Whiskey Vault Ep 139: Angel’s Envy Bourbon Review and Tasting with Blanton’s / Bulleit Rye Cameos

Today we do a review and tasting of Angel’s Envy Bourbon with Blanton’s / Bulleit Rye cameo plus we kill a bottle of Russell’s Reserve Rye 6.


malicious_BEAST says:

In terms of rye I have heard a lot of people recommend Whistle Pig. I have yet to come across it locally, but is it worth seeking it out?

P.s. this makes me thirsty for some Angels Envy and my pockets are burning.

RRafael Muniz says:

Have you guys ever gotten a bottle that was too good to be true. My buddy got a bottle of Red label that tasted better than the higher end bottles, not so much the blue. But better than the platinum.

Ferisalgue says:

Can you guys do Bookers and Basil Hayden? I’m mostly a scotch guy and find bourbon too sweet but I hear these are quite good. Or do you have a recommendation for mostly a scotch guy? My favorite region is Islay 😛

Jason Fisk says:

First: This is my new favourite channel… Love you guys.

Second: Hey, Rex, how’s it going, dude?

Third: Daniel, question. When I first bought a Lagavulin 16 I smelt heavy notes of iodine, this followed in the taste and well into the finish… Nearly kinda put me off, though you told me to hang in there. So I guess my question is, how come I don’t really detect Iodine anymore, and when I do it’s incredibly subtle, barely there. Why?

Forth: Happy Belated Forth of July #TheEnglishAreComing

Fifth: Whittington Hospital (Named after Dick) is my local A&E/NHS establishment.

Tony Seay says:

For your information, this is a 40 dollar bottle in Georgia. And worth every penny. As a newcomer to whiskey and bourbon, this is my favorite so far! Thanks guys!

Andrew Emery says:

Hey, Daniel and Rex. I am mostly a bourbon drinker but want to branch out and try more scotches. My brother let me try some of his Ardbeg Corryveckan and it was a little too advanced for me. I am sure you have answered this question a lot but where should I start? Also, I would love for you guys to drink more of the whiskeys for High West. I would recommend the campfire.

Terry Dolan says:

Dam, the dad joke nearly landed!

RRafael Muniz says:

Hey Daniel
A wise monkey lost his tail….. and he told you younger monkeys. “It won’t be long now”

Mark Arbo says:

Would love a dedicated video on Bulleit Rye. Keep up the exemplary work superfriends!

Louis Desroches says:

If you can find it, you should try Lot No. 40, a wonderful Canadian Rye whiskey. I have seen in at least in California, so I know it’s distributed in some US markets. Never tried Russell’s Reserve Rye 6, but am familiar with Bulleit Rye, and I think Lot No. 40 compares quite favourably.

William Wall says:

Great video, could u do the glenmorangie signet and the 18 plz

yusie12 says:

Thanks for reviewing my request guys! I should have specified that the one I mooched off my Grandfather was an Angel’s Envy Rye whiskey, so you might love that if you like the angels envy so much… Also, now that you have the Blantons single barrel, go to the nearest convenience store and buy a vanilla coke and mix the coke and blantons, its my favorite drink. Keep up the good work!

Adam Gangl says:

After rewatching this episode. How was Angel’s Envy Rye not tasted when looking for a rye Rex would like? I went to my local package store, and while talking to the guy there. He mentioned liking the rye better than the original Angel’s Envy. Unfortunately they were out of stock. You must taste this for me. So I know which I should spend my money on. Immediately! Or atleast before I make my next trip to the store.

Cory Vanderpoel says:

Wow. Thank you for the amazing review, I mean suggestion. Got myself a bottle and it’s GREAT!

UnboundOdysseus says:

So my dad joke officially put me on Rex’s sh*t-list? Does that mean you don’t want me submitting more of them? I’m a dad AND a high school teacher, I’m full of lame jokes.

Side note: have you guys ever done the Infinity Bottle/Solera Bottle thing? Thoughts or tips on starting one?

Kevin Vinh says:

Bought my first bottle of whiskey. Rex sold me on Monkey Shoulder. Damn thing was smooth!

Petta79 says:

Tried this for the first time tonight. Really surprising. Wife added a drop of water and it changed the smell and flavour amazingly.

Mitchell Gillett says:

“before it goes bad”

whiskey goes bad?

Anthony Grilliot says:

Nice Outro! LMAO

Abel Salazar says:

I don’t know it you can beat Angels Envy Rye but have you tried sazerac rye? I really love themm both.

trinityzaku says:

I just bought a bottle of this today because I went into the store and was between this and laphroaig 10 and this was cheaper. I don’t get blueberries but some dried fruit that is reminding me of being in WV. My best bourbon buy yet I think.

Ryan Taylor says:

“mmmm” Rex put that note in the book you’re working on! More important for whiskey tasting then anything I’ve read in There and Back Again…. Step up you game Daniel.

Erik Lewis says:

U guys have to try Breckinridge port from Colorado it’s so good also angels envy rye is horrible,,, luv the show!!

Holcombi says:

Angel’s Envy is a mere $45.99 for me in Ohio. If only I could find a Campbeltown scotch around me…

Kurtis Byers says:

I actually tried bulleit rye because of this episode. It’s my first rye but I’m loving this bottle. Thank you so much keep up the good work.

Shane Mendiola says:

Bought my friend a bottle for his birthday. Soooooo good. Ranked up there for my favorite bourbon.

RRafael Muniz says:

love this channel
keep it up Gents

Budget Shooter Project says:

i have one simple question: what would be the best budget whisk(e)y and what mid or top shelf would it be closest to?

charlie.g.hague says:

Oh, and can you add Sheildaig 18 to the list? Tried it recently and was really impressed. Quite a bang for the buck. Don’t think I’ve seen another 18yo single malt for that price.

Andrew Harrison says:

Best “Bottle Down ceremony” yet at the 9:22 mark

Leonardo Requejo says:

You’ve done it, I’ve been turned into an avid viewer and I’m plagued with whisk(e)y cravings every day. Thank you for that. A request: I’m all for Islay whisky (Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Laphroaig, Ardbeg my favs ever), and I get along really well with bourbon. But when it comes to Speyside and Highlands whisky I fell at a loss. Any tip on how to best enjoy it? (honestly, I often find them a bit boring). Oh! and keep the dad jokes coming, few things as entertaining as Rex’s facial expressions at them.

Nickaf26 FTW says:

Have you guys tried Hogs 3 bourbon, if not could you?

Brett Leader says:

I’m currently enjoying a bottle of Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban and am really enjoying the port finish. Do you know some other scotch’s that have the port finish?

Derek Lindemann says:

Howdy from Austin! I love the videos and format. I’ve “discovered” several good whiskeys watching y’all’s videos. I was curious if either of y’all had had a chance to try any of the Garrison Brother’s line of bourbon. It’s made not too far west of us in Hye TX. WOW! Most definitely one of the most interesting bourbons I’ve ever had. I’d be more than willing to bring a bottle down to share. Two satellites decided to get married. The wedding wasn’t much but the reception was incredible! Cheers!

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