whisky review 393 – Pappy Van Winkle 20yo Bourbon

simply a classic American liquor !

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Heath Albritton says:

Last time I was able to find a bottle of this was 2006.

Morris Nell says:

Wow 93% for Ralfy must be good. 

Imthecoach1 says:

Colonel EH Taylor. Thats my favorite bourbon.

Mike D says:

The UK has had so much influence on American whiskey industry in the last 20 years

mpharr2 says:

Pappy Van Winkle stolen in apparent inside job

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 20-Year STOLEN

Sheriff: Pappy Van Winkle bourbon heist investigation won’t ‘leave any stone unturned’

Roughly 65 cases of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon were stolen in what looks to be an inside job from a secure area at Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Frankfort facility, .

TJCII 135 says:

I wonder what the difference is between the 20 and the 23 versions of Pappy. As not an entirely experienced drinker they taste very similar to me.

OC Whiskey says:

Thank you for the review Ralfy. I appreciate them.

Chairman Meow says:

one of the few super-hyped whiskies Ive tried that came close to living up to its hype

The Wonderland Show says:

When I drank this bottle 7-8 years ago, I was surprised by the strong and delicious custard notes which , at the time, felt characterized this whiskey. I am surprised no mention was made of the custard or creamy characteristics which really separates this whiskey from other whiskeys I have tried.

TJazz MCNeil says:

Wow, that is a seriously expensive bottle of whisky. lol

Ryan B. says:

Alot of Pappy was stolen from the distillery back a few months ago. 

DevonReviewer says:

Look to be £1400 nowadays!

Steven Vincent says:

I’m new here. What is a “malt mention” ?

goat 68 says:

pvw ..overrated overpriced overhyped!

Fat Bastard Feedback says:

Even Pappy 20 these years is starting to thin out, apparently Pappy 23 is still pure Stitzel-Weller Juice, so the stock is starting to thin out.  Bourbon makers also have to char their oak barrels in order to be classified as bourbon, and they cannot be reused…they actually go over seas to a lot of Scottish distillers.  The extreme heat really lets the spirit get into the barrel and the winters help pull it back out and get that flavor.  I’ve also noticed they sit higher up in Rick houses than at Scottish or Irish distilleries.

Broc Stefan says:

These old whiskeys are so expensive…I just don’t understand what’s so good about wood raisin, leather soap, and shoe polish…

mUnky889 says:

Cheers I’ll look into them! I’m happy to look into recommendations from anyone with experience.

Freddie Slaughter says:

I wish American whisky & bourbon could make a bourbon like this one, very good review, but I will never be able to buy a bottle.

KingSlayer says:

Hey ralfy did you really spend $1500 for this bourbon?

Rich206L says:

Ralfy, I found your site quite by accident when my son told me they weren’t making Green label anymore! The best JW ever! Anyway, I have watched about a half dozen of your videos and I must say that Cmdr. Scott would be proud of you! All kidding aside, you know your stuff and I can see I will become a regular viewer. Good health, long life and happiness!
Cheers from NY, USA,

S.W. Lahr says:

thanks fur da review ralfy yur quite insightful! luv  yer vids!

Jason Voorheese says:

If you were to believe the elitists, it would score at 200/100, at the least!

B Rogo says:

I know you’re not asking anyone but Ralphy, but check out:
-Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (’97 was delightful, but hear the newer releases are good as well)
-Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel 10yo
-WL Weller (made by Buffallo Trace – check out BT website for more)
-Corsair Small Batch Triple Smoke (best of 2012 Whiskey Advocate)

dhsilv2 says:

Good lord, what’s a 100 given the singing great review here?  For what it’s worth I’m maybe a bigger fan of their 12 even though it’s not better, it’s just different and great. 

DannoCrutch says:

This is one that has eluded me. I hate spending the price tag on something I”ve never tried, but it might be worth it now. I am a cigar smoker, and it is said that it compliments them quite nicely.

James Winslow says:

Very good, you are perfect for this kind of thing Ralfy, informative and entertaining. :^)

Johnathon Stribling says:

Rabbit Hole bourbon out of Louisville, KY. I think it’s worth your time good sir.

Paul Fuente says:

You are the man!

chris bruchet says:

I am watching this review as I want to wait to open the bottle of this I have in the bar. Humble brag I know, but so glad I sat on it…. The eagle rare 17yo my wife used for BBQ sauce, however, hurt….

Bryan Usrey says:

Certainly not a common man whisky at its price point and availability, but it is incredible. William Larue Weller and George T Stagg are two others that are sensational but priced at a very high level. 

Zach Smith says:

I can see where i live on that map. Alabama. Nice review

josephralls says:

Ralfy please do another burbon series!

WhiskyRick says:

It makes me so happy to know you acquired this at a reasonable price, and drank it. Whisky should be enjoyed, not hoarded for profit. Great review.

HachiZenki says:

Currently $65 UDS for 2 oz.

Ryan Bishop says:

That’s about a $100 USD pour right there.


Excellent review, very thorough on the notes and overall experience.

Dakota Digger says:

Well, we had a bottle of 20 year a few years in the past; we found it to be just OK nothing to write home about, the collect-ability is from year to year because next year they send out another batch of the same bourbon, van winkle is not a true collectable historical bourbon not worth more then the suggested retail price, if your paying more then $135.00 for the 23 year your paying too much. There are far better bourbons to be had for a better price. To be honest I will never waist time locating any year of van winkle, I would instead get a nice bottle of age old Rum or some fine aged Scotch and Im not a Scotch whisky drinker. Just my opinion, for drinking the 23 is a bit better then the 20 as is the 15, not sure why But we enjoyed the 15 and 23 better then the 20.     

TheJusnic82 says:

Although im not a big bourbon drinker, or rum as I just find them too sweet (most of them) I do love the names of bourbons.  Pappy Van Winkle?  That’s just spectacular….Unfortunately here in Canada bourbon is about as popular as cricket.   Only bourbons we really get are the mass produced garbage.

Ale Ben says:

Actually, American white oak is not the requirement for Bourbon. It DOES have to be new charred oak barrels but they can be French oak barrels if the distiller wants to.

The Hipsters_95 says:

Hey Ralfy do you think this bourbon is worth $210 USD nowadays? Have you had a chance to try the new releases of Pappy?

Mark C says:

If you didn’t drink that it would be worth over $2000 now

Ryan Walter says:

One  of the best reviews on PVW I have seen. I absolutely love this Bourbon, here in the States finding a bottle is next to impossible so when I did I was going to  make sure it was enjoyed and didn’t just sit in the cabinet. And boy what a joy it is to drink. 

richie anderson says:

what is the best bourbon to buy that is actually available and not 1500$?

Alan Brooks says:

Ralfy would Pappy be the best bourbon you’ve tasted? If you find a bottle, try Colonel EH Taylor. Currently it’s my favorite in my price-range.

rogerwilco59 says:

I like it when /ralfy is a lil bit pissed (drunk) haha makes the review for me then!

deloreanfan81 says:

the ‘internship’ brought me here

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