphan barrel, the collection is no longer complete)

Story two, about 3 years ago my Dad just got his hands on a bottle of pappy 23, and was happily sharing it with family. My brother who by the end of the night was a little sauced, wanted to take of the Pappy to his next destination for the night. Attempting to pour the very nice whiskey into a very narrow mouthed flask, he spilled a very large amount onto the kitchen table. With a look of horror on all of our face he continued to Zamboni the orphaned liquor off the table. It is memories like this that we remember him by.

Keep us all posted with how we can win the bottle, I would love to share this with my dad.
P.S. was the book “She” what you were referring to?

Terry Dolan says:

I came across a classic malts of Scotland case under unusual circumstances that’s at least 30 to 40 years ago. I’d swap it for for a taste of that.

Delta Translation says:

Love the videos guys! You’re making me whiskey smarter! Quick question: how long can I store opened bottles of bourbon before the taste starts to become effected? I keep my whiskey in and on top of a small liquor cabinet out of direct sunlight

Drew Mason says:


Leonard Stoecker says:

How about you send the sample to Chad and Sarah on the “It’s bourbon night” channel? They could then share their thoughts with all of us as well. Not affiliated btw.

Duncan Gasiewicz says:

So heres a story of why I deserve this healthy dram.
My mum went to Kentucky a few years back for the derby and to wander the illustrious bourbon trail. Knowing that I am somewhat of a whiskey enthusiast, Scottish Single malts mostly, I asked her to find me a delightful bottle of bourbon that was hard to find anywhere out of Kentucky. Ya know something small batch, maybe limited edition only to the distillery. Its easy to mooch off your mom ya know. Pretty easy request or so I thought. She does in fact bring me a bottle back. Of what you ask? Makers Mark white lightening. Freakin unaged corn whiskey.
So with this traumatizing life experience looming, I think the only thing to help wash away these sore memories would be a dram of John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve.
Thank you for your consideration.

Brian Sperger says:

We could quickly review a whisky you two have caused us to buy.
I’m a Kentucky guy with bourbons all around and you talked me into my first bottle of Talisker. It’s like a campfire in my nose.

Dan says:

I would drag my balls through a mile of broken glass for that bottle.

Justanotherparatrooper says:

What do you do when a blonde throws a grenade at you? Pull the pin and throw it back.

이승한 says:

Hi, I’m enjoying your program a lot.
How about introducing the ultimate worst whiskey and the one who you two agree on to suggest the ultimate worst, wins.

Harley T says:

No mooch story here. Despite not owning any whiskey, and the whiskey that I have owned is long gone (Talisker Storm & Canadian Club), I can’t bring myself to try to mooch off anyone as i’d like to earn my own whiskey.
And no, it’s not just because none of my friends drink whiskey…

MehrdadDwarves says:

Some time ago, a danish tabloid did an article on the 10 most expensive bourbons. This came in at number 7 or 8, at 2000$. that is some fancy stuff. Shits so fancy i might need a second monocle.

IBCrazy says:

https://gleam.io/ is a great way to do online giveaways. Plus used in other places so most people should have accounts. Possible to cheese, but it’s probably better than a manual thing.

Albert says:

Mooch stories, great! Most of the time I’m the Daniel kind of guy instead of the Rex kind of guy. I didn’t exactely mooch whisky, but got something else and whisky was involved…

I had invited two friends over to for a nice bbq with some pulled pork. We started off with some normal beers, later I got some belgian specialty beers until we escelated to gin cocktails. After a short water break and some story telling I couldn’t resist to take out some scotch and let my friends taste some. So I got some Spice tree and Benromach 10. That night I also proposed to go to Scotland in the summer and that trip is already booked now. I’m stoked to try some whisky from the source!

When we were sitting outside a friend said that the whisky would be great with a cigar…
So naturally I went looking in for my fathers stash and after a while I found a couple and took one. It was amazing. The next day I wanted to order a new one to replace it with but I couldn’t find anything of that brand. So I ordered another good cuban, gave it to him and told what happend. He was very amused and told me that he got that cigar about 25 years ago from the father of my mom when they got married. He didn’t know he still had some left and thanked me for quality control.

Andreas Stavrou says:

Hey guys, could you possibly consider revewing the new experimental JW red rye finish? I won a bottle at a charity raffle and left it sitting in my whisky vault (read shelf :p) for ages until last night and I found that it was actually a very pleasant experience indeed. It has (in my opinion) a beautiful comforting nose and a finish that leaves you very satisfied.

Awesome videos, keep up God’s work!

Louie Jones says:

that’s to fancy for my blood. just give me some old grand dad and I’ll be happy

UNC Tarheels says:

She a history of adventure ….!!!

Belfry says:

“only 3000 bottles ever made. What is one thing that you have to say?”
“I deserve this.”
AHAHA! You guys are the Abbot and Costello of whiskey

Stephen Hill says:

Much too old to get a prize but SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED is Rumpole. Probably NOT the Penge bungalow murder. Get that reference?

Hayden Jones says:

Can i just say, thanks for ruining my week so far… i discovered your channel on monday morning thanks to the modern rogue, and since then have watched every single episode starting from the beginning, and am now at a loss waiting for the next video to come out, so thanks for killing close to 24 hours of my life, work loves me for it!!

also, would love to get your take on nikka from the barrel, and also a brief list (2-3) whiskys from each region one should have stocked in their bar.

thanks guys!

Manuel Bnda says:

Hello, a very particular bottle of Belgian whisky is newly available in my country, Sola Jerez of Stokerij de Molenberg distillery. But I can’t find any information about it. Is it any good? Cheers

Jesse Fleming says:

This is just such a damn good channel. Legitimately I go here to watch reviews before making any purchases of my own whiskey. Also maybe a good idea for the give away…give it to a subscriber who is about to turn 21 as a birthday gift.

Kate Van Name says:

She: A History of Adventure. More important, I liked Rex’s beard in earlier episodes.  This is, of course, a personal preference and there it is.   Also, I have explored many other whisky reviewers and, though I am slightly biased, I really believe your show is far superior and much more entertaining.  Also, the digital quality, setting, and editing are all excellent.  It makes a huge difference in the enjoyment factor.

Rod Rosburg says:

Snorting Whiskey and Drinking Cocaine

malicious_BEAST says:

As a whiskey lover I always look around wherever I may be to see what’s rare or unusual. Anyway, last week I’m in San Francisco helping a buddy move(From Phoenix, AZ) and after we got everything unloaded from the truck we dragged our tired bums over to some nearby bars. I plop my tired ass in the stool and order a beer and begin to scourge their inventory on the bar. The first thing that jumps out to me is Eagle Rare(which I’ve had plenty of times) and I point it out to my friend who is growing more interested in whiskey. Then low and behold out of the corner of my eye and at the top of the bar there was Pappy. Where I come from In AZ Pappy is pretty illusive and almost like a ghost because everyone talks about it, but it’s impossible to find. Anyhow, as a going away present I decided to purchase a shot of the Old RIP Van Winkle and the Pappy 12yr. That truly is one of my best whiskey stories and a great way to leave my best friend. Not to mention it was one of the best whiskeys I’ve ever had in my life. Sure, it costed a pretty penny, but damn it was well worth it.

Bar was called Brass Tacks by the way.

What are your thoughts on Pappy?

Saltire says:

Not watched in a few months as I’ve been cutting back on my whiskies (even a Scotsman needs to cut back now and again!), so catching up with your vids, and I see you’ve got another 8000 subs in that time! Well done fella’s keep up the great work!

Enjoying a Glencadam 10 as I write this. Dunno if you lads have had, but I’ve never had a whisky where I get French bread and creamy butter on the nose and to an extent, the taste – what a dram – I thoroughly recommend if you haven’t tried!

See you in your later vids! 😀

James Joyce says:

I think picking a random commenter would be the easiest way to give it away, as long as it’s this guy.

Shane Mendiola says:

I want!!!!!

ryan beauregard says:

first seen you guys on modern rouge just found out you guys have your own channel. Awesome

deamonsoul1 says:

I’d say that a random drawing of the commenters might be the fairest way to decide who gets it.

On another note what are you missing from the vault that isn’t thousands of dollars?

Rod Rosburg says:

Getting tobacco on the back end…are you hanging out with Bill Clinton?

wideone23 says:

Do they have like an adult Make-A-Wish program… some deserving person.

Raster says:

Here’s an idea for a contest… yes, this is five months too late to use… use it next time…

The winner of the contest is the viewer who can come up with the best Rex compliment that is actually true.

This will be very difficult. Someone will have to come up with something nice to say about Rex that isn’t pure flannel.


Daniel Hoper says:

How about you give it to your subcriber furtherest away from the vault? There is no skill in mooching from a local, try mooching across the globe.

Whisky aus der Sicht eines Amerikaners says:

Give it to the person who is the farthest away in distance and can quote “She who must be obeyed”

mickaus009 says:

I assume this bottle wont be sticking around long enough to be a problem, but I would just like to ask your oppinion on storing whisky long term given all the open bottles you have behind you.

How long is to long and are Nitrogen/Argon preserver products worth using?

SchruteFarms says:

Is there still time to mooch?

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