Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac Review No. 23

Martell Cordon Bleu


Sammie Cheatom says:

I found this Cognac to be so smooth that I actually didn’t taste anything. Clearly I am in the minority with this opinion. Keep up the great work!!

Seattle206723 says:

Yes there is a floral character that is undeniable. Its a drink that all cognac drinkers should have in there cabinet! #11th Thumbs up and shared ma man.

Tadashi Ishihara says:

Wow; 100 of 100! Will have to try this Cognac. I notice that you used the Neat glass. I often interchange the Glencairn, Neat and the Norlan glasses with my spirits. They all beat brandy snifters that so called Cognac “connoisseurs” seem to defer to. What are your thoughts on this?

Richard Namin says:

Hello Max I consider my father to be a cognac connoisseur. He has been in the spirit industry his whole life, and he definitely is a cognac man. He swears by martell cordon blue. I will never forget when he had a poker game and invited all his best friends he decided to open a remy martin king Louis a $1500.00 bottle. I ask him the next day ” how was it”? His reply was “cordon blue will piss on that” lol. Max can you review Martell blue swift next? Keep up the great work

maxl37 test says:

Perfect review for the perfect cognac. My all time favorite

Jake Paul says:


Ach Raup says:

Thanks Max, I will buy a bottle.

John Hotdogs says:

Well 140 dollar bottle of Cognac :). Your so lucky man . I just hope you can put it to the side and drink it in small amounts . I would have a hard time making it last if its that good. Then again its only money and you can’t take it with you when you die so might as well buy something you can enjoy. Thanks for the review man.

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