Courvoisier VS Cognac – Cognac Review No. 2

Courvoisier Vs Cognac Review

Welcome to Max’s Cognac Review. I am an avid cognac enthusiast and explorer. There is very little information and opinion on quality cognacs so I felt compelled to share my nose and thoughts. The goal is to help educate and assist others in making the right decisions for their palate and wallets. Please enjoy with a wee dram!

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Ryan Probably says:

What dos XO mean then?

Sector 001 says:

Does anyone know when the ‘ten year’ XO standard kicks in? Will Any of the six plus year cognacs be grandfathered in?

Preserving The existence says:

I bought a gift pack that came with 2 glasses. Took a cougar to a hotel from the bar . We drank that shit and fucked all night. I was late to formation the next morning ! Good memories of Ft. Bragg 1999-2002. Good sippin yak !

Miles Norton says:

I would say the harshest cognac is E&J

John Hotdogs says:

I found a pint of this to try and honestly id buy a 5th of this I honestly like it. I had to warm it a bit and let it breath for quite some time to mellow the unwanted nose smells you get from it beings its so young. But all in all the flavors are very good for a VS. Id have to ask you did you like this VS better then the Remy Martin VSOP you reviewed? I found a 5th of Remy VSOP for 42 bucks here lol. That’s a lot of money for something like that and you said you liked the Remy VSOP better then Henny VS so let me know if its better then this. Thanks man

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