Woodford Reserve Bourbon Review

Woodford Reserver Bourbon Review by Jason Pyle of http://sourmashmanifesto.com


TheRmill3r says:

You obviously don’t drink a lot of whiskey.

diamonddog257 says:

Canadian Corner;…I was chef and maker of scratch batches of great Bock, Stout etc.
…I don’t even drink…but THEN I found your fine American Bourbons, only recently available here….Bulliet Frontier should be in every house: snake-bite, gunshot, bad
water, hyper-actve females, tooth-aches…whatta great product; also have WR..WOW
..magic in coffee, and incredible quality…kindly ship everything left from your Fine Site
up here….and keep up the good work.

Christopher King says:

My first bourbon! bought it recently and it is delicious! I love the smoothness opposed to my Islay whiskies and the charred oak flavours. Will buy this again. Good review too.

jamesnm21 says:

Like the COLOR of a beer or whisky makes one iota of difference in the taste or enjoyment of it. In the case of whisky, at least, they add caramel coloring to make it more appealing, so color means absolutely nothing.

erikelvis1 says:

Just picked this up.  Wasn’t impressed.   Kinda harsh.   Hate to be a Dickel fanboy but I frequently try other whiskeys but always go right back to Dickel No. 12

Johnnie Neat says:

Perfect review man..couldn’t have said it better..all notes spot on

mjm0077 says:

Jason, really enjoying your videos brother, very knowledgeable & well spoken which is much appreciated. Forgive me if you’ve already answered this question (I just stumbled across your Makers Vs. RB video & I’m starting to watch others now). Ive loved whiskey for about 10 years & have always purchased Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve, or The Macallan (I like sweeter scotch / bourbon) – I’m wondering if you can recommend something I might like better? Also, what are YOUR top 3 at the moment? -Matt

TheBurke48186 says:

No! Yours was the first. It is however, away to justify your drinking problem.

Stephen Jacoby says:

I’m at the store and I’m going to bye popcorn, green apples, some coffee and butter scotch. Little cheaper than wood Reserve. Thanks for the review

lcprove c says:

initially i thought this bourbon was way overrated, but after coming back to it i see where people are coming from, today i’d give it a 9.1, i initially didn’t dig just how smooth it is, but have since appreciated how good a bourbon this is while being so smooth and not at 80 proof.

Patrick Hilltopper says:

I really enjoy woodford reserve. But this is one of the strangest reviews I’ve ever seen. Any good KY bourbon (which is the best) has distinct flavors and tastes that belong to the eyes of the beholder. Meaning it’s somewhat different for everyone. But popcorn?? Wtf. I agree with toffee flavors, I get strong notes of oak but what th hell is he talking about popcorn notes. What spirit in the world makes you think popcorn?!

pdmmdk says:

Is it natural coloured? Non-chill filtered?

falcon048 says:

My understanding that the yeast really provides those fruity/floral/spicy flavors. With Woodford, there is something in their copper stills that impart some type of unique flavor.

alan wilson says:

Anyone know why Jason stopped making videos?

Patrick Kavanagh says:

Family Guy anyone?

MrMemyselfandi415 says:

Man…I love your reviews but this one gave me real pause. I drank some of this stuff and it was horrible. Like drinking a bathtub full of water…varnish…raw waterlogged wood that someone accidentally dropped a pepper mill in by accident while in there washing their balls. Yeah that’s about it…then straight to bottling. I never picked up the sweet stuff you were getting at all. But I do agree with you that it has no body at all. Very thin. I recently went on a search to experience all of the best brands of bourbon and whiskey and this was seriously the worst of all the bourbons I tried and not nearly worth the cash. But to each his/her own. Some say it’s really meant for mixing and I would agree probably. Anything to cover up that nasty middle taste. LOL. But I’m a straight bourbon sipper who likes a slight amount of distilled water, or an ice cube or two to open things up, so I like barrel proof stuff….E.H. Taylor…Elijah Craig barrel proof isn’t bad…and of course I like the single barrel select from Jack Daniels. I’ve been meaning to try the Sinatra select.Let me know if you have and what you think. I dunno…maybe I’m just to set in my ways. But if this is someones fav bourbon….very cool..they can leave the rest for me. Regards.

moy71 says:

@AUSSIE1PRIDE $59.95 at dan murphys!

Malti Malt says:

Bravo….he taste with a real european nosing glas!!
The most americans take a fucking tumbler!!

Mario Diaz says:

Great work… This one quickly became my favorite, beating out the old Maker’s. Have to give Maker’s 46 a shot though too. Keep it up!

Jason Pyle says:

@OmahaJoe12 Are you referring to the alcohol on the nose within the cocktail of when sipping neat? Use a couple splashes of water to tame the heat if you are drinking neat. It will calm some of those vapors and make it easier to sip and nose. If in the cocktail, stir the cocktail in the ice for a little to ensure proper dilution.

GakuIchikawa1 says:

Various simple organic molecules (mostly esters) are responsible for the flavors of fruits etc. As the water and alcohol interact with the charred wood many such molecules are likely to form.

David Velez says:

this shot gets u tucked up fast

GunCollector007 says:

good review

DuJuan Broadus says:

My favorite bourbon by far. Have you had a chance to sample the double oaked Woodford yet? It’s extremely smooth and even more complex.

dontusehername says:

2:16 Why is he eating and chewing the whisky? who chews liquid lol

paudiemaguire1 says:

how much is this in the US? i paid 43 euro for a bottle of this. Not impressed! il stick to makers in the future

Serbian Space Marines says:

Very decent high-end.

Brad's Beer Reviews says:

I haven’t had this in years and I’ve been craving it hardcore.

peanutaxis says:

yeah that ‘green apple’ is really alcohol burn.

dontusehername says:

Charlie Sheen got HIV from drinking woodford reserve

BJ Duncan says:

Medley bros is another good one

centervilletn says:

I only drink whiskey straight …I cant tell you what its like to mix but I can tell you this…it is nice …sweet with a caramel butterscotch aftertaste. its not over powering…if I were to compare it to another whiskey id compare it to Blantons…..but not hardly as smooth or sultry.

Yourself says:

wow, wish this was still only 30 dollars 🙂

growlinton says:

My Goodness,
love your review.

George Catman says:

Backed up with popcorn. What does that mean?

Danny wayne says:

its great one of the best

lepidolite2009 says:

I think you should get some YouTube money for these reviews. Very informative

Ed Stallion says:

Alcohol ..Alcohol …Alcohol ..Alcohol.. Alcohol is the EVIL that CAUSES hundred of thousands of DEATHS that makes your sept 11 a walk in the park. Wake up and stop the freaking addiction, STOP the addiction… Addiction….

TheBurke48186 says:

How funny is this…how did he get this gig….now I’ve seen everything on you tube…just shut up and pound the thing you drunk!

rio says:

this one and Hennessey xo and j.walker red are my favorite drinks,

OmahaJoe12 says:

Just got a bottle of this christmas as I have been wanting to get into whiskey. I made a whiskey sour with this in it the other night which was decent but I can’t get over the alcohol level in the nose and taste. What do you recommend?

Paul Hawkins says:

im picking up strong notes of shit; maybe bull shit. yes, definitely bullshit, coming straight out of his mouth

Hall Boylston says:

I really don’t know how to describe the flavors and smells this guy does but what I DO know though is that this bourbon tastes really, really good. It goes down SO nicely, from the back or your tongue on down your throat. I don’t drink a lot of bourbon but when I do I like it to be GOOD and this bourbon MORE than fills that requirement for me. I just pour some over ice and add maybe a tablespoon of water..and wa la! I LOVE to drink it like that when the weather’s cold. Mmm Mmm Gooood!

TheSpirle says:

have you tried the Double Oaked Bourbon from Woodford Reserve?

inkey2 says:

I just bought a bottle of this stuff. The acetone finish is overwhelming

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