De Luze XO Cognac. Whisky in the 6 #186

Whisky in the 6 #186 features De Luze XO cognac. This lesser known cognac has ranked higher than Hennessy XO and many of it’s other more famous competitors. Watch the review to see how good this whisky really is.


Avon Howell says:

What’s up homie I love your video!! I’m not a whiskey man but I do watch em I’m a cognac man. I saw that ABK6 cognac XO Renaissance won cognac of the year 2017 have you tried it? I would love to see you do a video on it thanks

tolvthomas 12 says:

See that enlightenment in background are you going to review that anytime soon?

Robert Horovitz says:

I agree completely with you Rob about the 40% as well as ages not really being stated. Courvoisier has really created a benchmark there. Mostly, VSOP, VS, XO are such gimmicks in my opinion. You really need to go on smell and taste, but at $200++++, I personally think that bourbon and even Canadian Whisky can really give them and scotch a run for their money. They need more age though for sure and more distinctions written on the label. Cheers man. Soooooo happy to you and your fam with the new baby!!!

WhiskyWhistle says:

Cool review my friend – I’ll get around to joining that this winter

Travis Faircloth says:

Look into some Armagnacs. You can get age stated and higher abv options.  Armagnac seems to be a little cheaper than cognacs too.

Brian Page says:

Will we see Crown Royal Blenders Select on the channel? I’m actually excited to try it myself, it’s bottled at 45% and they say it ranges from 7-9 years old

peter white says:

I will be getting into Cognac more in the new year. I have only 1 bottle in the bar, Martel Cordon Blu because I saw it at a discount. Good stuff but a nightcap pour for me.

Dantheman626 says:

Good to see some more cognac love! I recently purchased this bottle and Delamain XO. Both those cognac are natural color and additive free. I would love you see which of the big 3 is your favorite XO (Hennessey, Remy Martin, and Martell). Martell vsop is my favorite vsop of the three and I’ve wanted to try their XO but it’s hard to choose it over say a Glengoyne 21, which is at the exact same price near me. ($150). Cheers!

Gary's Whisky Reviews says:

Hi rob what cognac do you recommend for around £50? Not tried any cognac yet but wanting to get into it.

Tom R says:

If I were at home I would be drinking my Martell Cordon Bleu while you review this.

foodquig says:

I’m a total novice when it comes to Cognac… I have tried and enjoyed Hennessy VO, and Hennessy VSOP samples so far. It’s a gpod thing I don’t do Christmas because I wouldn’t know what to look for in Cognac beyond those two experiences.

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