whisky review 592 – F.E.W. Bourbon & Rock Town 4-grain Sour Mash

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Alex Hargis says:

Great Arkansas pronunciation, Ralfy!

Owen Davies says:

like this review – I have the few and I think its a very tasty Bourbon with a long after finish

Sehraj Singh Virk says:

hello ralfy
Suggest the best
elijah craig12 or four roses SMALL BATCH or evan williams bottled in bond? ( IF IV ONLY 1 SLOT IN MY FRIEND S LUGGAGE FROM UK TO INDIA)(n iv only tried woodford reserve and Jack Daniels range)

eric gilbert says:

There is a Heaven Hill line of so named Bourbons. The 6 years Bottled in Bond version is excellent.

Cornbeee says:

Synthetic corks are superior to natural corks, they last far longer, they do not taint the whisk(e)y, and they form a more consistent and reliable seal. Sure, you don’t get the fantastic cork “pop!”, but what a small price to pay.

Perhaps you should take a look at the requirements for the manufacture of scotch before taking a jab at the regulations surrounding bourbon. A little research goes a long way. The paranoid suspicions of these (and other) bourbon/rye labels and the regulations applied to the base spirit creation is small-minded and silly.

John Henfrey says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy. A lot of things to digest there and to take in, long out day today so bed time for me.

Jeremy Dore says:

Thank goodness you aren’t making the laws.

John Hunt says:

Not sure if you’ve seen this piece on Bourbon marketing flim-flammery…

Trenny and C says:

You taking a lot of flack for your comment about reducing the 51% corn requirement Ralfy?

zippaway says:

Good luck and have fun in Bonneville, sir.

Joe G says:

Having taken the FEW distillery tour I can confirm that they are distilling/barrelling/bottling on site in Evanston (a suburb of Chicago, FEW is just a few blocks from its northern border). I even sampled the white dog (raw spirit) as they had a run going that day. Good stuff.

Anthony Gutierrez says:

Hey Ralfy, I was just curious if you’ve heard of or tried Breckinridge Bourbon? I heard that it scored 1 point higher than Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge in 2012 and I’m thinking about buying a bottle but I’m trying to get a second opinion.

Steven Calwas says:

Hearing that FEW was located in Evanston, IL, I became a little suspicious about whether their spirit had actually be distilled there. Evanston is a densely populated suburb of Chicago and home of Northwestern University, a large Big 10 college. It seemed unlikely to me that a distillery would be located there. However, it turns out that FEW is indeed a small, but real distillery in Evanston and it even offers distillery tours. While it’s still possible that their bourbon is actually distilled elsewhere, I suspect the use of the label’s “distilled by FEW” is more likely due to an imprecise use of language.

Ex0rz says:

You reviewed the Teerenpeli 8 yrs old. They now have a 10 years old. Would love you to review it! Its super expensive tho… around 80euros here in Finland…

theskilled99 says:

Pretty sure Few distil their own stuff. Spoke to their folks at a tasting last weekend. Unless they lied to my face…

TheJohn8765 says:

Lol. Ol’ ‘Stuck in the Mud’ Ralfy… I doon’t like plastic corks 😉

Plastic corks have worked out really well in the wine industry. I bet you’ll scream to high heaven when they start using twist caps 🙂

That said, I also like natural corks and pretty glass bottles, but you have to move with the times, eh?

Mike Rowsdower says:

FEW sounds like a go, but the other…I think I’ll pass. Cheers!

gretchman says:

I’d love to see a “re”review of Elijah Craig now that it’s gone from 12 year to No Age Statement.

Steve says:

Whats your favorite bourbon so far Ralfy?

joeneary1 says:

here is another view on the FEW, Great review Ralfy! http://thewhiskeyjug.com/bourbon-whiskey/bourbon-whiskey-review/

TJCII 135 says:

Might want to mention if Bourbon doesn’t have an age statement it is at least 4 years old by law.

Francis Ducharme says:

Sorry American newcomers, 80-90$ CDN for a bourbon is just too much. For me, this is a scotch whisky price bracket.

eric gilbert says:

I have a bottle of Eagle Rare I need to decant because of the cork. Sad to say the least.

quidocetbenediscit says:

You ought to know how they bottle Rock Town bourbon whiskey. It’s amazing. They get volunteers from an email list, buy them pizza, and give them free cocktails and half off any bottle of whiskey. It’s quite an interesting business model.

Fastrobo says:

Have you tried Michters Sour Mash Ralfy? V good imo

keyfinder257 says:

Great review! Quick question, Ralfy: Are you related to the (J&A) Mitchell folk? Are you related to the Michell family that is associated with Springbank Distillery?

urbex2007 says:

You added tap water? With chlorine and fluoride? You need to be crucified on a You Tube Live Feed channel.

123Zero says:

~24:00- its part of the charm of American whisky. By being uncertain about the labels dubious authenticity you’re getting the authentic experience just like we are over here in the States. No one knows where the stuff comes from- it adds to the mystery.

urbex2007 says:

If only you really knew what went on in the drinks industry. All flavouring is achieved by “flavour packs”. In wine it is done by using a base spirit and then adding flavourings to it, often soaked in to wood shavings. Filtered out later. That’s why you ALWAYS get the exact same taste no matter if grapes are good or bad from year to year. Earlier wines fetch a lot more money as they were not produced by this new chemical method. Spirits are the same. Distilleries will do it on a mass scale and sometimes farm out production, then add a distinctive flavouring. Most are completely fooled…
It’s chemicals you are drinking, to enhance natural flavourings. The only difference is that it takes days to produce a full flavoured or aged product compared to how it was years ago.
It’s a massive scam. Even soft drinks are made this way. Fruit juices with flavourings.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Watch this: The Bourbon You Are Drinking Might Not Be What You Think

Whiskey Maker says:

You do realize “distilled and bottled by” means they make it, right? It’s a bit harsh to question FEW’s integrity for a preposition. If they only bottled, it wouldn’t say “distilled by”.

JSnoop31 says:

I’m with you on the plastic corks Ralfy! Can’t stand them. There’s something special about the squeak of a real cork. However, I’m also ok with screw tops. Plastic corks are pointless though, the worst of both worlds.

Also, you’re spot on about the lack of transparency in the bourbon world. I love bourbon, but that’s a huge problem in the industry that should be corrected.

thebluep0tat0 says:

Been drinking bourbon/scotch/whisky for a long time and not a fan of the FEW. Tried and tried, just tastes weird.

Matthew Nichols says:

Malt Minutemen
Malt Mountaineers
Malt Mashers
Malt Marketeers
Malt ‘Mericans
Malt Minarchists
Any of these used yet? Good for ‘Merican reviews

frankricci88 says:

Malt Mention: “Malty Mamalukes!”

Kel G says:

Hi Ralfy! Good luck with your Bonneville adventure.
I just wanted to thank you for your ability to bring your appreciation for spirits into my home. You have elevated my appreciation for single malts and blended scotch and for that matter bourbons to an unexpected level. Your ability to define a moment and break it down to components(flavors) has translated into me trying to appreciate all moments of my life and experience to a more basic level, and understanding them into their more individual components of my experience.

KingSlayer says:

Hey Ralfy any new Bourbon reviews coming anytime soon?

Joshua Fairchild says:

Great reviews, as always! Just a quick note though – according to US law, if a spirit says “Distilled and bottled by…” that means it was, in fact, distilled at the distillery mentioned on the label. Not saying the wording is clear, but it’s not FEW trying to be sneaky. (There’s enough sneakiness out there in the US whisk(e)y industry! Look out for labels that just say “produced by” – that barely means anything at all!)

Steven Kelly says:

I love your blogs but hate spirits , say hello to Clive when you see him, I like his blog too and found out he’s from East kilbride like myself..

Whisky Daddy says:

oh nevermind I saw somebody has pointed that out sorry for beating the dead horse keep up the good work

Jason Lamsong.d says:

If you can scource it I highly recommend Woodenville Rye and Burbon. they are a Washington state craft distillery that uses quarter casks to get a more finished product out. My favorite American Whiskey.

Ryan Tackett says:

Hi Ralphy! I’ve loved the videos and have learned so much in the few short months that I’ve been watching.

I’m wondering if you would consider doing a short series on recommended whiskies for the various seasons (or types of weather depending on where we are in the world.) It would be so helpful to have some tips on what to look for when buying a “winter warmer” vs. a “summer refresher,” and few options in between. Any thoughts for us?

GEvape says:

The label says bottled by instead of bottled at because the warehouse where the whiskeys are bottled is a few miles away from the distillery itself.
The FEW distillery is tiny. maybe 3000 sqf. They don’t have any room there for the barrels.

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