Whiskey Vault Ep: 115 Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon Review/Tasting

Today we do a review/tasting of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon whiskey from the Woodford Reserve Distillery.


Raster says:

Awesome video. Great fun…

Boot Lace Killer says:

Pretty good intro. I think I’d have gone with Devourer of Whiskies.

ChrisC says:

Daniel, you have Rumpole backwards. It was a TV series before it was a set of books. The books are based on the scripts, not the other way around. (Both written by the same person: John Mortimer, himself a practicing barrister.)

SteelWarrior115 says:

“Shut your filthy hole brushwood” I died

JBlinky67 says:

The one video I was excited to watch. Woodford Reserve. And what did I find? A bullsh!t 13+ minute video with about 45 seconds of relevant information. Later.

Vadim Perlovskiy says:

Aberlour has a 12 year that’s non-chill filtered and a regular 12 year

Scotch N Pipes says:

this is a video that needs to be watched after many drams of Whisky!!!!

John Doe says:

This is some Filthy Frank level lore.

Ben G says:

Have you guys done a video on Bulleit Bourbon? If not, it’d be cool if you did

Andrew says:

This is amazing…

LoneWanderer360 says:

Y’alls future is so bright you better wear shades.

Matt S says:

Love the bald guy but the other guy is so pompous. I don’t want to say all Scotch drinkers are pompous like him…but I haven’t met many that weren’t

Fidasaind says:

Ahh. The origin story. When will this make it to Netflix? The hero that nobody asked for. But he still shows up soon as someone pulls a cork.

Eder Novacki says:

holy crap. the beggining of this video.. The Rise of The Mooch.. man that’s freaking EPIC hahahahahha

BJ Patton says:

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that I enjoyed this video. You 2 are crazy.

Cody Meshigaud says:

My favorite !

Spott_the_engineer says:

It’s official, your theme song is now Hell Broke Luce by Tom Waits.

Thomas O'Neill says:

This is incredible

The GreyJedi2112 says:

lol cock holster. I’m dead

Tucker Richardson says:

I can’t decide if to much whisk(e)y or amazing acid trip

McSquizzee says:

Holy shit that intro was actually really good. Like that was funnier than most comedy channel skits.

Chace Hawkins says:

The fantastic, glorious, beautiful, delicious, unstoppable arrival of the Mooch Necklace

richard hakes says:

I cannot believe I missed this episode! That video is incredible!

Tyler Wright says:

This was one of the first whiskeys I started to be able to distinguish flavors in. I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for you to agree on the maple syrup taste. I love this whiskey, especially in the fall!

Saltire says:

Aye Rumpole Of The Bailey with Leo McKern; remember it well.

Rex’s ascension vid is the great thing I’ve ever seen!

James DaRe says:

Before finding your channel I would stick primarily to Irish and Bourbons however, all of your reviews of Scotch have let me to venture into that area. One bourbon that I’ve recently discovered was Eagle Rare 10 year. I can’t help but get the the smell and taste of grape jolly ranchers. Would like to hear your thoughts on this. Happy drinking!

ian3314 says:

What the hell did i just watch?

Ritesh Verma says:

you need to do 3-4 mins video series where you drink whiskey and draw the notes on the whiskey circle thingy then take out the one it is most similar to and see if you were able to guess it correctly .

John Pelfrey says:

You should look at clansman this super cheap whiskey is awesome for a $10 whiskey

Jan Olav says:

The power of the Mooch compels you, The power of the Mooch compels you.

GunnySGT1911 says:

The power of Mooch compels you.

Drew Mason says:


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