Ararat Armenian Brandy Cognac Review No. 30

Armenian Brandy is a national symbol of Armenia. This brandy is a unique take on the typical cognac experience. Typically found, and marketed as Cognac in the former Soviet Union region.


Max Max says:

just try other “cognacs” from CIS/Russia like NOY(Armenia), Derbent (Russia), Kizlyar (Russia). 3,5,7 stars (stars mean years old) = VS/VSOP ; КВ/КВВК/КС = XO/XO+. in Russia average price fro КВ (6+ years old) is around 15$

11onejay says:

Over here sipping some tequila to this max 🙁 The kelt didn’t last very long. I really want to ball out for the a de fussigny xo.

gucia1 says:

Thanks Max! Great review! It’s a smart idea to start with a youngest version to get the base flavors right. I’ll be waiting for the take on 20y version of Ararat from you. One day 😉

11onejay says:

Glad you brought back the ratings by the way;)

Free Spirit says:

They actually have 5,10 and 20 years, perhaps more

Joe Bordo says:

I have all ararats except the 3, 25 and i also wanna go and get the 3 :p Im really really looking for your review of the ararat dvin and nairi. The dvin Is 50 percent alco but its so amazing bouquet. Hope u will cover all.ararats. thanks.again max.

harrybhappy says:

Thank you, I can’t wait to try it, I located a bottle here in Houston that I will pick up this week

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