D’ussé: taste test and review

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ameer harley says:

you idiot you didn’t taste it??

Gary Williams says:

Bitch it taste like henny hoe

Crunch Buttsteak says:

It’s made by Bacardi, Jay Z just endorses it.

HaVoC12UnLeasheD says:

D’usse made by Bacardi, Endorsed by Jay-Z

philomath369 says:

when i read dusse, i thought of, jusssay!   yee
That cross is the cross of Lorraine fyi.  drinking it right now.  great stuff.

akvalues says:

I love it!

Tamas Mihaly says:


belissimahoney69 says:

Question: if you were at a bar or pub do you think they’d carry this? If so how should you order it?? by the bottle or on the rocks or what? Can it be paired with something else or not? I don’t have experience with any cognacs but Henessey and Remy…I’m trying to step my game up LBS..

Black Star says:

how much did the bottle run?

Lux-de-luce says:

i’ve tasted worse but not at this price range. lots of 20 dollar and under 750ml bottles of liquor can taste just as bad or worse. i’m glad i bought it, only one way to learn from your mistakes.

Master Yaje says:

Fuck her right in the pussy…..

MrBiggs8511 says:

D’Usse is the Shit if I do say so myself

Philip Quaglino says:

Made by Bacardi???? Immediate pass, they are known for OK stuff, but I feel Cognac has a league of its own, not owned by a major company who prefers profits over quality. They paid Jay-Z as Cognac is big in hiphop community and it did wonders for Hennesy. So it may be more in a VS range at VSOP prices and having Jay-Z endorse it to gain that audience.

I have enjoyed Camus, recommended, Bourderies XO

Louie D says:

check out my d’usse freestyle on my channel 

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