CIGAR AND COGNAC REVIEW–Cohiba Paired With Remy Martin 1738 Cognac

The most renown name in the cigar world paired with one of the best Cognacs on the market, Remy Martin 1738 Cognac. The sweetness of the Cognac balances well with the cedar and tea notes of the cigar.

Special shout out to Beans316. If you want to know about bourbon and pipe he is the one to check for.


TheEvans626 says:

wow cohiba 7.5   well we gotta keep it real geat video brother I watch them all

PuroMaduro says:

I love the Red Dots. If not for them I would never been bitten by the cigar bug.

Fiend V says:

Very nice combination. A man who knows what he is talking about.

Select Few Music says:

Well educated connoisseur! Peace!

Alex Foxe says:

love the video keep it up you look like an old school  hustler 

drummer/vocalist in indiana MASON TRUSTY says:

Loved your informative video. I will have to try remy. I love cigars as well. What cigar would you suggest is a must try? Love your classiness and personality as well. Blessings.

Bram SF says:

Probs to Fetty wap

Max's Cognac Review says:

What do you recommend pairing with a Laphroaig or an Ardbeg… Thanks

Al J. Granda says:

Thanks for taking the time. Nice video.

iTURB01 says:

@puroMaduroChannel Best in the vid biz.Best sticks Best Spirits Most enjoyable to watch.If you get sent off brand stuff please don’t review cuz we don’t bend over to pick up those kinda cigars or spirits.

PuroMaduro says:

Cohiba has reached a point where the demand is stretching the supply chain thus they are getting diminishing returns on quality. They need to pull back and maintain the brand.

PuroMaduro says:

I just completed a wine review that I think you will like. Check the channel

Max's Cognac Review says:

Great videos !

D T says:

dusse is way better to me

Falcon DeRichio says:

I have yet to find a reviewer cooler than PuroMaduro.

Nick Norsal says:

we’ll have a spécial cigar Patty on 30th june

sONsONER0 says:

I’m surprised the cohiba wasn’t that impressive. I live in NY so unfortunately getting a hold of one of those is near to impossible. However the Remy 1738 is class. One of my go to cognacs.

PuroMaduro says:

You are correct. This is one of the best brands out there but there is always variation in any given line. It was a Cohiba that first turned me on to cigars but I have to be completely honest else my credibility is worthless. The cigar smoked like a wooden stick. Dam shame it you ask me.

PuroMaduro says:

How did it go? I was at the Carnegie Club in NYC last night wondering how you came out wirh your selections

PuroMaduro says:

Late last year I reviewed a Cuban Cohiba and it sucked. I am about to give this iconic stick another chance.

Jsanc2075 says:

Are there any good pairings with certain types of pipe tobacco? It always seems like spirits pair well with cigars, but pipe tobacco is so much more versatile with the large variety of flavors. Any idea?

Alex Cem says:

Loved the lighter! What is the Brand?

Nick Norsal says:

the 12th we have an cigars Party…

wesleytaylorviadomus says:

On the second try, I liked it much better. Acquired taste, or variation of quality.

steve Fowler says:

Great review…I’ve never had the 1738

PuroMaduro says:

I’ll never be bought. I do this for the love of the leaf, grape, & peat. I buy, try, pair, & review it. Thnx 4 watching

David V says:

You look like such a wavey g

fobxman says:

1738 remy its that good? Really? Lmfao

gcoundou says:

great video!!

David Roldan says:

have you tried the Martell v.s.o.p

Roxane and Philip Grim says:




gabias says:

I can’t agree more as far as Cohiba’s go. I only have had great smoking experiences with the Cuban’s overseas. But for sure I will check out the cognac!

BlackGoat 98 says:

im guessing your from Brooklyn

Adeadbanker Isadeadwanker says:

My favorite cigar reviewer. Have a good smoke!

wesleytaylorviadomus says:

Did not care for the 1738 Martin. Too sweet and too unrefined. I like Remi Martin XO and Delemain XO.

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