Americans Taste International Alcohols (Part 2)

“It tastes like troll tears!”

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Americans Taste International Alcohols (Part 1)



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ObscureReference says:


Amir Vampire says:

1:48 Dab

tijmen131 says:

try jenever

ashauni holness says:

why so much alcohol videos …. wanna watch dem all but cant bother

Elmeri says:

salmiakki viina is so good. (im 14 yrs old and i can drink it and these people is going to throw up)

Divyanshu Jha says:

i want to see dem drink old monk

Mar And says:


Toni king says:

YAY South Africa!!!!!!!

Aino says:

Suomi finland perkele

Unknown Error says:

I’m watching this late but you should try Buckfast Tonic Wine

robert henderson says:

I absolutely love BuzzFeed taste tests and liquor tests like this! Please never stop posting these!

Alaa Bushama says:

Adam! You’re supposed to be filming ! GODDAMIT ADAM

spidermanizblu3 says:

Try Latin American and South American liquors like Brugal, Ron Barcelo and Ponche Crema de Oro from Dominican Republic. Or Coquito from Puerto Rico

AI Web says:

Becherovka tastes fantastic ! Like Christmas is melting in your mouth with alcohol.

TƎPA says:

We finns are really proud of bring from finland so we gotta tell it in the comments

Ion Popescu says:


Toni king says:

YAY South Africa!!!!!!!

zay de la cruz says:

When you’re drunk with the homie and he drops a funky beat so you got spit some funky rhyms lol

Michał sorensen says:

I never had gammal dansk before. It’s time to try it

Annie Chipps says:


_TheCookiieCrook_ says:

Am I the only South African who feels satisfied and proud when in every taste test I see with Amarula in it, there is not one person who dislikes it?

Magda Morawetz says:

why the russian accent at becherovka yo and also youre supposed to put it into freezer and then drink it it tastes 20x better

Kean Flynn says:

should of tryed everclear and jagger

toots Grant says:

troll tears hahaha

Central Intelligence Agency says:

Amarula is a drink for a teenage girl on TGI Fridays? she has clearly never met South African girls

EisyXFdX says:

I just loveee Adam ❤️

Team turtle illuminati Dorito says:

Vittu kyllä kosken korvaa

Will L says:


Team turtle illuminati Dorito says:

This is like ur just watching this and they start disliking some drinks and ur like ok…? But when ur country’s drink comes in u start to think that theyre so racist

boss psycho says:

american alcohols are way to weak for slavic part of the europe….try prepecinica croatian moonshine i mena there is plenty more better alcohols but this one is very very close to be medical alcohol

Denis Lippert says:

Came here like “there will definitely not be any salmiakki kossu” and it’s the first thing i see.

MynaAnn C says:

omg adam is talking

Sthep Liar says:

I think this is the most I’ve heard Adam speaking.

gicady says:

Do you even țuică , bro ? Do you even rachiu bro ?

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