Cognac Review: Courvoisier VS

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Alfonso Bernabe says:

Great spirit incredibly flavorful and great with a cigAar great review

Dan E says:

Sunshine in a bottle. You need a break from whisky, every once an a while.

Jeff Coole says:

I haven’t had any Courvoisier in a long time, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the VS level. I got exposed to Hennessy VSOP about 35 years ago and have been a fan ever since. I’ve tried bottles of the VS a few times, but it’s worth it to me to pay up for the VSOP, which I can usually find for between $60-$70. I’ve had the XO, and like it, but don’t think there is enough improvement over VSOP to justify the price difference, but I do think there is enough improvement in quality and taste to justify buying VSOP over VS.

James Bolger says:

I’d rather spend a bit more for Martell XO or De Luze XO. With these two, about $150 a bottle, you’ll get some real complexity, some rancio, nice dried fruit and a long finish. Usually, the VS, for me, is just too alcohol forward. Okay mixed, but not for after dinner enjoyment.

Eric Chilver says:

I have almost finished my Drambuie which I will get another bottle I have just bought a bottle of this cognac and searched it here on YouTube Scotch neat no ice is my drink brandy. Yes please, this botttle you opened here is the first cognac I have purchased, Looking forward to sitting down at home with this cheers Subscribed

David Petryk says:

To funny Jason. I picked up a bottle the other day to try and I am sitting here with Daina, sipping on a glass of courvoisier right now and bam your review popped up. Great review. Every one here says Hi

astcal says:

I had Courvoisier VS. totally agree! great view and enlightenment.

foodquig says:

Interesting experiment…. Maybe some day I will give it a try. So far, I have not liked any brandy that I have tried, but it has been a long time since then, and in the meantime I have come from the peated end of Scotch and learned to appreciate sherry, so I guess it’s possible that I could learn to appreciate this…

killerdemo says:

do you drink any Napoleon grade cognacs? Napoleon grade meaning better than VSOP but below XO?

Triplecap says:

Nice review buddy. Now get back to whisky. LOL

Balken Kreuz says:

Thank you for the review. I’ve been wanting to try a decent entry level cognac for a while. Where I live I see this particular brand on sale quite often, as a matter of fact, I just saw it going for $21 (the VS that is) and the VSOP for $25! I might as well get a couple and try them out for myself 😉
On a side note, will you ever make tequila reviews? Just saying. 😉

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