Hennessy V.S. Cognac Review



Chris M says:

If you spent that much, you might have well made a Sidecar…cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice.

NotImportant says:

If you guys could do a review on Slippery Rock IPA, that would be pretty cool. It’s one of my brother favorites.

David Dixon says:

Just watched some more of the video. ARE YOU CRAZY??? Or just plain STUPID!!! What in the hades did you just mix that with, battery acid? First and last time I’ll watch any of your vids!

Nick Velonis says:

If you can’t afford a full bottle of Henny you shouldn’t be drinking Henny lmaoooo

Ronald Theriot says:

Just to let you know, you need to put a . after the S, in the title. I have three cognacs lined up to review (Salignac, Landy, and Courvoisier).

adrenaline says:

a pint here in Michigan is only $17.  get a real job ie something that pays at least 30 an hour so u can afford this shit

Robert Scott says:

My proms coming up so imma buy a 70 of Hennessy its only £27 where I’m from

Seth R.C says:

$12 is expensive? Lol I get your point, that for its volume it’s expensive, but it’s a luxury, and a min wager earns that in an hour and a half. But yes, it should be cheaper, granted there are cheaper substitutes.

lit bwoi says:

I wanna try and drink henny so bad. We don’t have that here from I’m from.
But I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it, as we all. I like sweet alcohol with a punch to it.
Makes me wanna drink it some more. But I ain’t into girl drinks.
Nothing wrong with it but it lacks the punch.

Protopo Recordz says:

cool man, hello from brazil

Bill Anderson says:

You pay for quality. The expensive stuff is the only stuff worth having after you’ve tried it. Unless you’re a broke bitch, but in that case you shouldn’t be spending extra money on shit you don’t need.

William James says:

Cognac tastes really good mixed with whiskey or grand marnier

dreamaster9000 says:

I tried this for the first time last night. Smells like white grapes, and it’s a light gentle smell. I was PUMPED to taste it after that smell but shocked when I did. It’s horrible! Didn’t taste anything like the smell to me.

6moneymaker2 says:

$50 for a 5th of henny ?????? where ????? they are like $28 at smart and final ..hahah if your going to spend that much on some cognac you might as well go with remy martin 1738 .. is like 50 bucks .. remy vsop is like 40 bucks haha and remy martin is waaaaaaaay better than henny ….henny shud be bottom shelf along with e&j

Eric Flatt says:

Like your beer reviews better, I’m in NW Indiana, do some three floyds reviews…. If u don’t have it I can send u some! Either way, I enjoy your reviews every time!!

Steve Regal says:

The taste ain’t so great at first but the drunk is. N it taste better the more u drink it lol

TLC 69 says:

Hennessy is pretty good, but way overpriced. I swear the only reason it is so expensive is because most rappers reference it in their songs. It cost about the same in Maryland, and I bought the same size bottle. Handles are like $90 here. that’s absurd, but I have seen people buy it.

Drake Hobbs says:

great review guys! I will definitely give Hennessy a try.

Kittilsen Konsult says:

i love how you do the tests in such a way that the drink has to speak for itself. youre not treating the Hennessy like its fucking gold. you taste it, and you review it. a drink from a kitchen glass is the same drink in a cognac glass.

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

cognac is a type of brandy which is any distilled spirit from different fermented fruit juices so maybe Hennessy is fermented with apples 😀 like special k said it taste like apples

lue630 says:

yoooooo what is he talking about mixing it with sprite??

if anything keep it 100

splash it with some cranberry juice or apple juice. you chilling

Imaaron man says:

It’s not even that expensive…

blackrose86lh says:

The only alcohol I will spend more than $25 on is Tequila.

Matthew Schmitt says:

Can you guys review Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin?

John Doe says:

Hennessy is a terrible cognac.  People fool themselves into thinking they like it, when really they just like the idea of it.

Nathan Powell says:

I hear KC Tea is really good. Here is the recipe:

2 shots Hennessy1 glass Sprite1 slice Lemon

Mixing Instructions

Put a double shot of Hennessey into cup, with ice. Fill the rest of
the cup with Sprite. Finsh by putting lemon wedge in cup.

Frank Jost says:

First of all you guys should use the propper glas

Seikowski V says:

Yes, Cognac is a waste of money if you are mixing it with soda to try and get your buzz on. Generally you don’t want to buy anything over $25 a handle if you are just going to mix it with soda. No huge difference between Jim Beam and Four Roses after it has been diluted with a can of coke. Fine spirits are for drinking neat or for certain classic cocktails(Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sidecar, Sazerac, etc).

Mr Jones says:

Use could of at least finished a glass (from a proper glass for drinking cognac), before killing it with sugar water and putting a number on it.

ShootDeer says:

You’re wrong Radar, often the really expensive stuff is the only thing worth having once you’ve had it once. Try Johnnie Walker Blue label.

American says:

I hate the taste

Axel M. says:

Good gosh. Great spirits don’t cost $10 for a fifth, and Hennessy is actually not that expensive at only $37 a fifth.

gbotzworld says:

wut i spend 140 a week on henny

Mr. Manager says:

I feel like every alcohol is an acquired taste. The first time you try something bew, you probably won’t like it.

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