Mixology- Caipirinha cocktail – Leblon Cachaca

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First things first lets get the pronunciation right.

Caipirinha, Pronunciation: ka-piˈriɲa

Cachaca, Pronunciation: kuh-sha-suh

Made of cachaça, fresh lime, sugar and crushed ice. The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink. This drink is almost as common to see in Brazil as water. With the Olympics and World Cup being held in Brazil, it’s time to get to know this drink and its base spirit.


Based and distilled from sugar cane, cachaça is not rum. First off, rum as you likely know it is distilled from a mixture of fermented molasses.While cachaça is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice. In most regions of the world, it is more cost effective to user molasses due to its storage capabilities. Molasses is so sweet that bacteria can not grow in it but the sugar cane juice has enough water to support life. This is the reason we rarely see sugar cane juice in stores, it’s heaven for bacteria. To prevent this the juice is usually boiled down to form molasses or it is allowed to fermented with the addition of yeast then distilled. This difference gives cachaça a herbaceous flavor profile.

Brazil produces about 2 billion liters of cachaça annually and exports about 400 million liters, leaving approximately 1.6 billion liters for domestic consumption—about 11 liters (3 gallons more or less) for every man, woman and child in Brazil! (source Brazil-help.com)


For this Caipirinha we decided to use Leblon. Leblon is made in Brazil but with heavy French influence from master distiller Gilles Merlet. Mr. Merlet uses only the finest sugar cane, only the heart of the distillation, filters 3 times while seperating the heads and tails and then ages his Cachaca in XO Cognac casks from France. All this gives Leblon an extra special touch with delicate fruits and spice on the nose and a smooth finish in the mouth.


2 oz Cachaca
3/4 Fresh lime
1 oz Simple Syrup

Muddle lime pieces with simple syrup in an old fashioned glass. Top with crushed ice and cachaça. Mix and serve.



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spbapf says:

What is he looking at?

If I don’t use simple syrup, how much sugar?

Dominik MJ says:

I am not a big fan of simple syrup in everything. White fine cane sugar [and yes – even sugar-beet caster sugar will be indistinguishable in the drink] is diluting rather fast but has a “sand-paper” effect on the lime. The osmosis effect of the sugar, also changes the character of the drink [simple syrup has a lesser effect of drawing the juice out of the lime]. You would need 2 spoons. Also shaking the caipirinha with cracked ice is makes a colder and better drink [usually practiced in Brazil].

Miga sua Loka! Raphaela says:

a verdadeira caipirinha que todo mundo faz aqui no Brasil vai açúcar.
where´s the sugar???

Mirthun .Sri says:

you save my day !!

chuck norris says:

Fuckin hell, you should be Chuck Norris! 😀 NICE!

iMonteCarlo says:

If u dont use sugar syrup, then put in 2spoons of sugar.

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