OKs Happy Hour Ep.57: Brazil! Cachaça & Picanha!

Thanks for joining us again! We are kicking off our Summer BBQ series with Brazilian BBQ. Brazil is known for a special cut of meat rarely found in America called Picanha. While Dennis cooks that up Gabe mixes up a couple cocktails with cachaça, a Brazilian rum. Caipirinha being the featured cocktail, and as always please like, comment, and share with your friends, OK!

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Vagner ramos says:

try to make a batida next time it is also a brazilian type of drink . really liked your channel keep it up! !

Rogerio Ferreira says:

Picanha is supposed to be rosted and not fried.

green49285 says:


urgetester says:

Diggin the Fronks shirt! That spot and Hambones are great little places.

Dominik MJ says:

Cachaça is definitely not a rum (even though it is made from sugar cane) – whole different category!

Will Sweeney says:

Damn. I forgot you guys did live in L.A . Wish reddit could scoop you a couple hundred thou veiws

Sirius #nãosoumalakoi says:

Pátria Amada Brasil!

Renann Oliveira says:

Muito bom kk ri muito com vocês Kk (Use the Gloogle Translator)

istouche. says:

I’ve had caipirinha once in Venezuela, one of the best thing I ever put in my mouth..
Also, yeah, I make poor financial decisions.. But hey, it means more episodes, so i’m okay with that!

Casando Lutas says:

LoL ow, this is great! Congrats, champs.

David Tran says:

Keep up the good work! Shout-out from the UK.

Russel Timms says:

You guys are a couple of big di** bandits. Love the show, I hope you never run out of new ideas.

Leonardo Minssen says:

That definitly isnt brazilian barbecue

bevcom88 says:

Man… you guys. Amazing videos… Hilarious

kacy698 says:

Soaking. 😀

TheGidding says:

My friends and I love your videos, it’s sad to see you have so few views.

How can we help you out the best way?

If this get’s viral once you will be swimming in the turduckens

Bruno Borges says:

Leblon? this is not brazilian cachaça!!!!!!

Chris Holloway says:

You guys are still one of my favorite channels on YouTube.  Another awesome episode!

lelovila says:

Oh shit you destroyed that meat! Brazillian RUM ? LOL x 10000.

LEBLON Cachaça says:

awesome. thanks for using our juice guys! obrigado!

luaudesigndf says:

Even fried or roasted, picanha is still awesome! But best way and the most legit brazilian backyard way is to BBQ it while slicing right off the girl. There’s no point at which you take the whole piece off the grill, because you’ve been eating it all along. 😀

Alcoólatrous Anonymous says:


júnior Bill says:

Dude, u fried picanha! You commited a crime kkk! But ok, next time, grill it, serious, u’ll see the best food ever!

Leonardo Rocha says:

hello im from brazil ! the right way to drink cachaça its pure like you guys did at the first time but … its on a American Cup (its much) xD but at the 3rd shot you cant walk anymore xD ( but its fun to do on a party) xD

Slicky__ says:

Great episode! Made me laugh a lot. I am liking and favoriting your episodes to try and help you guys grow! Keep up the great work.

Renann Oliveira says:

Brazil huehue LoL *_*

Ricardo Santos says:

PQP! Os cara fritaram a picanha. HU3 HU3 HU3

Guilherme Cavalin says:

Now, you must make a Picanha BBQ version! Just salt and grill. And try a “cachaça artesanal”, it’s much better.

green49285 says:

Whats a motha fucka gotta do for another BBQ series???

Michael V says:

You guys should drop by NYC sometime!

Layza morena says:

Cachaça é forte
Eu não gosto kkk”

Cami Li Vo says:

Good! We also have a video with some foreigners trying cachaça!

vishal anumula says:

i am from seattle.and i would like to hang out with you guys when I come down to LA.

Richard Argumosa The Martinez Group says:

I’ve got to say I’m a little jealous of that hunk of meat. I meant Gabe not the steak

elgaucho565 says:

cachaca or somethin

The Cavery says:

Too funny. I laughed out loud for most parts. Got a new fan here! Thanks for sharing your link on Tinder LOL

Audrey Lewis says:

Awesome episode! Hilarious. And down for getting together in LA! Drinks on me!

Renan Campos says:

Vcs são fodas lol ahahahahahah

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