whisky review 481a – Bulleit 10yo Bourbon @ 45.6%vol

dry, flavoursome, demanding and quality bourbon well worth investigating.

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sigmundfloyder says:

dear God man… get to the point!!!!

Bob Bob says:

Please do a review on Templeton Rye. By far my favorite Rye out there.

Joel Barnes says:

Hey Ralfly, I received another malty gift – BenRiach 15 yr Dark Rum Wood Finish. I’ve already got my malt mark down and I was wondering if you had given this a taste yet. Cheers!

Wheels says:

Jim Beam is utter crap. Wild Turkey 101 is my go to bourbon

xxmightyonexx says:

ita about Jack & Jim. thanks for saying it

NilFunks says:

Bulleit Rye does come from MGP, like most common Rye Whiskey.

Ian Tomlin says:

Drinking an old fashioned cocktail made with bulleit rye, good stuff.

shredmasteryoshi says:

Taylor from Salt Lake saying hello.

Patrick Smith says:

Hey Ralfy, just stumbled across your channel and have been enjoying your reviews! Gotta say I’m impressed with your knowledge of US geography and history; you seem to know more than many Americans! Probably not saying much, though, haha. Greetings from the USA!

robthedrummer says:

Been out there to wendover, on the salt flats in the middle of the night, full moon. Beautiful sight reflecting off the white salt. Good review my brother!

Chip Reid says:

97 / 100…style points. Always entertaining!

DerWhiskyClub says:

Hi Ralfy! Great review as always.
You know that Anthony Hopkins movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”, that’s taking place in Bonneville? Sure you do. Highly enjoyable movie isn’t it?
Best wishes from Germany, Thomas

Cadfael says:

Any chance of getting a Four Roses yellow label review? For my money it’s one of the best cheap bourbons in wide circulation and I’d be interested to see your thoughts on it.

Covencraft says:

How are people smelling like 20 different smells? do you have a specific diet, or are you vegan? I can never smell the smells yall smell.

alan smithee says:

And yeah, great liquor stores in & around Vegas. For best prices, check the liquor & wine aisle in the grocery stores. Shockingly low prices compared to what we have here, in Pennsylvania.

Mr Blootered says:

Hi Ralfy, A little while ago I saw you with a ‘whisky glass lanyard’. I can’t find which review that was now, but wondered if you could point me in the right direction to acquire one of these? Thanks muchly.

John Hunt says:

I very seriously doubt that there are any Jack or Jim drinkers in the U.S. who don’t mix it with soda pop or just do quick shots. There is a severe lack of sophistication among the  average bourbon purchasers in the United States, and that is reflected in what you saw in the liquor stores in Las Vegas. Most liquor drinkers in this country drink to get buzzed, and don’t care much for the finer points of whatever spirit they are consuming. Sad, I know, but that’s just the way it is. It’s a little different where I live in Louisville, where bourbon is a big part of the culture and is appreciated as an experience much more than other parts of the country.

PeatSmokey says:

Almost forgot…don’t forget the “in my opinion” caveat when assigning advice or critisism to American Spirits as you so aptly do when lodging complaints with the SWA and Diageos etc.
In effect you may risk alienating the very folks that you are trying to advise. Ralfy speaks for Ralfy be it in Islay or Lynchburg!!

luke grantham says:

Four Roses is my brand. Particularly, the single barrel. Fantastic.

Radio Laboratory says:

@13:05 Ralfy efectivly calln 4a we 3mo. boycot of Beam n Daniels produx. Yay!
Thtz n ez task aint it m8z.!!
Now if only Ralfy wud join n w/us 4a we boycott agenst th utter saturation of NAS Scotch produx!. I thnk 1’s jus as importnt as th othr! …deal??

John Thomann says:

“evolves quite successfully in the glass” love you man!

Adam Bybee says:

People who watch your videos probably aren’t the people who keep Jack Daniels and Jim Beam all over the shelves.  As you often say, many spirits are popular due to their enormous marketing budgets and their ability to get one drunk, not necessarily because the discerning customer chooses it.

BigWhisky27 says:

Hi Rally. Enjoying the American reviews. Just got back from a whisky festival and merican whiskies were surprising the stars of the show. Dry fly and michters were the favorites. I

Jacqueline Díaz says:

Tasting in 2016. Certainly complex through the astringency. Limestone water from Kentucky is a treat to add 🙂


right smack dab in the middle of the country (missouri)… never bought Jack Daniels, or Jim Beam. Buffalo Trace neat is my go to.

alan smithee says:

Happy to see you mention Death Valley & etc area outside of Vegas. It is truly, gods country, there. I have had bona fide spiritual experiences in the desert in that area

Johnny Utah says:

This is better than all the Jim bean’s you tried? I highly doubt that this would beat a booker’s.

Ezra Tirado says:

hey Ralfy, love your reviews! I was wondering what you know about commonwealth of Kentucky bourbon, J.P.  Van Winkle & Sons. I just got a bottle marked 7 year old from 1982. I opened it up the other night. Seal was still good. I just started trying bourbons and whiskies. This one is way too advanced for me. All I know is that its great. My question is how long do you suppose it’ll last? I mean its made its made it 39 years.

Xmetalearth says:

The government thinks we’re so stupid when they talk about global warming and other stuff, don’t know if you’ve heard of Alex Jones from infowars.com, but he covers a lot of political issues and world issues, he’s a so called “conspiracy theorist” but if you ask me, he’s pretty well informed. Also, I have a question for you, what do you think of the honey whiskey trend that’s going on lately? I’m a fan of mead and I think honey whiskey is a blessing from the gods. I’ve had 2 kinds so far, Dewars highlander honey scotch whiskey and Jack Daniels Tennessee honey whiskey. Would like to hear your opinion or maybe even see a review maybe??

David Paris says:

Ralfy, Bulleit bourbon is distilled by Four Roses.

Joe Schmoe says:


This is not particularly good whiskey IMO but has purported to be made in Iowa from a prohibition era recipe making outrageous claims that it was Al Capone’s favorite whiskey etc. It’s actually distilled in Indiana along with many others and a different label slapped on it to make it seem unique. Thanks to public backlash they claim they are now going to be more forthright in labeling to avoid misleading the public. Strike a blow for public pressure.

Ronin Texas says:

Hey Ralfy did you allready mencion, Malty Millionaries?

willard brickey says:

This American loves your videos. I watched this one while drinking a double of the whisky in question. Your review is eloquent and accurate. But I draw the line at adding water.

Mclean Gordon says:

Ever tried the Henry McKenna 10 year old bottled in bond bourbon? Truly excellent. No scotch should try to imitate bourbon flavor. This champion is available for under $30 and is very complex, but balanced and subtle from the age. Apparently the only extra-aged, bottled-in-bond bourbon on market.

sleazypig says:

That’s easy here in Ohio the good stuff is fairly readily available. Elijah Craig12 is challenging as it sells out fast but premium bourbon is easy to get here. You must have hit some awful liquor stores.

Ana Quintero says:

My first impression with Bulleit was that of a big mistake, but later on, after a few days of tasting, with that dry flavor and aromas, got the same conclussion: is better than Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. Many companies buy old tradition brands and start to produce tons of cheaper and younger destilates all over the world, the same happened here in Mexico with Cuervo Tequila, Don Julio, and Sauza.

matt steacy says:

Anyone else see the cyber man?

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