whisky review 223 – Recommended Cachaca

… The Brazilians love the stuff so it’s time for a Scotch sipper to check thing out and share the results.

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Polyfusia says:

I’ve tried two Cachaca’s. Weber Haus and Pitu. Weber Haus was considerably more expensive, and has won awards, but I personally found it to have one of the worst taste profiles of anything I’ve tasted at any price. Pitu on the other hand I find to be the single best thing to mix with Tropicana or other tropical juice. It trumps rum and vodka as a mixer, and has less alcohol bite than virtually anything else in it’s price range. I imagine it could become popular with women if they knew about it.

GrayNeko says:

Heyo, Ralfy! First off, congrats on a very informative and fun review. Have to keep my eyes out for Cachaca. Very interesting sounding drink. Your your caipirinha recipe is a must try! Secondly, I have to give you massive props for managing to get through that video without spilling glasses or tipping over bottles on that tiny little table. That, my friend, must surely take skill! Cheers and keep up the good work!

Mackenzie Wheeler says:

It was nice to see Ralfy the mixologist for a change! Your understanding of flavors seamlessly transfers to the creation of cocktails. While I would suggest crushed ice as apposed to large ice(atleast for the hotter climate countries), and a bit more of a labor to dissolve sugar….None the less, well done!

Elementalleague says:

Don’t mean to be rude but, really?? Cachaca before tequila?? What art thou thinking?? Haha just kidding. When are we going to see tequilas Ralfy??

Polyfusia says:

@Polyfusia By the way, I’m not suggesting that Pitu is a complex taste experience. It’s not a sipping drink and is decidedly mild and tropical in it’s taste profile. I’d say that it’s one of the best purchases for the price, which in Canada is about 24 dollars. Better than Bacardi or any of the macro spirits.

Thierry le Blanc says:

I got a bottle of Germana yesterday here in Paris, it really smells and tastes the part, set me back around 55 Euros.
The next step down was 25 Euros and I have them both here, one for mixing and the other for sipping.
Certainly worth a punt for something different.

ridercanada says:

Only a Scotsman would reuse ice! 😉

Rubens Alvers says:

Muito bom o vídeo. Mas Ralfy, aqui no Brasil a receita original da caipirinha se faz com açúcar (branco) cristal.

Humberto Ramos Costa says:

Great review… In fact the best cachaças are those that are handmade, but those are hard to find even in Brazil. In terms of industrial ones those are good examples… I like to make some variations in my caipirinha… How about to try do add tangerine, sicilian lemon, etc?

Bryan Usrey says:

Would be neat to see you do this with whisky. Examine the more famous whisky cocktails like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned. 

Dotsirammi says:

Interesting review,kippis!

Andre Arruda says:

Great reviews! Bikey cheers from Rio de Janeiro.

jboothe7 says:

thanks for the continued spirits education, ralfy! i had not heard of cachaca before this.

CliveGains80s says:

Cabana Cacha is nector. x2 pot stilled. simple, oily, clean, big vegtable heat explotion. I drank it straight! Beija-Flor Reserva 10. Not as clean and oily. doesnt explode. Too strong straight for me. Cut and the aromas pour out like a forrest. I dont fancy this one. I like that Cabana!

30albundy says:

3 shots and your stutering…i like this guy

José Manuel LACLETA says:

Very interesting review and recipe for Cachaça! I use the brand YPIÓCA Prata (silver), with a bottle also covered with straw netting. But I follow the traditionnal recipe, without soda, with 2 limes cut in 8 pieces, smashed on the glass, with a bit more brown sugar than you, I fill the glass with crushed ice and then add the cachaça and stir… I drink it before the ice melts! Now, I will try to add freshly grinded black pepper….

chrish12345 says:

@ralfystuff Thanks yeah I really enjoyed the longer vlog and will have to try some Cachaca.

Axispaw1 says:

Foosty. A great Scottish word 🙂

Rubens Alvers says:

Muito boas cachaças!!!

henri Henry says:

@havisFin am not to keen aslo on ralfy’s new hardware, sound has more bass 2 it, liked the old flipcam more, but hey its still ralfy …… right haha 😉

Pedro Augusto says:

These are average cachaças in Brazil. We’ve got some premium cachaças that will humiliates these. One of the best in Brazil is Porto Morretes =>

chrish12345 says:

Ralfy why did you put all the Cachaca reviews in one video, is that a reflection on their quality?

acrophobe says:

i’d like to second that comment about the pronunciation of “jalapeño.” it’s a spanish word, and the j is pronounced like an h, and the n with the tilde on top means it’s followed by a “y” sound. i dunno what the european conventions are regarding spanish words, but this pronunciation is consistent with the spanish language and most of the western hemisphere.

crthebigo says:

Oooh, world whiskies. Can’t wait! I’ve got my fingers crossed an Australian whisky will make an appearance and your take on it. Whilst our distilleries still have quite a while to get to the calibre of some well established scottish distilleries, we’re producing some decent single malts down under.

nefertemra says:

Hi my wife is Brazilian from minas geras but she will twist my ear if i drink to much cachaca i love Salina too

MrBlootered says:

Hey Ralfy, did you notice that this is review 223 but you have uploaded 323 videos – exactly 100 more.
You vlog monster you!!….8)

Brian Robicheau says:

I spent some time in Brasil in 2001. I stayed at a very remote area in the Pantanal. At our camp there was a barrel with tap for us to enjoy during our stay. Each night we would get a glass of cachaca, some sugar and fresh fruit. We used a mortar and pestal to grind up the sugar, fruit and added our cachaca straight from the barrel.
It was delicious.
Thanks for bringing back some memories!

Mauricio Mello says:

Pirassununga 51 that’s it’s famous cachaça here in brazil, The name of this Cachaça comes from the city where it is produced, the city of Pirassununga in São Paulo.
A curiosity about the caipirinha is that it was invented as a kind of charope at the time of the Spanish flu

Lars Nilsson says:

eww, i hate grappa!
I have never tasted cachaca and dont really get what it tastes like from your tasting notes, sorry.

back2thefutre says:

my butt

crthebigo says:

@ralfystuff That’s the downside of our alcohol taxes being so high 🙁 It ruins a lot of potential for Aussie distillers to competitively export our products for the rest of the world to sample. Damn governments..

For £100 I think you might be disappointed with a Lark relative to what £100 could buy you in Scotland. However, maybe try Hellyers Road? I can see it on WhiskyExchange for £55.49… non-chill filtered, no caramel, 46.2% and a good introduction to Aussie whisky…

Dustin Matthews says:

Love the pepper!

Thanks for all the quality videos.

Patoputo says:

Do you know, here in brazil has a law about how make “caipirinha”?? It’s our national drink so should to be made only with a shot of cachaça, ice, lemmon an sugar…nothing more nothing less…
The reason of this law is becouse most of the time people use vodca as substitute, and mixed other fruits calling “caipirinha”, so the law is part of a bigger movement for cultural valorization!

30albundy says:

velho barreiro and leblon arent cachaca try avaiana and my fav rosinha mineira

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