This Cognac Costs More Than A Toyota | Forbes

How to taste Remy Martin’s LOUIS XIII Rare Cask.


tundracam says:

when i drink, i dont stand there and smell my drink!! lol

Ethan Tobin says:

Ill finish this off with an Old English 🙂

John Penghe says:

L’art et la maniere du savoir faire francais…

Riviere Marc says:

100 years to make this that swhy the price minimum 40 years for all the poor haters lol better keep dreaming it s free

Chris Crap says:

That mole on her chin is at perfect center.

Paul Fogarty says:

Amazing !.. though I bet people well practiced in the art of cognac tasting still will not see the price reflected in the aroma / taste. ..though I could be wrong….

Elisha Odum says:

I could never afford this, and I don’t suspect I’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting it. But that’s what I hope it would be, a pleasure. If you drink just to get drunk, of course you won’t appreciate something like this. Yes, it’s a bit eccentric and out of the question for most of us to buy, but come on. There is no way I will enjoy a 24 pack of bud light better than this. I can think of better things to spend 18 bucks on, like going towards a bottle of something with good taste, smell and character. Be that beer, wine, spirits, food, whatever. Some of us enjoy the experience that comes after excessive alcohol intake, and others of us enjoy the experience that gets you there. But there’s nothing more wrong with the world here than with anything else.

Elisha Odum says:

And frankly, if you don’t smell what you’re drinking (or eating for that matter), you’re either missing out on a very delicious aroma or you might reconsider what you’re drinking.

Anthony Romero says:

does it come with a blowjob???

intelliGENeration says:

So much fluff… Humility of waiting 100 years!

Killer Katze says:

I prefer my Louis XIII with coke and rocks.

Gregory J. Mansfield says:

Let me get that bottle when you are done
-pour some $12 Salignac in it and make some major profits!

garp says:

A partner at my firm keeps a bottle of this in his office, unopened and untouched. No idea what he is saving if for, but $22,000 is an outrageous price. I prefer single Malt Scotch to Cognac/Brandy anyways. He can have his Louis XIII, ill stick to The Macallan. 

Dreez76 says:

I bet you those people can’t smell or taste the differense between this 22k $ cognac and a 500 $ bottle.  Its just the brand.  Do a blindtest and they’ll be shut down.
Also.. yet another “educated” french that can’t speak a fucking word of english.

John Doe says:

I wunna chug that bottle

Michael Cook says:

oh and the remy martin guy just pisses me off, he’s pretentious and his mole is staring at me too much. For the price of that bottle he could get that mole removed around 60 times

Terry Robertson says:

He looks like Hillary Clinton

Ruben Damian says:

This guy said $22,000 by mistake in reality it only cost between $2300 and $3000 so it’s still expensive but not crazy expensive

Petros Pilasos says:

Ararat Dvin 30y at 200.00 USD is just as good as this if not better.

Gorilla Pimpin' says:

meh I’d spend that on far better drugs and hookers

Marceline Abadeer says:

was waiting for that Forbes scrub to ask, “what is cognac?” and “what is a barrel?” and finally “what is cognac, again?”

Okmnji Nji says:

this is for idiots

Zura Rox says:

as ridiculous as a bottle of a million dollar diamond studded nail polish

IECStang says:

Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!

Un7ucky says:

i would of bought a cask…of a reasonably priced, good malt whiskey

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