Pitu Cachaça Brazilian Rum Review

Eric’s Rating: 5.0
Daniel’s Rating: 1.0
Josh’s Rating: 4.0

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MarianaBrito009 says:

The cheapest and strongest, I can’t believe you guys are saying that it has a funny taste itself, it has fuck.ng 40% of alcohol. Fancy a couple of Pitú drinks mixed with soda, will taste better.

Odeio Google+ says:

This literaly costs 4 reals here and 1 real = 4 dolars so…

Meu Nome não é Carlos says:

They chose the worst cachaça to try

Gustavo Conrado says:

cachaça ypíoca is better

Fábio Anselmo says:

The cheapest one here, hahaha! Nice!

Gabriel Lima says:

vcs tem que provar é catuaba melhor bebida

Pedro Salles says:

This cachaça is like shit…
Try a better brand

Mateus Magaldi says:

Guys are drinking pitu……damn the situation most be bad! Thats is one of the worse!

Mauro says:

51 is much better than Pitu

adonis says:

I bought this as well just to make that cocktail… and i decided to try it on its own… fucking nasty…
little tastes like maybe the bark or the woody part of sugar cane. I dont know, thats what it reminds me of.. haha

Gabriel Barreto says:

This is actually “agua ardente”, that can be roughly translated to “burning water”. The difference from actual Cachaça is because the “agua ardente” is mixed with sugar, the other one is pure and is supposed to be really smooth if it is made correctly and from a nice brand. Therefore, here in Brazil most people just say that all of them are Cachaça.

etanolrp says:

Really good your opnion about the Brazilian Cachaça. Come soon I’ll go export Cachaça to EUA. Everyone in the EUA will know about Brazilian Cachaça! Congratulations.

romulo maciel says:

Its not a lobster… Its more like a Shrimp… but from rivers and lakes.
Pitú is the popular name of the Shrimp

Samuel Pinto says:

One just drink Pitú if possessed by the willing to commit suicide. Not even in a caipirinha!

SonOfTheRightHand29 says:

Cachaca can be used to make many other cocktails other than just the caipirinha you know haha

Quisquellano26 says:

This rum is absolutely disgusting, I bought a bottle, took one shot, and could not bare anymore of it. So i tried to give the rest of it away and not even my alcoholic friend wanted it. 

Ney Madeira says:

Pitú tastes like vomit, try “ypoca empalhada prata”.

SuperNuela says:

I’m not criticizing but that brand is one of the cheapest cachacas ever, if you wanna try something good try the sagatiba or velho vermeho dorado. That’s much much better! cheers!

Jonathan Silveira says:

LOL at the dude pronouncing it Kay-Per-een-ya…lmao

José Diniz Neto says:

That brand is not good, Mate.
So, dont standarise it plse.

마리 says:

you guys should’ve tried ypióca

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