Cognac Review: Remy Martin VSOP

I mistakenly describe this as a good whisky at one point in the review. My apologies. Cognac is not a type of whisky but rather a type of brandy.

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killerdemo says:

remy Martin tastes like apricots. love it

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

You should do a gin review.

M.J D says:

The ‘S’ in VSOP stands for ‘Superior’ not ‘special’.
Very Superior Old Pale.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Will be getting two bottles of Kelt Captain’s Barrel on Saturday.  It’s got a bit higher abv, around 42%.

Ryan Summers says:

The time and the thoughtfulness that you put forth in your reviews are amazing I watched all of you’re videos. You have a great understanding of spirits and you make me want to venture out of the bourbon world and try other stuff. Thankyou

Dan E says:

Had a dram of El Dorado 21yo rum last night, for a change. Delicious stuff.

ArtMorte says:

Been warming up to cognac in recent years, but still lacking the experience and knowledge to really know what to buy, where’s the bang for the buck. Will give this one a try later this year.

Jason Voorheese says:

Perhaps brandy isn’t for me, but I found this one a bit… flat :/ Still not writing the entire spirit off, but am looking for more interesting recommendations (no XO in the triple digits at this stage in the game)

Djdief says:

Good review, Counsel. Will have to try some in the privacy of my chambers.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Another reason to try Cognac or Armagnac is it is much less expensive for the quality.  Bought a 25yo Armagnac for $70.

Frank lampard says:

Good review, Jason. It’s amazing how some particular bottles seem to disappear. I have the same problem with my Lagavulin 16. I’ve no idea where it goes 😉

Kevin Choy says:

Great to see a cognac review by Jason! I started off with a few VSOPs, then moved to whisky because of the more interesting flavour development. However, I keep going back to cognac because of the smoothness. So I keep jumping forth and back all the time. Would be nice if you can review the other major brands as well!

Hirsine says:

It must be THAT good while watching a movie. Liked the design of the bottle, but often I confused it being made from champagne grapes, which at a non-knowledge time is just me not knowing the info.
At some point I’ll review the 1738 Cognac of One-Man-Horse(China nickname for Remy Martin), but I’m more interested in the lesser known brand or single estate cognacs, or even armagnac.

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