whisky review 387 – Introducing bourbons & Jim Beam Straight

Introduction to America’s liquor called ‘bourbon’

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Frank Rubi says:

I wanna be like Ralfy when I grow up.

Brenden D says:

I love Jim beam

JackPackage says:

Evan Williams is my go to.

jordanaug81 says:

Not the best representation of bourbon but it is my go to and I’ve been drinking it for years.  Its cheap & versatile enough to drink neat, with ice or even blend with cola.

Paco Candano says:

Love Bourbon and standard Jim Beam is a very affordable satisfying drink and a nice introduction to Bourbon, love it!

pocopal says:

Good one…thanks for the great info….JIm Beam was disappointing to me but I’m glad i tried it .I’d call it ‘thin” Still,all part of learning and developing my “taste”…Thanks for your terrific videos.

muk as says:

Jim Beam is matured for 4 years. Also any straight whisky is required by US law to have an age statement if it was matured for less than 4 years, so any NAS straight whisky is at least 4 years old.

Source: http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=57b5394734f53825e7e126b2cf0883bb&mc=true&node=se27.1.5_140&rgn=div8

Shub-Niggurath says:

I’ve been following your reviews for a few weeks now, having just recently started my journey into the world of whisky. It’s interesting that it just occurred to me yesterday that I should get myself a small bottle of white label Jim Beam for the same reasons you mention, i.e. establishing that base line so you know how good the good stuff is when compared to the basic stuff, and then I find that you reviewed Jim Beam. I haven’t finished watching the video yet but I will in a minute, looking forward to your comments.
On that note, is there anything in the world of Scotch that you would consider something of an equivalent to Jim Beam, again with a view to establishing that base line (presumably that’d be a blend) ?

shuboy05 says:

I don’t know if its sold across the pond but Jim Beam does produce a very good 12 year old bourbon. The biggest problem I have with the bottling is that it’s only 43% which is a bit watery.

Ahmed Ibrahim says:

lime juice??

Marko Obradovic says:

what you think of jim beam black compared to this jim beam you review?

William Hesson says:

This is the first bourbon I ever drank – didn’t drink any more bourbon after that (I thought it was utter filth) for about 5 years. That’s longer than it took to make that bottle of Jim Beam!

Smoothsay2 says:

The jim beam standard label is bottled at 37% in Australia

TheYYellowmamba says:

Ah, well the thing that drew me to whisky when I tasted some of the stuff at the age of 12 at some distillery tour in scotland was the fact that it reminded me of haagen dasz rum and raisin ice cream. Now that I’m trying to get more acquainted with the spirit, perhaps bourbon, being sweeter, would be a good starting point.

Ronald Theriot says:

To me, it’s is both odd and interesting (first time trying it, today).

Eli Kaser says:

Definitely giving you a subscription. I am on my way to collecting all of the Jim Beam bottles, 1 full and 1 empty for each one. I was going to do the Jack bottles but there are so damn many of them that you have to register for. Awesome video!  

SuperSniffer85 says:

What’s written between Oregon and Washington?

2000toddowen says:

Glad you liked the Jim Beam original, Ralfy.

I don’t know what the cost is in the UK. But it’s quite the bargain here in the USA. Perhaps the best bang of the buck.

roope rontu says:

Good one. I only smelled/tasted milk chocolate, corn, vanilla, fudge, candy (possibly butterscotch) and wild cherries.

Cole Purdy says:

8 years. It says that in the ribbon on the front.

kdo baggings says:

Mr Ralfy..Just to add some clarity to your “no age statement on the bottle”..If you check the side label you will see an age statement of 4 years..Aside from that misdemeanor,Love the work you do and i am a regular viewer of your reviews..Keep up the good work.

Go Habs says:

All I taste is PEANUTS!

Joel Weidenfeld says:

Detergent in a psychopathic corporate product will usually mean a remnant of their industrial production cleaning protocols in their mass production ass that shits out their product, possibly the solvent too, and shut up about their consistency and value and whatever the fuck else you dribble from your weesel looking for a buck MOUTH , it’s garbage that can be delivered better as it was, as it was before the psychopathic criminal cabal took it over

folkmarcmetal says:

Why is that 51% corn requirement anyway?

amaroudis says:

I live in KY!  In the heart of BOURBON country!

Cartoon Face says:

Authenticate your bottles of benromachs because they send you a gift after you have authenticated a few http://www.benromach.com/friends

Three Legs says:

I still can’t drink Jim beam Straight after a bad night in college;

Philip Floyd says:

The Master blenders at Beam are still directly descended from the people on the side of the Bottle, no matter who owns the company. Anyone starting to explore Bourbon should definitely start with Beam white label as it is the absolute standard for Bourbon. Generic and widely available yes but it is nevertheless the benchmark by which you judge all other standard, non high-rye or wheated bourbons.

Fhyuka Youa says:

As an American I can say we suck at making whiskey, beer, and wine. Bourbon tastes like what I imagine airplane glue would. The beer is essentially carbonated beer flavored water, and the wine. Well Kevin O’Leary did a good job of putting the Copa Di Vino guy in his place for his toilet wine by the glass company. Micro brews are about the only thing worth trying in the States.

midDayopiate says:

Jim beam and ginger ale is the best thing you can have. Enjoying a glass, or ten, right this minute!

Joseph Fitzpatrick says:

The only good this stuff can be used for is mixing drinks or getting wasted cheap.

Tee H says:

American whiskey is simply better. Aged longer, clean new oak barrels, unblended and no E150. Above all, it’s cheaper.

Kai-Hendrik Dammann says:

This is your first video I watched and I have to admit that after only a few seconds I caught myself subscribing to your channel. It must be really nice to spend a cosy evening with you tasting whisky and just talking about god and the world. Keep up the great work 🙂

Anthony Seneck says:

The white label and green label are my coke whiskeys the others types are more sippers for me

splattenburgers says:

81/100 for Jim beam white? Can’t say I agree with you there. I tasted it some time ago and it tasted so utterly bland. I still finished the bottle because I had paid for it so I could as well, but it’s not something I think I will ever be buying again. I am however soon going to try out the black label version.

Not Legato says:

just got a 1L bottle of this as a gift. it was 14€ in turkey- is 41€ here in finland. ouch. guess i’ll try to see if i can get into this thing. sloooowly.

Kelly14UK says:

Yeah, uploader, it’s a bit sweet on the high floral end.

J Ribs says:

American whiskeys come off trashy here in the states, but I love the novelty of bourbons. They’re sweet and taste full.

velcro13 says:

wood sap???lol

Anssi Koskinen says:

I’m a Scotch whiskey drinker myself, but curious about bourbons too. Jim Beam is fine in it’s own way. I like the cornflakey sweet flavours, the price is right and there’s room in my whiskey cupboard for an affordable and ok tasting simple whiskey. But I’m curious to know if it’s wise to pay more money for a bourbon than what you pay for a Jim Beam. I did buy a bottle of Woodford Reserve a year ago. Sure it was a better whiskey than Jim Beam. It was cleaner in taste. Slightly more interesting too, but still it was not complex or interesting in a way Scottish single malts tend to be. I wonder if it pays off to pay more for a bourbon. Can you really get a bigger bourbon for a bigger investment? Is that even what bourbon is about?

Dankzzz says:

It have age statement before it was 5 now it is 4 years, they are laws for age statements in Bourbon Straight.
The age statement on Jim Beam is found on the Side of the Whisky under the name in red small letters on all bottles.

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