Hennessy BLACK Cognac Review tasting notes liquor


Alexander Bibbs says:

I just bought me a fif of hennessy privilege.Imma drink it for new years and get fucked up!

max conelly says:

do you want test real cognac, choyse one grande champagne x.o (godet is exelent)

mrvuittonrepresents says:

@ARMENIEN65 nice

JK Low says:

Sniff through the bottle’s top, and its roughly 90% reminiscent of preserved Chinese plums thats often sold as snacks/sweets in many Asian medicine shops. Aromatic and slightly sweet. its also reminds me of traditional Chinese rubbing lotion (for aches and sprains). Again…very pleasing, non-pungent, aromatic and fruity. This aroma remains the same but much weaker when you sniff from a snifter. Overall…an easy to like and easy to drink Hennessy for the younger generation and wonderful when u


You should be a therapist, your voice is quite soothing :O

uwantoli says:

Dude, get some tasting vocab! And do that laundry in the background. Yer maw!

mizzbrebaby says:

I like mine hard on the rocks…….smooth

jesse dilcher says:

I have to say thanks for the tip, yeah u are right about the younger generation liking this brand, I’m in my 30s and refer to have Hennessy Very Special but never tried the black. But the way you explained about the sweetness, then no it’s not for me lol. Anyways great video your expression had me lmao, take care!

mrvuittonrepresents says:

@CLewey44 yeah, man. that was exactly what I thought. it’s kind of a ripoff. haha. more like an intro to cognac.

max conelly says:

hennessy black is so young cognac for test pure, is one vs =3 stars(for mix whit juice is verry good) v.s.o.p=5 stars > spécial… to best to mix, but to young for pure test / x.o or napoléon (old type x.o) this is for NON mix! pure test 😉 good day

wesleytaylorviadomus says:

I only liked the taste of it. It is mellow. However, I think the smell is aful! The only Cognacs I ever liked are Remi Martin XO, and Delamain XO. Remi martin 1738 was shit to me. Remi Martin VSOP is too bitter and sour for me.

JWillsTV says:

Your suggestion of cranberryjuice was really amazing and brought the flavour of the cognac, still nothing on my davourite though Hennessy XO which is just the best Ive ever tasted butblack isnt $200 lol

Sammy Russell says:

That stuffs now bad straight…but it mixes good with pineapple juice

mrvuittonrepresents says:

@Vla3d thanks. No way this is better. this is a copout version for the younger club going crowd.


Pretty nice

snowpunk71 says:

WTF do you know about Yak? clueless.

mrvuittonrepresents says:

Hennessy XO is very good.

ChiRican773 says:

Everybody has there OWN personal preference when it comes to liquor thats why so many varieties exist in the first place…Im really curious to know…what is your favorite?

CLewey44 says:

Hennessy Black; not what I expected. I figured it was just a more aged cognac which would make it darker, but it’s actually a fruitier version of Hennessy it seems.

I Love says:


Chris Styles says:

A bit of a gimmick in my opinion.  Shame on you Hennessy! I purchased a bottle and wasn’t too impressed.  If its a “mixing cognac” maybe it shoud be $11.99 instead of $40+.  I’ll stick with the ole school VS and Privelage Hennessy’s

Always Wishing says:

You said you feel much alcohol so Does it have a burn to it?

TheBagBalm says:

I can already guess that she is a female by her statment. Hard on teh rocks. A real Henny drinker drinks it straight at room temp.

mrvuittonrepresents says:

YES! a comment from my female viewers!

TheBagBalm says:

Henny and a good quality cigar goes so well together.

wesleytaylorviadomus says:

Which one do you recommend most out the XO’s?

TheBagBalm says:

I hate it when people drink hennessy just to get drunk or mixed a henessy. Only the classy people know that hennessy is only drink by itself at room temperature and for pleasure.

cantfoome says:

a REAL cognac drinker drinks it any damn way they please and whatever way tastes the best to them.not the way SOMEONE ELSE wants them to drink it.

VisualiseTheFun says:

But didn’t the uploader say it was a mixing Cognac?

Vlad Belov says:

this is probably the only 10 minute video on youtube that i actually enjoyed watching but tell me – is it BETTER than the original hessessy?

mrvuittonrepresents says:

@Duhpression thanks!

mrvuittonrepresents says:

@Jimi1911 yeah, I got 4 bottles of 1738, so damn smooth. I gotta do a review of that later.

f2b says:

im subscribin to u but can you start saying the price you got the bottles you buy for?

Phaetheius says:

@mrvuittonrepresents Urgent question: How much did that bottle of hennessy cost?

mrvuittonrepresents says:

yeahh, that’s the best.

wesleytaylorviadomus says:

The standard Hennessy is a piece of shit! Need to try the XO.

xrggn says:

funny how his accent changes towards the end of the video, POWTENHSHOOHL im Asian too by the way

♠Ripley♠ says:

That’s right!!!

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