Hennessy Black Cognac review #363 & Fancy Pants Glasses

The Scotch Test Dummies review Hennessy Black Cognac. Some whisky is finished in Cognac casks…we wanted to see what the baseline taste is. Thanks for watching the Scotch Test Dummies. We are independent reviewers.

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Scotch It! You scotch gods.


Claire the 3rd says:

So score? price? worth it? glasses worth it?

Mark Price says:

Multipurpose Riedel glasses to own: 1. Zinfandel/Riesling (for the zesty/sweets), 2. Port (also good for scotch), and 3. Bordeaux (good for all reds and dry whites). The Cognac glass works with most other spirits making it the fourth glass you need. I originally tried to buy all the varieties of glass but, found these the ones I always fall back to.

Lockguy 26 says:

you missed the mark Bart… you should’ve said you smell a popped cherry when Scott was saying he was a Cognac virgin…. just sayin…

Jamie Beavor says:

Scott is definitely being mean to the tall guy…. lol

Raster says:

Try not to be shocked (you started it) but if I was a “Ho” I’d be a Highland Park Ho.

Helcarexe26 says:

Wow you Dummies jumped into the brandy section of the alcohol store by accident 🙂 Looks like it’s time for you two to spend some quality research investment into this tasty juice of the grape.
Maybe you should move these to a Monday release for the “others” video section, the Mondays would be a surprise for when you jump out of the normal Scotch and Bourbon days.

Seattle206723 says:

#20th Thumbs up and shared. This review was carefully done, and I believe the score was not given; due to recognition of ones own limits with the spirit. Truly elegant video gentlemen!

The Whisky Scout says:

The Cigar Blend from Jos Magnus I liked so much had a Cognac/Armagnac finish and it was absolutely wonderful.  Without dabbling previously and occasionally in Cognac/Brandy I may have not appreciated it as much as I did.  Use your gifts Oh Jedi Knights and explore the Spiritverse.

Santacruzn says:

With all the scotch’s and whisky’s out there you guy’s are pulling a Ralfy and leaving or straying from the juice that brought you fame . Come on guy’s there’s tons of whisky’s an scotch out there that need your testing . First time I have to disagree with your choice . This is evidence you do need more sample’s of the right juice. Chris

eric gilbert says:

I usually write my notes to the soothing melodies Slayer. But each to his own

Hoyet Hemphill says:

Cognac is a high-quality brandy made from grades from the Cognac AOC region, double-distilled in copper pot stills & aged 2 years in French Oak. Raynal is a good inexpensive French brandy, hard to find in US.

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

really nice glasses, not sure if there worth the 60 dollars they’re asking for though

lorenz yacoubian says:

Hennessy Black is one of the better examples at it’s price point. So is Remy Martin 1738.
You guys should also try an Armagnac. The Delord 25 year is to die for.
Gentlemen… I really prefer these reviews to the live streams. Much more educational and very entertaining.
Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

Andrew Cuff says:

Obviously being a Bruichladdich whore, you need to try the Port Charlotte CC:01 in those glasses. 57.8% abv an aged for 8 years entirely in ex Cognac casks.

KingSlayer says:

You guys should try Ararat 20 year old brandy it’s some good stuff.

Trust kill says:

Love all your reviews even when you branch out into other juices!

Be careful with the single Malt glasses, I looked at two wrong and they cracked. From two different boxes even. I’ll stick with the Glencairn.

Salty Dog says:

I cook with cognac on occasion but have never just sipped it neat. Guess I’ll have to give it a go.

Josh Warren says:

I,ve seen those glasses before at bed bath and beyond. 🙂

Aimee W says:

Quite entertaining guys! Extra laughs today… 🙂

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

Ridel Glasses are available here in Dan Muphy Australia.

WhiskyWhistle says:

How about that – I’ve got a Hennessy queued up for editing. The glasses look swanky – Bart is being so careful taking them out. By the way is part of your opening time from Ghostbusters? Cheers guys,

Travis Faircloth says:

Try it up against the Armagnac.  I think you’ll like the Armagnac better.  Cheers

Rhodney Garrison says:

Great review dummies. I really love that you all branch out and review different juice’s. Looking forward to more.

Jeff Coole says:

Give the Hennesy VSOP (also called Privilege for a while) a try. It’s much better than the Black and isn’t a whole lot more expensive. Don’t bother with VS, it’s just too young and harsh to me. The XO is wonderful, but the price difference over VSOP is much greater than the improvement in flavor, so I just stick with VSOP…and I always have a bottle on hand for when I’m in the mood for a glass of Cognac.

Mike L says:

I, for one, like that you are branching out. If you are tasting whisky with different finishes, you need to sample other spirits to understand them better. Waiting for a review of a sherry used in a scotch finish. Bart is a Laddie ho, fo sho.

roy roy says:

It’s about time,lol. So Remy Martin XO is what I use as my comparison line for tasting Cognacs. It isn’t the best, but it is very good and very consistent throughout the years. That is how I judge all the other cognacs. I will have to try this Hennessy. I have had many Hennessy’s. They are very good. I think I mentioned before on a live show to try the Planat XO. For the money one of my favorites.

Raster says:

They have a lot of glasses? I want a glass for Old Pulteney 12 year old, and maybe a glass for Highland Park 12 year old.

UNC Tarheels says:

But cognac is a type of brandy…..?

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