ralfy review 654 – Avua Cachaca Amburana @ 40%vol

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James D. Wheeler says:

So glad you move around the spirit world Ralfy! Rhubarb crumble sold me on this one!

bøf medløg says:

Oh yeah. Looking forward to the good old whisky reviews again. Drinks with umbrellas are all very good, but nothing competes with whisky/whiskey.

Sehraj Singh Virk says:

hello all
what s the best and most affordable time to travel all around scotland n touring different distilleries?

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I’m not convinced by this I must admit, doesn’t sound quite like my thing. I certainly wouldn’t pass it up if offered a drop mind

becraul says:

Nice to see something different Ralphy. Cachaca is rather unknown, but being basically an agricole rum it is certainly a cheaper and interesting alternative to the very expensive agricoles from Martinica, etc.

Dean says:

Hey Ralphy, in the spirit of branching father afield, have you tried Thomson Whisky from New Zealand? It’s Non Chill filtered, no colouring and really rather lovely. The South Island Peat ‘Progress Report’ is especially nice.

WhiskyBrasil.com says:

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_The same Link is on the description of this video._
Over the years many malt-mates have said how much they would like to buy him a dram as a thank you for all the information and entertainment. Now you can buy him a virtual-dram! Thank you *Ralfy!*

wdirtymonkey says:



@ralfystuff, Brazil has many small producers of artisanal cachaças. They produce spirits of exceptional quality. And they are spread by many states, mainly Minas Gerais, Goiás, Pernambuco. But, unfortunately, the best-known cachaça internationally is the “51”, a mass product, distilled in the column distiller. It’s just horrible. Brazilian legislation establishes that in order to be considered an artisanal cachaça, it is mandatory to use pot still distiller.

Christopher Morkel. says:

I can hear birds cheeping in the background, are you drinking in the morning? A true pirate.

Radio Laboratory says:

Hey Ralfy!
thanx 4 the MM.
Q. duz the Jonnie Walker bran hav a production line one cud visit or is it blended “Bhind closed doors”??
thnx M8.

Vitor Verissimo says:

Hi Ralf, I am from Brazil !
Very nice to see a cachaça review in your channel !!! After all, you provide very quality opinions !!!!
Regards !!!

WhiskyWhistle says:

Thanks for all your spirit-world reviews Ralfy! Thanks to you I picked up a bottle of a cachaça not long ago. That one looks like a tasty lesson I wish I could take! Speaking of woods did you get a chance to try the Jack Daniels that has been extra matured in maple wood barrels? Anyway exotic indeed. Cheers,

Welsh Toro says:

Nice review Ralfy. Got to be honest, I’m put off by that 40%. It really should be higher. Amazingly, M&S have a bottle of Cachaca in stock right now. Rum has an exceptionally interesting history and should be accorded its own status as an equal to whisky. Mezcal (which I prefer to tequila) is a genuine spirit alternative too. You make an excellent point about wood maturation.

Artur Berteli says:

Vai Brasil!!!! Brazillians unite!
I watch your channel because of Luiz Felipe from WhiskyBrasil.com. You both do an amazing job. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

MrJimmy321 says:

I’m drinking Balvenie 14 YO is that the next review? I don’t have a Rum to sip while watching the review that’s why I choose it.

frankricci88 says:

As a chemical engineer I think it’s bollocks that evaporation of ethanol-water mixtures (whether in Scotland or Caribbean) would result in an increase in alcoholic strength. The ethanol will always preferentially evaporate at a greater rate than the water. Although it is true that in hotter climates they will both evaporate at a faster rate so perhaps the relative ethanol loss will be lessened

olhemi1 says:

Ralfy you could review Chocolate Milk and would watch you for your opinion. you are very entertaining and have alot of knowledge.

Jimi Slighty says:

Lets not forget, please Ralf – Amburana is threatened by habitat loss. The spirit sounds excellent but once our natural resources are gone, they’re gone.

Chris Burrow says:

My bottle of Leblon goes untouched. Can’t get over the musty odor.

WondrousMoose says:

11:07 Oh lawdy, Ralfy flipped us off!

Leon says:

Time to revisit Bourbons again maybe?!


“Eee says ee’s an expert!”

TheOneGlassMan says:


Paulo Lopes Filho says:

Greetings from Brazil! Thanks to you I just opened up a cachaça bottle to watch your review. haha (:

TheOneGlassMan says:

I have only tried Cachaca in Caipirinhas… I will try it neat. Thanks

Raymaster7482 says:

As for the bit with the angels share, that’s basically the same thing you can watch with Bourbons stored high up in the warehouses. They also get a higher abv over the years

G Art says:

But what I want tae know Ralfy is: Would it mix well with Irn-Bru?

sundowner62 James says:

Always learning something here!

B!NO says:

Don’t worry, Ralfy. You could be reviewing tap water and it still would be very entertaining.

Christopher Molloy says:

I had the good fortune of enjoying the GOLD variant of this brand. Excellent stuff! Keep an eye out for it. http://cachacayaguara.com/EN/index_m.html

J. Parsons says:

Ralfy, a couple years into my single malt journey (bourbon drinker here), I think I have assembled an unbeatable “staples” lineup (i.e. what is ALWAYS in the cabinet for a very reasonable price, covering a broad range of taste preferences and catering to various experience levels of guests) , based partly on your insights:
balvenie 12yo single barrel
clynelish 14
ardbeg 10
old Pulteney 12
springbank 10

I find that this “staples” lineup can accommodate any guest, cater to any mood, and generally do no wrong.

Daniel Braga says:

wow Brazilian tradition here.. Great!

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

It is odd you mention Cherry casks.  I’ve always wondered about that.  One of my favorite trees, no my favorite tree is Wild Cherry or Rum Cherry.  If you are a fan of permaculture it is the epitome of it.  It grows fast and straight in zone 4.  It produces cherries that can be used to make liquors(if the birds didn’t gobble them up).   And the wood is beautifully grained.   Cherry wood is so expensive almost like an exotic.   It’s special order wood.

Hauki says:

I shouldn’t watch this. I have bought couple of bottles of cachaca, Velho brand. Never tasted cachaca, but i try to not open too many bottles for tasting. Maybe in next christmas i’ll open one in cold Finnish winter and get tastes of warmer climates from cachaca 🙂

joepup7777 says:


becraul says:

By the way, in my trip to Madeira I tried some very interesting agricole rum. Difficult to get abroad though. It would be nice some tasting.

Christopher Morkel. says:

If you like this try Germana 2yo Cachaca, also from Brazil, very decent. Bottled at 43%

Ossie Weinert says:

Very interesting! I’ll see if my local shop can get this for me to try. Don’t apologize for a “senior moment” Ralfy, I turned 64 this past week and I look at all the information my brain has stored over the years so there is a lot to sort through at times. When editing videos I make for YouTube I see many mistakes and wonder what the heck I was thinking! I prefer the unedited version though, mistakes and all. Thank’s for sharing your experiences Ralfy. Sincerely, Ossie

eric gilbert says:

Thanks Ralfy for the Cachaca review. I have meaning to give Cachaca a try, hopefully the LCBO will start carrying the matured stuff.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Ralfy, you ever watched the movie “Thunder Road?”  It stars that renaissance man Robert Mitchum-he wrote it.  It also has Keely Smith-oh that voice.  It’s about bootleggers  and those evil revenue men.

PNWesty says:

Tried some cachaca in Costa Rica.  I got some not-so-good stuff – rotgut, and cheap as dirt.  Cheers, Ralfy!

Vinicius Bustamante "mD" says:

Glad to see some Cachaça around here and would love to keep seen other different stuff too. Nice review as always 🙂

Victor Dimov says:

Hi Ralfy, me again (I’m an anoying bastard, no class at all!) Just as a note, the amburana used in ageing of cachaça is not the one that comes from the Amazonian rainforest, but the one that grows in more dry regions all across Brasil (amburana cearensis)

I’ve been sipping my whisky for some time now, but just recently tasted some good quality cachaças, and because of the different woods used, there’s some pretty interesting stuff out there! If you need any help with recomendations, you can count on us, you have a lot of fans around here! Cheers!!

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