Cognac Review: Hennessy VSOP

Cognac Review

Hennessy VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale)

Aged a minimum of four years, but some of the eau de vie are certainly older.



Artificial Color
Yes, E150.

Chill Filtration?

Spirity, but in a good way. Old polished wood scent. Think mahogany. Old leather too. Spicy oranges make an appearance. Fennel perchance? Anise? Me thinks so.

Rounded, soft, visous texture, delivering spiced molasses, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and sugar cane sweetness.

Distinctly foreign oak. I taste the terroir of the white wine. The earth and soil lurk in the finish. Drying brown sugar with English fruit cake. Finish is medium long. It is warming. I am satisfied.

General Impressions
Compared to the Hennessy XO (extra old), in terms of value for money, the VSOP wins every time. It has no flaws. It delights. It is worthy of your hard earned cash my friend.


Jason Debly


physics2112 says:

Not for moi — guess I’m a purist.

Jason Voorheese says:

there seems to be less cognac options available than scotch, even! a store by me sells a half bottle for $35 or so, so even with the negative things said, still tempted to try it

Gary's Whisky Reviews says:

Nice to see a cognac review. I enjoy French brandy.

Go Habs says:

What happened Jason, you couldn’t find a bigger glass? 🙂

Made in Coatbridge says:

I need to get into Cognacs! Is there much difference between Cognacs and Brandy in taste?? Like three Barrels or Emperador?

snearson says:

Just imaginings spring in my garage cave, a Hennessey(never tried cognac) and a Padron 3000. Always enjoy your reviews. May be time to expand my horizons. Cheers.

Shaheen J. Dibai says:

I haven’t had cognac in a good while, but when I drank it, I stayed basic while I explored whisky more. So I thought Martell was the smoothest, most sippable VS in PA stores at the time (we now have another brand or two I didn’t get to try back then), and that Hennessy VS was…justifiably popular for shots. So as I’ve been considering revisiting cognac, I’ve been wondering whether Hennessy VSOP is a major improvement over the VS or just another case of paying for brand power. Based on your review, it sounds like a must-try for whisky drinkers! Didn’t you also recommend Remy Martin VSOP some time ago? Both are pretty easy to find in 750 ml and 375 ml sizes where I live, and the latter should be a nice way to try them.

cato says:

Oh la la. Cognac. Fancy fancy.

Dan E says:

I recently tried the Hennessey master blenders batch #2. Very enjoyable!

foodquig says:

I tried a Cognac or two, and I liked them… If I was more into heavy sherry/wine finishes and maturation than I am, I would probably expand more towards Cognac than I do.

Владимир Комаров says:

Thanks for the review. I love cognacs as well as whiskey. It would be great to see reviews on other world-wide famous French VSOP cognacs from time to time.

Ronald Theriot says:

I love that cognac!

brandon counterman says:

Just bought a bottle today can’t wait to try it

Jeff Coole says:

This is also my favorite cognac for the money. I don’t really care for the VS, and the XO is too much money for the small quality difference over the VSOP. I can usually find VSOP for $50-$60 in my area.

Frank lampard says:

Good review, Jason. I think more whisky fans should try cognacs – especially fans of Sherry influenced Scotch. There are, IMO, a lot similarities that they would recognize.

Cosmic Malt says:

Always nice to see a cognac review for a change 🙂 Not a connoisseur by any standard but had a chance to taste some great ones lately. Highly recommend Augier’s l’océanique. Intriguing maritime notes that will appeal to single malt heads. Also a big fan of Leopold Gourmel’s range. Worth seeking out. Cheers!

John Hotdogs says:

I tried the VSOP and it was good but some reason I like the blend of Courvoisier better it seems to have more character. And I can get two bottles of Courvoisier VS for the price of one bottle of Henny VSOP and enjoy it more . I tend to like the younger Cognacs better . But the wonderful thing about spirits is everyones taste are different so there is almost always something out there for someone. Thanks for the Review .

Cuisined says:

Fantastic review.

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