Remy Matin 1738 Cognac Review No. 7

Remy Martin 1738 Cognac Review

Welcome to Max’s Cognac Review. I am an avid cognac enthusiast and explorer. There is very little information and opinion on quality cognacs so I felt compelled to share my nose and thoughts. The goal is to help educate and assist others in making the right decisions for their palate and wallets. Please enjoy with a wee dram!

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Salrina Lock says:

I drink cognac only , the lowest cognac I drink is the vsop black bottle to XO round bottle.. That’s all I can afford… Weird about me, I like the feeling after drink but for some reason I never never sniff the alcohol it make me gags.. I could drink better if I mix with coke.. Thanks for the clip…

Joseph Fitzpatrick says:

Like you say, I thought it had the soft or easy, smooth ending.

vince k says:

Max you really do the best reviews I enjoy watching them makes me want to drink every time.

Stephan Haynes says:

remy has a VS. i rarely see it. but they do have it.

ss coconut says:

how much is this?

David Hall says:

Hi Max,
Keep up the good work, your reviews are good tools for me when making decisions on the purchase of a cognac. I’m Fairly new to the cognac scene and appreciate a fine cognac when I have a chance to indulge. A year ago I purchased a Camu VSOP and a Pierre Ferrand 1er cru de cognac(amber) not sure if it was a VSOP or not. … anyway they both had too much bite for my pallet. Somewhat harsh as well! So I gave them away. I tried the Remy Martin VSOP last night .. and it was a lot better then the two I just mentioned. My question to you: is the Hennessy XO a much smoother and fruitier option? I like sweeter and smoother cognacs.
Thank you!Dave

Richard Namin says:

Max love your reviews can you review Costcos xo cognac

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