Hennessy V.S. Cognac

80 proof. Product of France. Number-one selling Cognac brandy in the world.

Watch me review this cognac and chomp down on snacks!

“Intense character and full-bodied flavors, V.S reveals its liveliness whether enjoyed neat, on ice, or with a mixer.”




Keoni Marques says:

I love Hennessey it’s $30 for 750 mL where I live.

Noah Hancock says:

Cherrywood gouda damn you’re killing me man..

royal nass says:

i apologize for my comment that i made. perhaps it was a bit harsh. i am sorry if i offended you sir

Jack Wood says:

whats you’re favourite way to drink it, rocks or neat


that yack as they call it in the hood

Gergely Kodolanyi says:

Hi Ron!


Shady Shadows says:

Hennessy has always been great, had it mins after my 21st bday (1210am) at a casino in Phoenix. Fun and free night, even won money on top of it!

MystikEssence says:

Can’t wait to watch your Hennessy Privilege (VSOP) review! From what I understand, it’s the standard by which most cognacs are judged.

Ron Cohen says:

Love it

Tyler Mancl says:

50 dollars for a pack? Hook me up! When I turned 21, I drank this bottle after bottle. La Crosse, Wi where I went to college has a market of a couple dollars less than where I live now. This is a hard item to find on sale! I wonder if I could find this pack in Wisconsin?

Kentucky Swagger says:

E & J was always my go to brand, Loved the stuff, however there is always a place for Cognac & Hennessy! Great Vid!

hill0ck666 says:

i allways dug Hennessy . cheers buddy

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