How to Properly Drink Cognac

How to Properly Drink Cognac


Cognac, which is named after the town in France, is a variety of brandy that matures in the same way as whiskies and wine when aged in barrels. There are different grading qualities of cognac, ranging from V.S. (Very Special) to XO (Extra Old). Here, we learn what differentiates various types of cognac, how to serve it and the best way to sip it.


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ceruchi says:


Warren Stephens says:

I drink vs Cognac also Hennessey

The0to1smell says:

I love congac..but think about it it’s like drinking cologne..haha

Kaleidoscope Productions says:

Agree with Magic Ccard – was wondering if anyone else caught that. lol I dont think they could pay her to be less interested.

eshedu1 says:

first f that bitch, than drink 30mk after first f, than keep going till bottle is empty or till she die from orgasms.
if you are cunt ..use Viagra vsop

detroit ghetto says:

We the the hillbillies don’t know nothing about congac. We drink 130 proof moonshine that can’t be beat.

Jay M says:

I don’t need to be dictated to on how to ‘properly’ smell and taste by conceited pricks. Thanks.

Zcope85 says:

WTF dis isnot a cocknack glass!

Vlad Capraru says:

fuck that. chug that shit up like a man.

Michael J says:

Sexy woman

Renee Cheeba says:

Why the fuck am I watching this, I’m drinking super cheap apricot brandy

olivia johnson says:

cognac is nice i prefer red wine

Bob Backlund says:

I would eat pussy my nigga

George H. says:

How much for a snort?

Nemo D333 says:

left and right sound is mixed up. PS he missed one more step in smelling the cognac which is while your nose is in the glass lean glass more that content will spill on your shirt 😀

Humanlink1 says:

How do enjoy this Toohey’s code ted beer I’m drinking mate? I’ll tell ya, have twelve 😉

brah ket says:

How do you enjoy liquor without becoming an alcoholic?

Brad Tavi says:

I’d lick her pussy

adrenaline says:

I take off the cap and start pounding it with pineapple juice it’s the best.  The pineapple balances out the alcohol so it’s actually good for you.

Mike Jones says:

this is how I eat pussy

Dr. Everything B. Alright says:

That chick didn’t have a clue what she just drank. He may as well have explained how to drink Kool Aid.

Jennifer Botai says:

I’d kill for a bottle of that☺☺☺☺

Murmad Man says:

This was a great video. Fuck all the faggots in the comments

It was too anxious for adrunk persnon like me to watch

starbase five says:

very nice video clip! Nice girl too!

J Smith says:

That Remy is around 3000 USD / 750ml if anyone was wondering.

Big Lou says:

Can one make drinking Cognac look any more gay than this?

They should give me the Cognac & get a more appropriate drink for themselves, like some wine coolers or more fruity drinks.

Rolando juchuna says:

that sheets killed my father

djpx49 says:

I suggest you pair it with the proper inhaler class if your gonna drink a cognac worth thousands of dollars.. just saying.

Iron Lung says:

Last step: smell de panties.

Julian Wallace says:

Am I the only one who thought that was Freddy Krueger in the middle?

Willy Wonkowski says:

Nothing for free after the presentation he laid pipe….

MerkinMuffly says:

I’ll take my Martell VSOP with some Grand Marnier over rocks and a lemon twist.

mm smith says:

so basically smell it three times drink a little sip and then drink a big Sip. Wow 3 and a half mins to explain that

Kick 5000 says:

1738 remy

أحمد says:

الخمر حرام

nw8000 says:

The french can make anything look sexy

Perkeles says:

michrophone is under the hat


Jeez, what’s with the head on the table?

0306dandan says:

me being just a common vulgar chav ill put coke it with all the way and drink the full bottle in one before going out hope that really piss you posh people off  lol

JoeyRamonAllones says:

Try Manastirka Slivovitz (aged ten years).

Walker Boh says:


Ernie Estrada says:

Are you required to have a French accent when sipping cognac.

bradlie lennie says:

first take off your clothes covering your jack n danny with that hat

JoeyRamonAllones says:

Over priced brandy. Other aged fruit brandies taste at least as good for a lot less money. Try a ten year old bottle of slivovitz (plum brandy).

Red Pill Rage says:

Maybe I’m being a bit unsophisticated, but I find rum to be more enjoyable than Cognac. It tastes very similar (but more fleshy and “round”) at only a fraction of the price.

Tusk says:

im sorry but this guy is a NOOB when it comes to drinking Cognac because theres a special glass made specifically for cognac its a glass with a built in straw that sips from undrrneeth and goes up through the side because when drinking cognac you want to drink the bottom of the glass first

Max's Cognac Review says:

Cool video !

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