Whiskey Vault Ep 135: Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey Review and Tasting.

Today we do a review and tasting of Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey from Blanton’s Distilling Co in Frankfort Kentucky


TheNiteinjail says:

I’ve watched that video …. twice … it’s very calming to sit and drink with Daniel

Jason Pyle says:

I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me.

Cristian says:

Has anybody here tried any of the Kirkland whisk(e)y? and are they any good?

Cody Lawrence says:

Do an episode on Whitmeyers

iman1120 says:

I feel for you Rex, dad jokes like that would make anyone question if the whisky is really worth it. We all know of course it’s worth it, but we still have to question.

speed rakk says:

elmer t. lee worked his way up also. entire career at buffalo trace.

Andrew Cuff says:

I’ll have to add that joke to my repertoire.
Here’s one….
Why is there no aspirin in the jungle? Parrots eat em all.

UnboundOdysseus says:

How do you make holy water?
You boil the hell out of it!
*drum roll

Matt C says:

Wait? All it takes to get Rex to jet is a Dad joke? It’s like you’ve discovered his Kryptonite…

Cliff Lash says:

hey, guys,

Elmer T. Lee was the master distiller emeritus at George T. Stagg Distillery (now Buffalo Trace), After he rose to master distiller, and shortly before his retirement in the mid 80’s, he introduced Blanton’s as the first-ever single barrel bourbon in honor of his former boss and mentor. Elmer is a wonderful bourbon! McKenna 10-year, also a single barrel, is worth every penny of $30.


Jason Voorheese says:

Is this as sweet and thin as Eagle Rare? I had high hopes for that one… Also had the idea it was a “high rye bourbon”, for some reason. Might just check out EH Taylor, for ten dollars less, instead

deamonsoul1 says:

I just killed a bottle of Elmer T Lee watching the past weeks videos.

drroger98 says:

Definition of a dad joke: one that your child at 5 year old would have told you, at 10 year old would roll his eyes at you, and at 15 year old would disown you

Nirad1371 says:

Watching this while sipping on a glass of Glenfiddich 15 Solera Reserve, my first attempt at scotch. I blame the both of you. I’m digging it!

Dave Wilson says:

Great channel guys, only recently joined so I’ve got a lot of “watching up” to do. I’m a noob to the world of whisky and so I’m basically starting out my adventure based on other peoples advice. I’ve made a commitment to buy one bottle of highly recommended, “high end” whisky a month so that I can explore and learn. I do have one concern, and that is how long can you keep a bottle of whisky that’s been opened. I do store my whisky, all 6 bottles :-), in a cool dark environment. My apologies If you’ve addressed this topic before.
Keep the great chemistry, spirits and spirit of the show going. Cheers!

Peter Schumacher says:

I was talking to someone looking for budget smokey whiskies. The reason he wanted budget was because he lives in Jordan (like the country in the Middle East) and the import tax would take a $50 bottle to about $175.

WhiskyWhistle says:

Dying to try – one shop here has one but wants a fortune for it. Happy Canada Day! I added this to my Canada Day 2017 playlist.
WhiskyWhistle guy Mark

Burley Mullins says:

How to summon a mooch: loudly proclaim you will drink their whiskey.

Good to know.

Jon Hamre says:

Its funny Elmer T. Lee was chosen as the favorite, since it’s just 90pf Blanton’s essentially, $36msrp vs $64 respectively.

Michael Funk says:

Watching you guys is like reading a book about anti-gravity. You’re impossible to put down! -pats self on the back- Nailed it.

MaxAdamantium says:

after exposing myself (yeah…) to the world of whisky and having you two walk me through the scary realms it holds.. i just wanted to say thanks.
whilst its been a brief affair so far, i feel my new found love of this complex world if aged grain liquids will continue for quite some time to come.
There is a point here! i have a question.
it goes without saying, a glass of whisk(e)y left out will over oxidize and flavours will diminish.. but what about partly consumed bottles. youve no doubt touched on this before. but im curious. ive just finished a bottle of GlenDronach 12 as i wanted something friendly to get myself involved in this world, so over the last three weeks or so ive steadily nipped at this wonderful drop and enjoyed every moment.. however i noticed a distinct change in the way it tasted from the top to bottom of the bottle.

the beginning was like christmas. dried fruits and warming elements made it a super easy start.
the middle seemed to carry on with the festivities and it became a bit.. for lack of better word..”bigger” (?) it seemed fuller.. it demanded your attention.. and tonight. just as i finished it it had some darker notes of coffee and nuts.
it genuinly came across me as a full meal consisting of an appetizer, main and after dinner desert.

sorry.. rambling… the question it would see would be: do you notice a distinct difference between the start and end of a bottle. and when will we see another bottle finishing ceremony? haha

Lucas Resendez says:

Have you guys ever done a Glen Moray?

david jeffries says:

John wick fav whiskey

David Brazeau says:

Daniel & Rex: Thank you!
As a Canadian, Crown seems to be a rite of passage, and I hardly explored beyond that for a long LONG time. A friend had recommended I try Maker’s Mark, but I had no idea how to appreciate it.
I then stumbled upon your channel, thanks to the guys at Modern Rogue. Let’s just say it has been a great month-or-so! I’ve been learning to appreciate the various bottles that I’ve added to my “collection”. Yesterday, I made the big plunge into Scotch, by picking up a bottle of Bruichladdich Classic Laddie. It is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the insight and recommendations. I look forward to seeing more videos.

Halsten Rust says:

Sheep Dip was my first whisky. In Canada (Saskatchewan more specifically) cost $90 CAD with tax.

noneMan1 says:

Another great piece of whiskey journalism right there.
Was expecting Blantons to be better, think I’ll still get one bottle to try out. Didn’t know about Elmer T. Lee though, thanks for the tip.
Rex would have come back if you cracked open another bottle 😀

speed rakk says:

the stoppers are a horse and jockey in a gallop sequence.collect them and they all spell out blantons.

Donald Little Jr says:

I watched this one and I went and bought it may never open it but we will see

speed rakk says:

elmer t. lee is rarer here than blantons. in boston

Cameron Mount says:

Best intro yet!

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