Conjure Cognac Review

We’ve got a sample of a VS Cognac which was a collaboration effort with one Ludacris, a well known rap artist. While this won’t be the first celebrity endorsed product, some have come through with great success while others are a bit more “meh.” Where does Conjure fit into the lineup?


sandlion says:

Ludacris himself said he would preferably mix it with cola thats how its best! like you kinda said

Tyler McCarson says:

You wouldn’t happen to know any cocktails that top up with pepsi do you?

Tyler McCarson says:

have you ever created your own cocktails that’s been shown on your channel?

thebigz198506 says:

have you tried the new 2gingers whiskey, Im a whiskey guy, just wondering if you have and what you thought?

1phatboy83 says:

it depends on how im feeling sometimes on the rocks then most times i drink it with cranberry or apple juice but the latest way i would drink it is with sweet tea and its damn good.

palacioking says:

do you think hennessy is just a brand like patron tequila

1phatboy83 says:

ive been drinking conjure since last year and its pretty good it ranks in the top five congacs if you ask me

thebigz198506 says:

Considering its a local only thing right now, would you be intrested in me sending you a bottle to try?
I tried it last night and compared it to Jameson, much smoother and not as sweet, and lacks the ethonal burn the Jameson gives.
You have given me over 12 pages of drink recipes (word document), I would gladly send you a bottle.

subconcious790 says:

Thank you so much Derrick. You are a gentleman and a scholar. This is a big help. I know about the HD 1080p camera and I’ve heard other youtubers using final cut but I just wasn’t sure about lighting and sound

TheRealLPSC says:

hennessy for $25!? i need to move to your spot

SLiMDeeZuL says:

Yeah the plastic thing is there. I just like to know exactly how much alcohol I consume. Not just a guesstimate. I found a website that sell spouts tho. Thanks.

subconcious790 says:

That’s really interesting. I follow you and the TipsyBartender on here but I always find your show a little more interesting since you actually sit there and talk about the drinks and the tastes and give background to everything. You make me want to start my own Youtube channel cause you, the TipsyBartender and Zane Lamprey (He has two TV show Drinking Made Easy and Three Sheets) inspired me to want to make drinks and figure out new recipes. So continue what you’re doing cause you are awesome

vermylenp says:

lucky all the liquor and liqueur in canada his at least twice the price of what u said

subconcious790 says:

Zane is great. Him and Steve. I haven’t seen his new Drinking Made Easy since I don’t have the channel but I know you can watch Three Sheets on HULU.

I would really like to start a channel and I know its hard but I’m willing to do it. I just need all the equipment, well minus the alcohol I got a lot of that :). I’ve actually sat down and started planning what I want to do but I just don’t know the equipment I would need let alone getting sponsors or donations like you used to do

palacioking says:

You should do a cognacs review see which ones are best

Scott says:

can you do a video where you just get drunk

Kennie Powers says:

are you a fan of myers dark rum?

bmendel95 says:

he made a mixtape to promote it

thebigz198506 says:

Sorry to hear that, I just learned its a local thing (Minnesota). A bar called “the local” was selling 22 bottles of it a night here, it has become a big thing in MN, I suggest you send them a request for a sample bottle or find it to try if you really like whiskey.Same price range as Jameson.

palacioking says:

Ether way your the best man thank you so much for making all this videos they have help me out to try and know how to make drinks, I really appreciate your videos am sure I speak for everyone when I say Common Man Cocktails is the best in YouTube, straight up G!

SymbioteHost says:

Has anyone tried those Nutella shots?
1 cup of ice
½ cup milk
2 tablespoons Nutella
1 shot Baileys
1 shot vanilla vodka

can anyone give me their Opinions on it?

Snuff Bridge says:

love your videos even tho im not a huge fan of drinking oh and for a 750 ml bottle of this stuff in my area it’s 61$ so im guessing i wont be going out to buy this and try it any time soon lol

Chris Styles says:

I went to the Conjure web site and as soon as I saw random rappers and picture of a mixed cocktail I knew it was crap.  Hennessy Privilege all day! Keep mixing that other crap with coke-cola

palacioking says:

What do you think about Hennessy, or what would you recommend between courvoisier Hennessy remy or which one is better that would be so awesome if you help me out or you should do a video of cognac reviews, super cool

Juan Rueda says:

this guy is an ignorant. How the fuck can you compare a cognac to a bourbon?

SLiMDeeZuL says:

I recently came across New Amsterdam Gin. So that’s all I’ve been drinking lately. Pretty smooth.
$25 for a 1.75L
Do you know where I can find a pour spout to fit a 1.75L Bottle?

Cynethis1982 says:

You mention that it would be suitable as a mixed cognac… funny because I am literally enjoying a Sidecar with the Conjure as the designated cognac. Great review.

subconcious790 says:

I noticed when you get some of the samples, the company sends them to you. How do they send you some? Do you say “Hey I’m on youtube and do a drinking show?” or do they find you?

mugglenerd1 says:

Ok, 2 things…. Jennifer, you should’ve gotten on there with instead of hiding… though I guess it would be more of an ABV episode.
and Derrick, you had some wok done last summer right? could you show us what you got going on now? It’s kind of nice that you’re featuring your porch though.

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