JZ’s Cognac D’Usse paired with Room 101’s OSOK, One Shot One Kill. This is pairing that will satisfy the most discerning palette of any cigar and Cognac aficionado. The OSOK is packed with flavor and the Cognac delivers one all one would expect from a premium VSOP.

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dunbizl says:

I just discovered your channel, I’m glad I did you’re reviews are amazing especially for a beginner to the art of cigars like me. Much respect and I will be watching all your videos for life. Thanks brotha

3rdOfDaCrew says:

Great Video once again! Will have to try both!

Ryvas Reviews says:

I’m sipping on Dusse Right now and I’m pairing it with my father. Beautiful combination

PuroMaduro says:

Have you tried JZ’s new cognac?

HomebaseTV HMG says:

Have you tried Moscato Cigars yet? Excellent check them out @MoscatoCigars

Rgotto2 says:

Yo man, I hope your channel Blows the fuck up. You do fucking sick work love the reviews so much, its a nice change from all these old busted ass guys, with zero style, your bringing it fucking hard. respect


always use a wood match to light your cigar

PuroMaduro says:

Will JZ’s venture into cognac be as successful as Puff’s vodka offering? I have tried both and they are good products.

xxmightyonexx says:

This was the least clownish review of the cognac I’ve found so far, thank you for making specifics about the flavors AND suggesting a pairing. I am not drinking this liquor because of who is promoting it, therefore I need to know what the product truly embodies regarding quality. 


“I dont deserve this” that cracked me up! Glad to see how much you apreciate the smoke and liquor. After a hard week at work I make sure I sit down and enjoy my smoke and drink. Thanks for the reviews brother. Cheerz!

Roberto Torres says:

Hey try a signature house blend cigar tell me wht you think

JoshuaLawrenceMusic says:

He sound like LL Cool J. Lol

gabias says:

Gotta try this pairing for sure. BTW, the 5 Vegas Series A paired with the Ardbeg 10 is a monster!

Ahmed Turner says:

Very dope review. You know what you are talking about. I’ve been smoking cigars for 2 years now and as a newbie I learned a lot just from your review alone. I’m subscribing now.

Shahin Tabib says:

Thank you for the videos sir

PuroMaduro says:

@Rgotto2 respect right back at cha my brother. Thanks for the compliment and please let me know what you are smoking nowadays.

JayDetroiter says:

Keep reviews like this one coming.

PuroMaduro says:

@gabias you will not be disappointed

belissimahoney69 says:

I MUST study his videos..I am sooo interested in learning these things about life

Carl Johnson II says:

bra do sound like ll cool j tho

PuroMaduro says:

@NoSmokingJacket I will do some searching to see if I can help. I really want you to try the cigar it is truly an awesome cigar

pepin peeters says:

can you make more cognac reviews? greez

Roberto Torres says:

Thats a nice lookin cigar here smoking a Jamie Garcia…yo you gotta put some old school salsa in the background or old school Spanish jazz not sure wht your race is..???

saltwater_champ says:

Great videos Bro. New sub here!

Linwood Harris says:

bout pairings for the Gurkha Beast. I am very interested in your opinion!

D T says:

Dusse is my absolute favorite cognac for 50 bucks I drink a glass every evening. Its better than Remy VSOP in the same price range.  I am dying to try the XO but it cost 250.00 buck.  Remy XO is only 159.00 which is strange why Dusse priced their so much more. They must be real confident that it is worth the extra price.

Alex B says:

Hey man…I absolutely love your channel…you are my go to source now. You do bang up job and your palate is on point. Awesome. Have you found anywhere that still has these ? I’ve been looking desperately with not much luck…

wddr12 says:

There is something about the way this guy speaks.. Should be on the radio etc can sell a product easily.

Luis Thillet says:

Man let me tell you…I’ve made it a ritual seeing your videos while smoking my leaf…I stay on that Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro….I fav to paur it up with a a cognac vsop, Hennessy Privilege….Ill like to see you review it n speak your mind on it….

esd9510 says:

Not a huge cognac drinker but definitely looking to pick up a bottle

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