Cognac 101

Watch as I review Courvoisier and Hennessy

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Ytremz says:

Wet towel smell… right…

Patrick S says:

Hennessey ftw

bigoozz says:

you are typical yankee ignorant “lets pretend that i can do something i have no idea about” dont do reviews about something you have no clue about mate

remyrick A says:

I drink remy vsop and love it, but its not for everyone, somtimes drink vodka its a ok buzz but with remy the buzz is awesome recently went to a bar and tried AE D’OR XO fine champagne conac and wow was it delicious, very expensive about 120 a 750 ml but definitely worth a try.

Lucas says:

general, VS cognac is meant for mixing, wheras XO is more for experiencing on its own

Rob Beahn says:

I misspoke, the Limousin Forest in France is where the wood from the oak casks are sourced and that wood is what Crown Royal uses for storing their whisky’s, the whisky is not actually stored in France. My apologies for any confusion

Jair Castillo says:

I always find Cognac to be a little too sweet for my taste, perhaps I have to smoke a cigar with my Cognac. Great review.

akaLunacy says:

I don’t like wine but I love cognac! Some people like wine and don’t like cognac so it has nothing to do with weather or not you like wine. Second if you don’t appriciate the cognac than don’t review it. Stick with your whiskey. Vs and vsop are much younger cognacs they are more for cooking and making cocktails so if you were to truly enjoy cognac you would have to go with xo or higher levels of cognacs. And they all have there unique tastes.

Kami Md says:

thanks. This is a great introduction! please do a video on old cognac, like Remy 1738?

Max ime says:

I tried the 3 of them, not at the same time though, in fact, long time apart. Drinkin Hennesy vs right now and it seems to be much fuller, and better in flavour. The taste lingers longer, and is more powerful. The others left me less satisfied. Why did you not open up the remy ? that s weird

Nick Gillotti says:

It’s funny when people talk about the “legs” of a liquor or wine, not knowing that it has absolutely nothing to do with quality or taste of the beverage. When you swirl a drink in a glass, the liquid coats the inside of the glass, which is warmer than at the bottom where the drink it pooled. The warmer liquor evaporates the alcohol more quickly, leaving a higher water content than the rest of the liquor or wine in the glass. Water has a higher surface tension than alcohol, so the liquid is pulled into beads and runs down the side of the glass, simple as that.

n schulz says:

In first couple minutes the dude admitted he doesn’t like cognac. His honesty spared me 12 minutes of useless viewing.

missmeika2u says:

Great video

IDUMT1 says:

Wow this was a joke of a review!! No mention of the oak taste and others

Vincent Mok says:

Some information is missing from this review about cognac… I suggest you travel the cognac road a bit further before doing a review on this subject.

allaboutdisneyworld says:

you forgot royal cask which has to be at least 100 years in the barrel

donteandamy says:

I enjoyed this review. I drink a decent amount of Hennessy and although the VS variety is a nice upgrade imo from the Courvoisier, I’d rather spend a few more dollars and pick up the VSOP variant, Privilège. Hopefully it will leave you with a better impression of cognac.

Tim Kennedy says:

Came here because my deceased father-in-law “left” me a bottle of Hennessy (I claimed it because no one else wanted it), but I don’t know anything about it. Now I do. Musty, eh? Wet towel grapey? Yum. Thanks! It is still sealed & has been sitting around for years (there is a gov’t warning on it so it cannot be all that old). I will drink it someday, but now i am in no hurry. Maybe if i have a cigar and want to feel posh. Wish he’d left me scotch! 🙂

Mystogan Edolas says:

So no nuts then? oO

Seventh Universe says:

dont make a review on something that you don’t like

Patrick Hart says:

The unfortunate thing about cognac is that, to really enjoy it neat, you have to be willing to spend the money on an XO.  A VS cognac is really only useful for cooking and making cocktails. A VSOP can be enjoyed neat, but it’s hard to get lost in it unless you’re willing to shell out some serious cash for an XO or above. A solid single malt scotch isn’t nearly as expensive, and the kind of scotch you can get for the price of an expensive Cognac will usually be a better investment anyway. 

monique cater says:

Thanks very helpful!!!!

Tudval Stone says:

You may want to try some better ones(like an XO), to get what the fuss is about. Anyway, you can’t compare with whiskey which is made of what..GMO corn LOL.

Jordan Heppell says:

Few butt-hurt cognac snobs in here I see. I appreciate the honest approach, thanks for the review.

Sébastien Bossard says:

Thanks for this review. As a Frenchman, I have to say that we usually use VS for cooking and VSOP for cocktails. It’s not made to drink. To appreciate cognac, better start with XO.

Max's Cognac Review says:

Nice Video! Check out Max’s Cognac Review !

ravenfan1606 says:

LOL @9:50 it sounds like you’re about to throw up….lmao…great video!!!

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