Who knew? Brazil makes its own whisky. I gave two national brands, Mark One and Old Eight a try.

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David Monteiro Reis da Silva says:

I completely agree that Brazilian whisky is extremely disgusting! Thankfully we at least have nice beers… 🙂

Mateus Brito says:

you have to try our “cachaça” hahahaha

watson956 says:

I wonder what they make whisky from in Brazil – I would guess not barley. Here in Canada it’s usually from rye, and the US tends to produce bourbon which is from corn. I also wonder what Mark One is “blended” from!

Priscila Garo says:

By the way, boa propaganda da breja de Sorocaba. Quero provar

PipsKay says:

This American LOVES LOVES LOVES Scotch Whsiky..wish it wasn’t just expensive here in the States

Cherie LaVerne says:

Pee color?

REKCEP says:

I use our whisky as brake fluid.
Not even joking.

Priscila Garo says:

We don’t praise any of our whiskey. Try our food, Hahaha much better.

Texas Flood Sorocaba-SP Banda says:

I live in Sorocaba. Did you enjoy here?

Jhonatan peixoto says:


portadorde nanismo says:

artisanal cachaça review when?

Eduardo Xavier says:

I’m brazilian and i ask to myself, why are you doing it to yourself? Brazilian whisky are the worst.

Felipe Sando says:

Quem veio aki só pra ver a cara dele, whisky do Brasil…

Mario Ricardo says:

The taste and the quality of beers like Heineken, Budweiser, Stella Artois are the same in Brazil compared to Europe?

Matthew Richards says:

Get it down ya!

Rodrigo Maciel says:

Faltaram os clássicos Passport e Teachers!

Alessandro Gomides says:

This gringo is completely crazy! 🙂 What are you doing, man? It is like going to Scotland and try scotch cachaça, if u had cachaça, of course. 🙂 I’m not sure, but I believe you father in law is trying to kill you. 🙂

Onedreh Walkthrough says:

that “beba com modaração” was good, almost like a pro

Clésio Filho says:

Shaun you should try one of the good “cachaças”.

JosephBHZ says:

You should make a video about cachaça. Minas Gerais is where you find some of the best ones.

Camila Vasques Mellet says:

Why indeed would you do that to yourself??

Bruno Terra says:

do not do this, bro. It is terrible. A hug from Brazil. Did you buy a good Cachaça here? I met Scotland this year, it is beautiful.

Marcelo Sampaio Santos says:

Cara, o Brasil não tem cultura nenhuma de whisky. Aqui você tem os piores whisky da terra. É como se você estivesse bebendo mijo.

Wellington Rodrigues says:

If you wanna have some fun, try Conhaque and Cachaça instead. Brazilian whiskies are the fucking worst. I bought an Old Eight bottle once and… God damn! it tastes like pure alcohol mixed with dirty water and some weird vinegar.

Opressor Retrógrado says:


Santo Morais says:

Old Eight e Mark One só servem pro funkeiro pobre e fracassado encher garrafa vazia de J.Walker e pagar de ostentação misturando com energético e outras porcarias…

dimas richard says:

Aqui no Brasil os Whisky baratos nenhum presta, infelizmente :/

Victor England says:

Lol. These bottles are the ones the homeless people buy when they get slightly better money. Brazilians don’t really drink it, unless you live under a bridge or something.

Gustavin Djonga says:

O cara tá procurando qualidade de Whisky no brasileiro logo o Brasil o país da cachaça Onde nem se tem cultura de Whisky

Equipe Ei Cuiabana says:

filha da puta
quero ve vocês fazer uma Cachaça de qualidade igual a Nossa

Dario Juliano Marquez says:

Shaun, what’s your favorite brazilian beer?

A Black says:

What is the best Scottish whiskey, Shaun?

Pedro Rodrigues says:


Pedro Oliveira says:

vai, continua com o guaraná, gringo fracote. kkk

Brunojn says:

You’re better off drinking gasoline. Those are absolutely vile.

Priscila Garo says:

Seriously, we don’t drink it. We light the fire With that shit.

Ruytter Almeida says:

Esse foi engraçado. kkkkkkk.

A questão a ser respondida aqui é… pra que?

Pra que beber isso.

Eu ri.

Kuromori says:

We don’t make whisky, m8, we make beer. I bet that bleach was used to make those, and whoever really likes whisky here on Brazils buy from outside the country.

Matias . . . says:

Concordo com vc! Experimente uma boa cachaça.
Boa sorte.

Estevão Aragão says:

“nice color” o negocio é tipo um suco tang de tanto corante

Ultra says:

Bin that knife hahahaha

João Mário says:

Whisky Old Eight, Mark One, só servem para acender churrasqueira….ou colocar no carro flex, LOL!!!

Gabriel Gago says:

I’m not a fan of Whisky myself, altough i do like to drink a glass of some nice scottish ones in my good friends house, who, by the way, lived and met his also brazilian fiancée there.

I must say, ald please forgive me if i offend someone, but… those freaking things are vile. People that want to drink a good whisky, usually, at least i dont know anyone who does the contrary, buy imported ones.

Although theres certainly much cheaper ways to support ones alcoholism, i also think that kind of stuff is for people with severe alcohol dependency. It can be my biased way of view, since i did have an uncle who drank that stuff (mark one specially) and was a tremendous douchebag drunken idiot who eventually died of alcohol depency complications, but… anyway, is my point of view.

I think we make great beer, somewhat good wine, the best cachaça in the world, but, hisky? Meh…

Silvio DaCosta says:

ele se esqueceu que aqui é o país dos cacaceiros e se algo não tiver 60% de teor alcoólico não presta

Texas Flood Sorocaba-SP Banda says:

Bamberg, burgman, happy brew, hoffen beers are from Sorocaba region. Very good beer! I always play with my country band at there events.

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