Kelt Tour Du Monde Ocean Matured Cognac Review No. 29

Kelt Tour Du Monde Ocean Matured Cognac Review No. 29

**Strictly Grande Champagne**


cannabased says:

Found you from a comment on a poker vid! Love brandy reviews! Can you do a xo or 25 Delorde Armagnac, I see you made a video for their sister house Marie Duffau?!

gucia1 says:

Great review! Thanks for bringing up another unique cognac that could pair well with a cigar. Excelent!

Anders Rong says:

Nice review, Max! Would be cool to hear your thoughts on the Camus xo borderies. I suspect that it might be close to the cordon bleu, which has high percantage of eau de vie from borderies. Maybe it’s cordon bleu on steroids?

11onejay says:

Have you tried the a de fussigny vsop petite? Was an awesome vsop.

Freddie Slaughter says:

You are out of focus, but the fountain behind you is in focus, thanks for a good review

Gregory J. Mansfield says:

Whats up Max, been waiting on a new review!
Thanks for showing us a truly unique product!

Hirsine says:

Good review man- and that’s good it has 8 years stated. It’s on my list because of 90 day “finish”, and being moved around the whole time.

M says:

im loving this new production value, where are you at? haha

11onejay says:

What’s going on again max. So you made me pick this kelt up today it’s very awesome it has the taste of an xo which is the main thing I love about xo’s. This kelt is very similar to that petite I mentioned earlier o feel the kelt has a little more character still.

harrybhappy says:

This is definitely my favorite VSOP’s right now, I have the Commodore and the XO as well and all three are very very strong, the Kelt XO truly being one of my favorite Cognac‘s.Thank you so much for the review

11onejay says:

Oh by the way I noticed you haven’t been putting your ratings on these at the end you should get those back in there 😉

11onejay says:

Man I was at total wine tonight and wanted to try something new they now carry the small bottles of cordon bleu and I saw they had this there as well. Figured I’d try the cordon bleu and for the money I really was not impressed. Don’t get me wrong it is an excellent cognac may be the top 2 I’ve had so far I just could not justify the price for it. The chabanneau xo that they carry for $55 to me was just overall the best hands down bang for the buck that you can get on a cognac. I feel I should of went with this one that you reviewed.

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