Workin’ Man’s Whiskey Review #105: Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Heath Tucker says:

I really enjoy ur reviews. And Happy B-Day! I’ve been into bourbons now about a year so i’m still learning. Keep up the good work, im going to check some of ur older videos out too, i just tried the 1792 small batch, i really liked it. Cheers!


Hey Bobby, nice review something I don’t see in my area unfortunately. I may have to look for it. Thought it was maybe a Kentucky only release. Thought about finding one to do a review on my channel too. Cheers man!!

Josh Idaho says:

I just found an Ezra product on clearance here the other day called Old Ezra. It’s 7 years old-big age statement right on the front-and it’s 101 proof! It was a steal at 13.95 or something. Its very good but definitely has that Ezra burn.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Good review Bobby. If you find the Old Ezra 101 7 year, it’s the best of the bunch and a great value as well.
A hidden gem for sure.

wiskijack says:

Heavens hill distillery makes Ezra

Jason Voorheese says:

daniel from whisky vault recently said in a video that there’s a lot of supposition involved with the origin of many bourbon distilleries and family names, so take them with a grain of salt

are you one of those guys who goes, “RAWR, I only drink 60% whiskey straight!”? 😛

happy birthday, in advance!

Clayton Blachly says:

Dahhhhmn Bobby pours like a champ!

John Hunt says:

This brand is owned by Luxco, who does not actually produce any of their own products. The bourbon is sourced from Heaven Hill, and the rye is sourced from MGP. This bourbon is the same juice as Evan Williams and Elijah Craig, albeit a bit younger than those brands, but you can definitely taste the similarities.

XxStratAttackxX says:

By far the greatest cheap bourbon. Mellow, like you said a bit nutty, aged in white oak, solid drink for the workin man. And as a carpenter i love the taste of oak lol.

Clayton Blachly says:

This is smooth OGD 114 has a bit more burn. But I tried this with a 100 proof BIB Evan Williams and the 100 proof was Jim beam black had the most alcohol burn and it was 86 proof. So your right the proof doesn’t fully indicate the burn

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